Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Recently I set my Mum up with a blogger profile so that she could follow and leave comments on blogs. Now whenever I try to follow a blog it comes up as my Mum, not me. I've been into my account and my profile and everything is as it should be and yet whenever I click "follow" it comes up with Lavender Lace and not Cuckoo!!

Hay yelp!!! 

Anyone? I don't even know how to phrase the help question in google trouble shooting.....arrrrrrrrghh I'm a bit pants with technology!



  1. I'm not sure exactly if this will help but often computers store information about the last settings used on the computer. So if you set up your Mum's account on your computer it probably thinks it is her. The only thing I can think of is that at the top of the page it shows the email address of the Google account logged in. (Top right corner of your screen before you start to scroll.) Check to see if it is your mum's email address or yours. If it is yours and it is still having dramas, then log yourself out, then log in as your mum and log straight back out again - Properly logging out not just shutting the browser - and then log back in as you. It might be a bit fiddly, but it should be the internet version of rebooting!
    Hope this helps. Helen

  2. Sorry, should have clarified that you need to be in Blogger or Google to do all this :)

  3. I've had another think and if the above doesn't work then just go into your internet settings and clear your browsing data - cookings, temp internet files and also passwords and auto fill for forms. However this is a bit like using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito, only use this if the other option really doesn't work.

  4. I've noticed that your blogger ID and your "following" ID are different. When you sign in and write your blog etc, you are logged into blogger. But when you "follow" someone, it seems to use your Google Friend account - which is connected, but not exactly the same. (Complicated business!)

    You could try going into and clicking on 'sign out' in the top right hand corner. You can then click 'sign in' and you will then be able to sign into your Google account with your password. It will either be blank for you to put your email address in - or it might show the email address that it is using. If it does, I'm guessing it will have your Mum's email address. You can click to change the person logging in, if that is the case. I hope this helps!

  5. Yes, delete cookies, sorry I made a slight spelling error before - Masterchef was on TV and I was slightly distracted!

  6. Have you fixed it? I've been pretending I haven't seen this post because I have absolutely NO IDEA how you sort it. I've been skirting around here for a while waiting for you to post something different! Ha!

    I wanted to ask you something about crochet... When I buy a ball of yarn am I meant to unravel it and then wind it back up again. If so, why? It sounds like bonkersness but I have a vague recollection of having read about this somewhere. Also, if I'm planning on making a super-expensive granny blanket in a few different colours do I really have to buy 32 balls of £5 yarn in one go? Lady in shop was going on about 'lot' numbers - do the colours really vary that much? I think I've seen on a previous post (your stripy blanket?) that half way through you've had to go buy more yarn... what do you do?

    Wish I could help your techie problem and hope you get it fixed soon!

    Nicki x

  7. Ah thanks guys, I would delete cookies if I knew how as I think that may be the answer. It only happens when I try to follow through friends connect on my laptop. It's fine on the pc or my phone. I've done all the logging in and out stuff and I've turn the laptop off. So just the cookie stuff to try...will ask my belle soeur when she gets back from the states. xxx


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