Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WiP number 6

This is going to be the shawl I have day dreamed about for, oh, ages and AGES.  Ok 16 months to be exact. I saw it draped elegantly around the shoulders of a lady I met at a friends kitchen party. The hours I must have spent thinking about this shawl. It's been floating through my head over and over again.  

Washing up...I'm thinking about the colours...tidying up...I'm dreaming of how it'll feel...having a shower...I'm working out how it was constructed, how I'll construct it. You get the picture.  

Oh I love how this yarn looks, the colours are gorgeous, they are showing pretty true in these photographs. Aren't they just to die for? This will sound silly but I can hardly believe they are real! I am besotted.  I'm going to make this shawl out of granny squares with a flower in the middle joined as I go. The flower will be hooked as part of the granny square, not sewed on after, as this yarn is too fine to weave the ends in invisibly. I've trawled the web and gone through all my books but I couldn't find the perfect pattern so I made one up. And it worked, how delighted am I feeling right now?! Magic! (edit: After receiving a few requests, I will do a tutorial or at the very least write out the pattern for this sometime soonish)

I have GOT to finish some of my other WiP's so that I can properly enjoy making this. I've too many on the go at the moment and I'm swinging between them all. I need to finish some off so I can be free to be utterly absorbed in this one. Like many people my memories and thoughts get woven in to what I'm making and I'm finding flitting about all these WiP's is distracting me, my thoughts aren't flowing through my hook. 

Does that shot remind any one else of the hungry Caterpillar?

The shawl of my dreams, I hope!

You know what I was saying about completing my WiP's? Um, yes well, before I made that decision I bought this yarn, it's for a tea cozy for myself. With a bobble heart on. I think I've worked out how to do one.

Yes, I know, I'm a fool. I think I need to go to crochet anonymous ASAP. I also need to stop sitting on the laptop reading inspirational blogs, writing my blog....There needs to be some actual hooking in Cuckoo Land otherwise I'll be all "work in progress" and no "Ta-dahing" and where's the fun in that?


  1. Haha I know exactly what you mean! I keep flitting from one thing to another. The yarn looks love love the colours. Can't wait to see what you do with it x

  2. Looks lovely - your pic are gorgeous too.
    Can't wait to see your finished projects..

    I've started a blanket - yay!
    And we've finally got a cool rainy day here, at last!

  3. I LOVE your blog! and this scarf has got to be the prettiest thing I have ever seen; I can't stop staring at it. As you can tell I am looking for a chapter of C.A. in my area, as well. ;-)

  4. That is going to be one gorgeous shawl. I have some of the Kidsilk Haze yarn. I knitted a simple scarf, but I can see how fabulous it's going to look with your granny square flowers. Can't wait to see it!

  5. Ooooohhhhhhh am loving your WiP's!!!!!

    The yarn for the shawl is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!! Beautiful colours. I have a thing for shawls, so can't wait to see your finished article!

    The other yarn for your tea cosy looks really rather yummy too! Colours that make me go all dewy eyed! ha ha. I'm such a sap! Seriously, I think I should come along with you to crochet anonymous, I need help too, this damned thing is taking over my life!!!!

    Hope the sun is shining for you today!

    Vanessa xxx

  6. Such lovely colors! Can't wait to see this Ta-dah! You made me feel so much better about all of my own it was ok to have so many on the go :) You even made me feel like I was accomplishing something..I mean, they are called in "work" lol
    Thank you for your lovely comments! :) I checked and I don't have a Union Jack pattern. I looked online to find you..(no free ones that I could find) but I did find one at's a computer download for $3.50. I do know they have the Union Jack squares out there as well. Amanda (from Mandaschallenges) did some for Sibol. You can see them under Sibols site, post "things don't always turn out as planned". And you can get to Sibol from the button on the top of my blog..if you want to :) Just wanted to let you know..take carexxxx

  7. Oh my word, those colours are something else. The pink is just so yummy!

  8. That yarn is gorgeousssssssssnessss, such beautiful colors, ok so now I have the wanties for that!!! It never ends and yes it does look like the hungry catapillar!!:)
    Wow you are better at blogging than me and you have littlies. Arg, I have no excuse to being so tardy.
    x Sandi

  9. Beautiful beautiful yarn and the pattern you have come up with looks exquisite in it. I do hope it all works out and that the shawl of your dreams is yours! Devine colours. Gorgeous.
    I share part of your problem - I spend hours trawling around looking for beautiful things that truly do inspire - like your blog for instance. This leaves far too little time to actually make anything - and they won't do themselves will they? I tend not to have more than one WIP as I have a fear that I won't finish things and I hate to think of wasted yarn. Also I am weird as if I use my wool, then I won't have it anymore and all the possibilities it represents are gone. I don't have any yarn shop nearby so I find it really difficult to commit to purchases online (they can disappoint). So the longer I keep the yarn I've got and am happy with, then the longer I am kept away from all that indecision of buying more - which can almost drive me mad!

  10. Hi Cuckoo...yes, use the photo. I just found those online so anyone can use them. I hope you are making the helmet!!! That would be just priceless! Oh and forgot to say how gorgeous your LIttle Cuckoo is xx

  11. Mmmm, that yarn looks delicious! I do spend far too much browsing the internet for "inspiration" and not enough time actually making stuff, but I'm fairly good at doing one (or two) projects at a time! Can't wait to see how your shawl progresses!
    R x

  12. Wow , I'm loving this yarn and your gorgeous squares :0)
    I think we all have too many WIP's's all the great inspiration out there !
    Thankyou for your sensible advice on doing a tutorial. I'm thinking Lucy (attic 24 ) has done a tute for a published pattern before so, as you say ,as long a I link back it should be fine . The worst that could happen is I would have to remove it I suppose .
    Jacquie x

  13. I was just thinking about going into town tonight, now you have done it, I need some more WOOL! I'm more than happy just sat looking at it. I will finish my blanket, I promise! After i've brought some more wool.
    I can't wait to see your shawl!

    Lou xxx

  14. get off your blog pronto and go and make your shawl! do it right now and that's an order :p xxx

  15. Hi Cuckoo, just wanted to say thanks for the stash bag suggestion. Your yarn is beautiful, such gorgeous colours. Is the Kidsilk yarn as fine and delicate as it looks? I've never seen, let alone felt it, before but I can kind of imagine how soft it is!

    I have the same problem too when it comes to reading blogs. I get home from work and think, I'll just have a quick catch up... and I'm still reading two or three hours later! What can I say? There are just so many great bloggers out there!

    Michelle xx

  16. Oh how gorgeous is that Rowan yarn, it reminds me of light as a feather Fairy Floss. The colours are beautiful as will be your shawl when finished.

    Love the yarn colours for your tea cosy too and can't wait to see it. I'm a bit of a sucker for pretty tea cosies.

    Flitting from one WIP to another is something we are all guilty of. Some of us are better at sticking to one project before moving on. But whatever makes you happy, you'll get to them all eventually.........

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  17. I absolutely love kidsilk haze! I made a shawl/v long scarf some years ago. Now do you use one strand or two? Do you know I have had exactly the same problem getting a flower granny recently. In the end I have settled upon Rosehip's one but it is a bit faffy being two layered. I don't suppose there is any chance you could show us how you do yours is there??? Pleasey weesy?? xxx

  18. That wool looks gorgeous, so soft and silky. I have several wips on at the moment, more waiting in line. It seems impossible to just stick to one thing!

  19. I seem to have a short attention span when it comes to WIP's too... I keep finding new things that I want to start! lol
    Your yarn is beautiful - quite etherial. Will you let us in on your pattern? I would love to try and make something like that - not sure if I am good enough to do a shawl.

  20. I absolutely love your 'hungry caterpillar' wool! I am another new follower who has found you via Coco Rose. It's so fantastic to keep finding lovely new blogs with the help of others! Have a fab day.


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