Tuesday, 5 April 2011

So far, so good

 I like days like today.  Days that start with some decent sleep

It makes such an enormous difference, seven hours sleep with only 20 minutes awake at 2am to feed the bairn.  I feel human and my manky cold is on it's way out. Phew!

It's a murky day today but that's fine by me, I do enjoy a day with the fairy lights on and a spot of baking with Little Cuckoo. Murky days make me feel like it's ok to go no where and see no one. Rather relaxing, I find.  When the sun shines it's all systems go and we have such a busy time of it, so it feels good to be home in the cozy while the weather does it's miserable thing outside. 

Pink glittery sunglasses are an essential accessory when baking, are they not? He's such a funny little thing. We once found him fast asleep in bed wearing his sunnies. He also likes to take my trainers to bed with him (it's ok, they don't stink, they aren't mucky, exercise and me don't get on).

We baked the biscuits we always bake with prunes and walnuts as extras. Recipe found here. I almost forgot the oats. I'm often forgetting an ingredient when I cook.  You can guarantee if a recipe calls for some chopped herbs to be sprinkled over a dish then I'll forget to add them. They will be found, all chopped and ready to go, on the chopping board when I'm clearing up after we've eaten.  I've left sugar out of a carrot cake before, still tasted lovely though so I don't put so much in nowadays. I once forgot to put in the potatoes in a leek and potato puff. Found the spuds sitting in a colander in the sink after I'd assembled and crimped the puffs.  Oh I have omitted an ingredient on too many occasions to list or even to remember. 

These biscuits are truly scrumptious. Very hard for me to resist and I'm trying to shed some timber to get into my old clothes.  I really shouldn't have baked but Little Cuckoo loves to do a spot of baking and who am I to deny him the pleasure?

Maybe the boys will eat them all up quickly so I wont be tempted.  It's a dilemma, do I let them eat far too many cookies so I don't succumb or do I exert some mammoth will power and not allow them to over eat nutritionally poor baked goods? Will power I think, that's what a good mother would do, and I do try to be a good Mum. Mr Cuckoo wont eat them as he is on a fitness kick right now. Bless my beloved husband, he didn't come across very well in my last post. He is a fab husband and Dad, lets not forget how he saved the day last Tuesday, he just didn't realise how much I had hoped for Mothers Day to be different to the day it was.  He did bring some cereals up on a tray after I whinnied about not being listened to. Thing is, he doesn't care about Fathers Day and I hadn't told him how much I do care. We don't celebrate Valentines nor our anniversary.  We don't really do New Year any more either so I can see how he just felt it wasn't a big deal.  I'll "guide" him better next time! In the meantime I'll remember all those times he has come up trumps.  

In other news, I came across the lovely blog Stichery Pokery while on a web wander and I clicked "follow" hastily as I had to dash off. When I went back to have a nose around I saw that Mummy Boo Bear was offering a give away to her 100th follower, and guess what? It was me! How cool is that?

Look what arrived in the post a few days later, I love how she put a flower on the envelope and on all the gifts.

The corsage went straight on my cardi, the Cuckoo's scoffed the chocolate (I had some too though) and the heart got popped on a handy knob where it looks very sweet.

Thank you MBB!



  1. Hello :) I was going to leave you a commiseratory (yep just made that word up) comment on your blog post yesterday, I left the page open to do it but when I came home you had posted this and a commiseratory one feels a bit out of place now you are feeling better. Which is good, I would rather you were feeling happier and better!
    I must say, I am greatly coveting your pretty cornishware cookie jar. It's lovely.

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better :)We don't celebrate alot of those days either but everyone wants to feel appreciated..and you do such a great job :)
    Its nice to see your glass is half full again :)
    xxtake care

  3. I still haven't made those biscuits yet! Must remember to make them, I am over supermarket ones.
    Glad you are feeling a lot better and have had sleep, I didn't have much last night and was up at 6.10am this morning for my walk.
    Love Little Cuckoos glasses, just perfect for cooking, your give away was pretty perfect too with the heart.
    Take care lovely
    x Sandi

  4. I am so tempted by those cookies...... xx

  5. Hi
    Thought I would say hello!
    came across your lovely blog, via searching Emma Bridgewater on google!

    I love finding lovely blogs by accident!

    sam x

  6. Hello - I love your blog! I've just stumbled on it by accident. I too have three children, an obsession with crochet and am new to blogland, so I can really identify with your posts!
    Emily x


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