Monday, 23 May 2011

The Nemesis

In the beginning

It all started with an order of yarn in November...which arrived in February! Let's not dwell on that. The yarn arrived and I was hugely pregnant and hugely delusional as I thought I'd get the blanket made before the baby arrived. Originally it was intended for the said baby but when I saw the yarn I realised it wouldn't work with his nursery. "Hurrah" I secretly thought, a blanket all for me. Wah ha ha haaaaa I cackled as I wound the balls into, well, round pretty balls, just so I could take some pleasing blog pics. Ah come on, admit it, I'm not the only one! Own up, who else does this sort of thing, not necessarily with wool but other stuff?

I quickly abandoned the Circle Blanket as a) I'd not offset the circles in a brick laying fashion so it was too gappy and b) that damn yarn was hideous to hook. AbSoLuTeLy AwFuL. Cue quick rethink and readjustment of delusional mindset. This needed to be a quick blanket, an easy blanket, one I could do while I breast fed my baby. So I switched to the Vintage Stripe which would be sooooo easy and quick. Only, just like the breast feeding, it didn't go to plan.

I found the yarn too tricky, too splitty, too slow and I managed just 8 rows before Mini arrived.

I bagged it up for a while and felt I may have to give it away. I felt irrationally cross about it. All that waiting for the yarn, all that excitement and anticipation that only new yarn and a new project can incite. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The bag containing the "Bloody Blanket" sat stuffed down the side of the sofa mocking me for weeks until my stubborn streak kicked in. Oh it kicked in a treat. The "Bloody Blanket" got re named "The Nemesis" and I took it everywhere. It was my nemesis to conquer. I figure it's quite a good idea to bestow the title of nemesis on to something one has a chance of beating. It's good for the soul to win a battle now and again. Even if that battle is in your own head.

The bag was removed from the side of the sofa and I took it everywhere with me. A few stitches completed here, a row there, then I ran out of pale pink yarn half way through a row ....................... ................... it grew slowly but surely...............

...Till one day it was FINISHED!!!!!!!!



...and I L♥VE it. 

I do! It's gorgeous. It's drapey and soft and pretty and warm. It even smells really really lovely and I've no idea why.

I learnt something along the way, the Rico Creative Cotton was only hard to hook with because I'd rolled it into balls. If I'd started with the end that was originally on the outside then it wouldn't have split so badly. Yes it would still have dragged but that was eased by using a smaller hook and making my tension slacker (bad grammar? ). Of course I only found this out when I had to order more of the pale pink yarn. I think I will buy Rico again but I'd not do a big project with it. The colours are too scrummy to get all uppity and start declaring an embargo.

The End.


  1. Love it and the colours are gorgeous. I completely relate to you and your battle with the bloody blanket. I've given up on a ripple as I'm bored with the colours, same for the granny squares one. Might have to get stern with myself like you did and win that battle as you've shown how worth it it is in the end.


  2. It's gorgeous. Congrats for conquering the nemesis!!!
    I always think a blanket is so much better with a story attached, and yours has the good vs evil battle between you and the wool!
    Nice one, hope you get great enjoyment from it

  3. So beautiful! You make the loveliest blankets.

  4. It's so gorgeous! I love the colours you have chosen, I think I might order some of this stuff and have a go at a blankie too. It was definitely worth all your trouble and perseverance, it does feel good to finish a pain of a project doesn't it! have a great week , Julie :)

  5. It's lush, I love the colours.
    I can only work the rico in stripes, I can't make it into squares very well. Stripes are good though.

  6. it's just so lovely, definitely on my list for my next big project!

  7. very beautiful - and what a treat that it smells good too! (is it that gorgeous new baby smell i remember so well?)
    fee x

  8. Well, I think it looks lovely - you'd never know how much frustration it caused you! Interesting about the yarn too, that it wouldn't have been as splitty if you'd started from the outside. I'm a ball-winder-upper too (because balls look nicer somehow) so it's useful to know that that might not always be a good idea...

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The colours just look fab in the slim stripes, all mingled in together and the white border is a triumph - it really sets the other colours off a treat. So glad you beat it in the end and that it turned out so well. Clever lady. xxx

  10. ❤LOVE❤LOVE❤LOVE it!!!!!!!

    It looks completely beautiful! I have the same issues with Rico, but I have found that nothing really beats it for its gorgeous colour range, so it's a difficult one! The colour combinations you have put together look amazing and make such a beautiful finished blanket. Gorgeous pics too!!!!


  11. Beautiful such lovely colours. Ohh dear I have just rolled all my Amy Butler into balls. Hope I don't get the same problems, all self inflicted of course, but they look so pretty!!!

  12. Beeeeautiful! It was worth the blood, sweat and tears. Do you keep glancing at it, hoping to be almost surprised by it, lying there all gorgeous and stripy? Have you draped it around your shoulders and snuggled into it? I would...
    Emily x
    PS - So...what's next?!

  13. Gorgeous, Cuckoo! And well done for sticking at it....I'm sure you will appreciate it more because of its long and painful birth! I have used Rico and yes the colours are amazing but I think I would stick to craft items or cushions covers in the future xxx

  14. Love the blanket Cuckoo,gorgeous colours ,I m going to find me some Rico!! ( bad grammer sorry) :O xx

  15. It looks gorgeous - well done you for conquering it! Especially as it will leave time for you to become a champion knitter now. You'll have to re-name the blanket now, seems sad for something so pretty to be called Nemesis. Hx

  16. The blanket is just Gorgeousssss! I want one! :)
    Well done for sticking at it though..

    I know what you mean about making bad decisions about colours when your pregnant.. I think the hormones just make us go a little crazy..! I started stars with my special special Debbie Bliss Andes wool which was going to become a scarf or shawl.. I then realised it looked horrible and I'm kicking myself for wasting some of the lovely Expensive wool! Silly me...

    You are right about my Cath Kidston needle case, it was a christmas gift and I loveee it. The wooden needles are suprisingly very smooth to knit with, well thats what I find anyway.

    Ashley xxx

  17. Lovely blanket! Really pretty colours.

  18. Hiya,

    I've just found your blog via The Little Tin Bird - I love your ripple blanket!! I've been crocheting two years but am yet to complete a whole blanket, ooops!!

    S x

  19. Congratulations on winning the battle!
    It looks beautiful!Such pretty soft colours! I've yet to start a blanket, but you're an inspiration!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  20. I just wanted to hello i have just popped over from Bunny mummy who named you in an award ;-) I am so glad i came over you have a lovely blog and wow your blanket is gorgeous i soooo wish i could crochet like this. I have just started to teach myself i can manage flowers, and circles well kind of the pesky things keep rolling up ;-) I admire any one who can crochet it is a beautiful art. Enjoy your gorgeous blanket and your little man to, take care, dee x

  21. Isn't that just gorgeous? I'm so glad you love it now! No wonder though as it is so pretty. The colours really are lovely aren't they? Love everything about it, it looks so soft and pretty. Really love the border you did as it complements the colours perfectly. You've taken great pictures of it - love seeing Mini Cuckoo all nestled up while you were at work. Well done you for finishing it when you were not enjoying it. Still, you've got your reward now. Beautiful!

  22. That is a lovely blanket - worth persevering. Now what have you done with the hilarious post I can see in Reader but not on your blog! The little placemats and tea cup picture are fantastic. My littlest is 3 now and my alcohol tolerance never recovered. 3 glasses of wine and I'm in the gutter!! Hope you don't have a bad head x

  23. I miss your drunken post. I classified it as:

  24. Intriguing! What was the drunken post?!

    As for the blanket - WOW! Turned out gorgeous again hey? I think I need to come and stay with you for a bit to test that these blankets work okay. Yes? ;o)

  25. I've read a lot of blogs from bloggers who've used the Rico cotton, and I've used it myself, and I think it is horrible to crochet with. Good yarn, OK colours, but horrid to crochet with. I never rolled it into balls and I had exactly the same problem - so if it was Rico told you that was why, they are not being entirely truthful...

    Love the blanket though!

  26. OH THANK GOD I HAVE FOUND YOU - you absolutely wonderful woman you.

    I have sat about for months coming up with 100 ways to use the "Lucy Pack" ...comfy pillooooow, piece of modern aaaaaart, jaunty plastic bag coated haaaat, reminder of my ruuubish crocheting skiiils daily.....

    Its so splitty and knotty and beautiful all at the same time and EVERYTHING i have tried is a total nonsense - GRRRRR!

    I have literally just found your blog and this post (as of last night) and this morning out IT all came AGAIN (all be it in very small rewound balls - its a bunting thing, lets not go there....I need large wine....)

    and waaaaHOOOOOOO! i'm away.

    OMG (a-herm get me down with the kids) ....6 stripes later and i'm LOVING LIFE. An actual stripey deckchair lovely cottony thingymubob. BIG BIG KISSES MMMMMWWWWWWAAAAA you sure know how to eliviate the "Stash GUILT"

    PS In my endeavours of trying to use up said 'Lucy Pack" I now am off to order another 20 balls of wool in order to complete this blanket. That actually makes sense.

    PPS and i'm a bit weird as have analysed your photos and have written all the colours down in order, in my bestist handwriting on a piece of A4....can you get barred from blogs for being TOO ODD I wonder????





  27. Love It! Love It! Love it! You should be darn proud of yourself for completing such a cheerful blanket.

    Rico CC can be a pistol to crochet but the color selection is Dreamy. =)


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