Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Need a little cheering?

I had a big whinge post planned. All about my, lets say, "difficult" day caused by a car problem. You know a bit of a vent, an off load....

Yeah. That's really annoying when you have one baby screaming in a infant car seat and two young boys pegging it about the garden cackling and shouting "We want to stay at home, we want Granny!"

I had to drive Mr C's toy to get them to school. Cue frantic decamping from one car to the other. Car seats are a pain in the proverbial.  By the time we rocked up very late for registration, my arse was aching from nervous clenching and I felt a bit sweaty too. I'm not a good driver and powerful cars give me the willies.

Swanky hey? My car is a bus, literally a bus, and it's full of sand and food and rubbish and toys and stones, sticks, tissues, dust. You know, it's that kind of car. Very different from The Toy which I avoid like the plague. Another weirdy Wednesday. And I broke a blimin' nail. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

There's more I could add to this story but.......... 

.... I came across this photo earlier and it had me guffawing afresh.  Oh it's still funny over a year later!  

Poor Big Cuckoo!

"Mummeeeeee! MUMMY! Mu-um meeeee!!!

"Where are you stuck?...Oh! Ha ha haaaa, wait while I get my camera!"

Yep, poor kid.


ps. I'm nearly out of yarn for The Nemesis Blanket which means it will be finished soon. It's taking FOREVER. But running out of yarn means it must be finished soon, right? Right? Please let it be done soon. It's going to be much narrower than intended but I'm not loving the idea of spending more on Creative Cotton. Ah man! Just realised I will soon have a billion ends to weave in! Pants. 


  1. oh my that photo of Big Cuckoo gave me a chuckle! thank you for that :-)

    WRT nemesis blanket - leave the ends and just have it in the car as an emergency picnic blanket/something to cover up small children when they fall in puddles and need keeping warm (or whatever it is children do!). There - it has a purpose now, it's all ok :)

  2. Great photo of big cuckoo,oh poor thing ,but did make me laugh...especially as you went to get the camera,I think I would have too!
    Poor you with the car,hope its a better day tomorrow:)xx

  3. I avoid my husband's car like the plague too as it is enormous, difficult to park and I always get scared whilst driving it and make silly mistakes. Lovely photo - I remember that happening with my two, so much better than having to empty a potty every time though!

    Good luck with sewing the ends in on the nemesis blanket. I will be sewing in on the chevron soon. Can't wait for it to be finished as I have other projects bubbling away in the back of my head. x

  4. Hahaha! That's a blooming brilliant photo! And just like something I would do...."hang on while I get the camera"!!! That did make me smile :D Hope your car is all sorted for a less stressful morning tomorrow!

    Jo x x

  5. That is so cruel....but very funny! I nearly choked on my apple. Your boys are going to need counselling like my boys. ;0)

    Lou xxx

  6. LOL! Oh poor Big Cuckoo. But definately a keeper photo! I did laugh.

    Can't drive but DH is keen for me to learn. He will be starting a swanky new job soon working in the big smoke. So bus car will be standing about doing nothing. It scares the life out of me. Mind you if I was in the driving seat so would a mini! ha ha .

    Hope your morning is less stressful tommorrow! never mind breaking nails i am learning to type with the bleeding things! I have never grown nails until recently. Ooops there goes another key.....

    MBB x

  7. Thank you so much for telling me how to make that amazing cake, I will be sure to give it a try. Will maybe have to wait until I lose a bit more of this baby weight first..! But am looking forward to trying that out! :)

    Haha.. your poor little boy! I feel bad for laughing! What a unfortunate predicament to find oneself in!!


  8. Great photo of Big Cuckoo... definitely made me laugh :) Hope your car gets sorted out... reminds me that mine is really due for service too.

  9. You don't get much for your money with the rico do you? Mind you I have had to buy more rowan for my autumn blanket and a few of the colours were discontinued - nightmare! but i have managed to find them all. x

  10. Oh that's crap about the flat tyre........but I gasped even more about the broken nail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, I'm not into heavily manicured, long flouncy nailse tc, but I do like mine unstubby and all the same length.....and every time I just get there in length and polishl, I catch one on the car door and it rips right off! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhh.....I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!! All 9 looking decent and then 1 looking all horrid. So I have to chop 'em all back and have them all looking horrible and the same for a few weeks! Oh I sound so shallow!!!!!!!!!

    Love the pic of big cuckoo! Love that instead of helping him out, you got the camera! It's what i'd do too!!!!!!!

    I Love the colours that the rico cotton has but I HATE the splittyness of it. I have almost run out of all of mine and won't be getting anymore. I will have to have a search and see if I can find better cotton in the same colours.

    Hope today is a good one for you!!!!!


  11. This is just too cute and way too funny! LOVE IT! (the pic of Big C, not your flat of course)
    This post should have come with a warning! No eating or drinking while reading, may be hazourdous to your health...I'm still chuckling over it! :) I'm guessing this was the 5am morning! :) and just when you thought it couldn't get worse then that! lol

    I can feel your pain on the old nemesis blanket, but if you leave it too narrow do you think you'll be happy with it? I worry that all the time you spent on it could feel like a waste and that will make you hate it all the more??? Or maybe you'll just be so glad to finally be done with it you won't care...just a thought :)

  12. Oh that photos is just sooooooo funny......

    What a day you had, car seats, flat tyres, running late for school doesn't make for a great start hope it got better as the day went by.

    Guess you'll be looking forward to taking the bus from now on.........

    Claire :}

  13. Oh Poor you - and yes I laughed at your poor little one.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  14. Oh love I Laugh so much at that photo of Big C!!!! He looks so vulnerable. One for his 21st defo. Hope today is better for you darl and please please text me back re the mobile query as want to get it sorted. x x xx

  15. Ha ha ha - that's such a funny post, even though it's actually full of disasters! The getting-stuck-in-the-toilet situation is the sort of thing that makes me laugh til I nearly cry and then I feel guilty because the child involved thinks I'm being really mean. oooops. Will my children be scarred for life?
    Glad the nemesis is almost at an end - you can move on to something luvverly now
    Emily x

  16. PS - Mr Nut's references have been taken up for the sw job. Am excited yet scared at the same time...

  17. Big cuckoo is going to love that photo when you perhaps bring it out on his 21st birthday? I don't have troubles with a car as I travel by bus.
    Mind you last week it broke down but did the driver think to alight from the bus and let the waiting passengers know. HE DID NOT!!!

  18. Just love it. Made me properly laugh, bless him. Ha! Had to scroll up to have another look. His face is an absolute picture!

    I have got around 70 granny squares now, all with ends to sew in. I have never sewn any ends in before but I have already decided it's my least favourite bit. I also think I may have left the ends too short. Grrr.

    Nicki x

  19. Oh my, that photo of Big Cuckoo brings back memories, memories of me 'falling' into the outside loo, uck, my right arm covered in.....yep I'll go no further.
    xx Sandi


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