Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekly round up

I think I might start doing a weekly round up on a Sunday evening so that I can pop in here all those little bits and bats that I photograph through out the week that wouldn't be much of a stand alone post nor would they fit in anywhere else very neatly. I'm sure you know what I mean. The Miscellany of Life.

Remember the other day I showed you a sneaky peek of some bobbletastic crochet? Bobbles in a different colour no less! They took me a while to fathom out but now I know how to do them they are soooo easy and my mental To Make list has doubled as a result. I'm almost hoping my poor memory will quickly forget some of the things I am hoping to get around to.

To appreciate what that bit of crochet is, you need to pretend the glass is a take out paper coffee cup. I have a bit of an adoration for Starbucks skinny lattes and I also like to use as little packaging as poss so I feel bad using the cup sleeves (even though I do recycle them). This will go in my handbag for future use. It would be a better sleeve without the bobbles, easier to hold so I'll make it different next time. I could make several so I can experiment with different stitches.....there goes my To Make list growing again.

It was Mr C's secretary/PA's birthday last Wednesday. I realised a little too late to do anything brilliant so I hastily made some chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Not my finest work but she loved them and I enjoyed making them which is what it's all about. It was too late and too dark to get decent pics. 

There's been more stripes and flower wearing. I L♥VE this look, very easy to fling on and yet it looks like I've taken pride in my appearance and since the days of being well groomed are over it's lovely to "look" as though I haven't let standards slip. I used to pluck my eyebrows every morning, now my whole forehead is furry.

Ignore the smeary finger prints on the glass.
Photo taken through the pane. What a messy kitchen!

Maybe if I didn't spend five minutes snapping away at the 530am morning sun I'd have neat eyebrows but my priorities have shifted. Far more important to revel in the beauty of the day than a beauty regime, at least that's what I'm trying to convince you all!
I had a little perusal around the garden and brought a few blooms in to cheer the place up. I've never put chives in a jar before and I probably wont again as they smelt a little oniony, my tummy grumbled a lot while they were perfuming the air. It smelt like I was permanently cooking a stew.

One night this week I got all 3 (yes!) boys to bed by 7pm and because we'd eaten super early for once I had time to go and light my special candle and enjoy a few moments crocheting on the sofa to the sound of silence. It was sheer luxury. The smell and the silence, sigh. Heavenly. Check out the vase of flowers. Gorgeous hey? If I told they were real you'd believe me, right? If I said they were very expensive fakes you'd still believe me, yes? If I told you they were less than 2 quid a stem from Ikea you'd think I was fibbing. But they are indeed cheapy flowers from Ikea. I trimmed the stems (needed wire cutters) and plonked them in a vase. They look great even though I say so myself, all for less than a tenner. Magic.

cornish blue, practical in more ways than one
My WiP's aren't all crochet you know, hop over to Rachel's to see what I'm up to. This is the project I am currently carting around so that I can fill those minutes waiting at the doctors or while the boys swim or the school to open the gate...

The biggun's have been running wild 'Swallows and Amazons' style in the garden. I lost Big Cuckoo the other day, he was in the paddock on top of the grass heap....having a pee, as you do!

One to show his mates!

Mini is 12 weeks old now. How crackers is that! It seems only days ago that the photo below was taken when he was 48 hours old.

Did anyone else see this?

It was visible from the M25 around Clacket Lane services (I think) on Easter weekend. You don't often see one of these...Blimpy's? What are they called? I'd love to go in one. I'd like to go inside the balloon bit. Aren't they filled with helium? Imagine the squeaky voice, hilarious. What about a party in there! I'd love that...unless it's dangerous...hmmmmm

You may wonder why I have Nelly Moser clematis in a drinking glass.
Here's why:

Picked you some flowers Mummy!
On Friday I had a joyous mid part of the day as I got to have lunch with one of My Girls!!!!

wearing a cherry tree frock, of course!

It was so lovely to spend time with Gem, she is such a fab girl, I always feel like a million dollars when I'm with her. She is one of those buoyant types who is full of energy and dishes out compliments freely when you're with her. She's a mad un. She once persuaded a policeman to give her and a friend a full on police escort to a Bonjovi concert. Yeah, she's like that.  Gem has a lovely blog that I know some of you visit, there's more about our day here.

And finally, a FO!!!! 

I gave it to my Mum, she loves it. She's put it on her watering can teapot! By that I mean she waters her plants with a teapot. Well, why not!?

I have a trillion posts in draft form that I may be back soon...but then again I have a big ole To Make list going on, we'll see. Until then keep well.


  1. I WANT those cakes and I NEED your bairband to make my life complete...
    Emily x
    PS - didn't see that barrage balloon thing, but we did see a hot air balloon coming down in a field (by mistake) recently - that was a bit exciting!

  2. I LOVE the teapot (or watering can) cozy--how beautiful! And your little ones are so precious. You take such gorgeous photos! And I can't remember if I told you this, but I sold the blanket I made using your bobble stitch tutorial on etsy, and I get at least one inquiry a week asking if I would pretty please sell them the pattern to make it--and I always send them over here. You ought to hear how shocked and excited people are when they learn they can get the pattern for free! Just thought I'd let you know . . . in case you ever feel like writing up and selling a pattern for it, I think you'd have a lot of interested customers!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. I don’t know where to start with my comment....i'm loving the look and the teapot...the pictures of you and Gem, you both look very pretty. How sweet of the little man to pick you some flowers! ;)

    I'm off to catch up on the other posts now. :0)

    Lou xxx

  4. where do I start?!!!!!

    at the the takeaway cup covers! I have been itching to make some mug cosies for a cosies, mug cosies....think I may have lost it!!!!! I got a china takeaway cup for my friend for her birthday and it's great! Think I may have to get one for myself, although I have issues with coffee shop coffee, they never make them hot enough for my liking and I can gulp a whole cup down in one which annoys me!!!!

    The cakes look awesome, there's no way I could live near you!!!!

    Always great to see a fellow stripe lover!!!!!! he he!!!

    Gorgeous morning pictures...I being downstairs early in the morning when everyone else is in bed. Precious time!

    The flowers look lovely and the ikea ones are a steal!

    I need to do more sewing, i'm pants at it but really want to get better, need to put the bloody crochet hook down then!!!!!!!

    The pics of all the mini cuckoos are gorgeous, ones to treasure..........and there really was a blimp?!!! Add that word to the list!!!!!!

    Ooooh looks like a nice day out was had with your friend Gem. She sounds just like one of my sisters in law.

    And the tea cosy/watering can it! I'm laughing as you say you don't know how I seem to pack it all in.....seriously cuckoo, you do twice as much!

    I really need to get off this computer now......i'm so tired........early hours uniform washing is just not great!!!!!


  5. Love the tea cosy and ive so got to have one now. Such gorgeous piccies of your little cuckoos bless them. Melanie x

  6. Liking a weekly round up (I did one last week and for a minute decided it might be the way forward?)

    Resisting the need to ask about your boys bedtimes as it's a dull comment (

    Beautiful pictures of all boys (especially mini, natch).

    Ikea flowers - have already sucumbed and frequently remark (mostly to myself) how much O love them.

    Stripy scarf - have already sucumbed (zara spring/summer 2010?) but will now be wearing with flower. You may have a hairy fod but you're rocking that look.

    Great post
    fee ♥

  7. so much lovely-ness in your post, wouldn't know where to start! that tea cosy is just great! i really need to make me one of those,

  8. I like your weekly round up. Although, really, is this the round up of just one week? You are obviously a super-woman like Vanessa at Coco Rose. I am sure that neither of you sleep! And you look gorgeous too!! Not. Fair.

    So I didn't know I needed a crocheted cup holder in my life but now I won't settle until I get one. Have you a little pattern/guide for a beginner like me? The bobble looks a bit out of my reach at the moment but I could manage a striped one or sumthin'....

    Your boys are gorgeous and I am seriously loving your kitchen. And your friend, Gem - she rules quite a lot too.

    Nicki xx

    PS The stripy blanket is fab, very pretty. I also really like that red spotty blanket in the background.

    PPS Oh and sorry about the whole mushroom thing. Ha! I mostly photographed roses and cakes at the weekend so you can check out my blog, without fear of barfing, shortly.

  9. Oh these are so lovely!
    Especially Mini's tiny feet! So precious♥


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