Sunday, 1 May 2011

I do love a good wedding...

Wasn't it LOVELY! I enjoyed watching it so very much and I wish them great happiness and lots of babies!!

We celebrated it with friends, champagne and cake.

I prefer bubbly in a champagne saucer, it amuses me that they are allegedly shaped like Marie Antoinette's boobs!! So juvenile!

Why we stayed in the kitchen to watch the ceremony I do not know. Three years ago we had an extension on our house so that we would have a large drawing room with plenty of seating. It was a hellish 9 months of invasive building works....and yet we STILL congregate in the kitchen while the drawing room just gets used by Mr C and I in the evenings when the kids are in bed!

This made me laugh, frozen scampi from a very ordinary supermarket alongside rather good champagne. According to the media, Pol Roger was served at the royal couples evening do all night long. Mr C is very into his wines, port and champagne. He really appreciates the good stuff. While I on the other hand, well, lets just say I like a splash of amaretto in my bubbles so it wouldn't really matter what I was drinking. I have an immature palette and I couldn't care less. I actually find it funny that I prefer Black Tower over Puligny Montrachet .

Now which Cuckoo do you think this little mitt belongs to?

There's the culprit caught mid swipe, little monkey!

This next pic is to introduce Nicole Pimm's since she asked me the other day. You serve it 1 part Pimm's with 3 parts lemonade, a big handful of mint, some strawberries and cucumber. It is very refreshing but deceptive, you can get rather trollied without noticing!

This post seems to be littered with references to booze, I assure you all that I wasn't pickled in charge of young children, I had a few glasses throughout the day but that was all. I just can't take the hangovers anymore. Instead I ate a lot of cake......oh dear that dress is not even going to do up if I'm not careful.



  1. what a fabulous cake!

    we drank plenty of pimms this weekend, only we had to drink it in pint glasses as we were already using the tumblers. Somehow it was better that way as you can actually get your 5 fruit portions a day ... strawberries, apples, cucumber, blueberries and grapes! Awesome. I highly promote Pimms in pint glasses.

  2. I'm not a drinker, but may I have some of that delicious cake.......?
    I have to admit it was a beautiful wedding, and so pretty.
    Julie xxxxx

  3. It is def the weather for Pimms. Must get a bottle soon before the weather changes. Lovely looking cake. xx

  4. Wasn't it a fab wedding!!! Really hoping it will be a fab marriage too and that the press behave. God that cake looks marvellous! You certainly celebrated in style. You are so right about the Pimms....scrummy (I like it with strawbs, cucumber and mint leaves) but deadly!!!! xx

  5. That cake looks awesome :) Makes me want to whip up something tasty too!

  6. Oh your cake looks gorgeous! Yum, yum, yummy! Especially with a nice BIG glass of Pimms :) Your kitchen looks like the heart of your home x

    Jo x

  7. Cake and champagne? The perfect combo! So glad you had a lovely time. Any cake left?

  8. Hey Mamma C! Thanks for filling me in on the Pimms! Sounds delish..can you make me a few of those...maybe a slice of that yummy cake :) You did a great job. I love your cakes...looks like Little C agrees with me, he is just too cute!
    Are we soon gonna see this keep teasing us! Take care my lovelyxxxxx

  9. Wow what a fabulous cake!! It looks like you had a wonderful time watching the wedding. It was on really late at night here which meant I nodded off and missed the kiss darn it. Thank goodness for highlights programmes the next day! Have a fab week.

  10. LOVE the cake..! Did you make it yourself!? Amazing! All those layerss.... far too much for my modest cake making abilities! I wish we had a sofa in our kitchen aswell, the idea of being able to sit down and relax whilst talking to the person cooking tea sounds lovely.

    Thank you for the tips on my blog about the font, much appreciated..! Hadn't even thought about it.. I suppose I got carried away with the pretty swirly fonts! haha

    Ashley x

  11. The cake looks amazing - how on earth did you get it to stay so straight?! I love the look of your kitchen - it looks so welcoming that I'm not surprised you spend so much time in there!

  12. Looks like we were making similar flavour cakes, except yours looked so much more stylish. Little Bun said delish as she walked past and saw the pic of your cake. I also felt sad when I saw your saucers as we had those and slowly we worked our way through them breaking them all. We love fizz here, but like you I have a pretty childish palate and usually chuck orange juice in mine.


  13. Lucky for you that I don't live near by. I would have troughed that cake. It looks delish my lovely. And Pol Roger champers eh! Tres swish! I remember dealing with the company when I worked for the wine label design company. To think I sat and passed a wine exam......seem to have forgotten most of it now!
    Are you a bridesmaid at this forthcoming wedding or going as a guest? Who is getting married, I can't remember. You will look lush! xx x

  14. Thanks for popping over to my blog and becoming a follower! It is quite spooky how much we have in common - I have never tried Amaretto in Champagne before but Amaretto with ice is my second favourite tipple after Champagne so I think I'd better give it a whirl! Yu-um.

    So loving your blog and would very much like to see more photos of your home, if that isn't too forward of me! It looks gorgeous. I would love a kitchen that I could fit a sofa in - I plan to knock down the wall between our kitchen and dining room some day so that we can do just that!

    We celebrated the wedding day with my sis and her husband. We had a fabulously British day too - tea with chocolate cake for elevenses then fish and chips with champagne for supper followed by Eton Mess. Yum!!

    Nicki xx

  15. Mmmmm - yum! We had cake (Victoria sponge - had to be) and champagne too. I actually cried when she got out of the car (always been a bit of a wuss, but am a complete wreck since having children)
    Re your mis-spent youth at Alfred's Tower - I never actually got to snog anyone there, but we did used to go up there at night just to scare ourselves silly. How funny that you grew up in Wincanton (I did actually snog someone from Wincanton once, does that count?) I went to school near Devizes and then in Gillingham!
    Emily x

  16. That's some serious cake, yummmmmm!! Everyone looks quite content to have a good day.
    x Sandi

  17. Ooooooh great to catch up with all your recent posts!!!!!!!

    Glad you had a fab time away with the brood! Bloomin' 'eck, that cake looks rather delish! Any left?!!!!!!!!!!!! Like you, just plonk something alcoholic in front of me and it will be drunk!

    I didn't really get anything hooky done these past couple of weeks and I feel REALLY behind with everything! Ah well.

    A ton of sorting and tidying and organising to do this week....looks like a bomb has hit my house!!!!!!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  18. Mmmmmmmmmmmm what I would do for some of that cake now....that's what happens when you on a diet, you think about cake all day...well I do anyway. :0)

    Lou xxx

  19. really make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put on 4lbs in one week away.........and it could have been a stone because I was actually refusing a lot of food! So I thought what the hell. I did send Mr H with a big tub of it all to work today just so I was less tempted to scoff it all! He replied..what are you trying to do to me woman?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Laughed at the prayer, I do that too........are we gonna get the lightning strike?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he!

    Have a fab rest of a day!!!



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