Friday, 27 May 2011

Ah, it appears I didn't get away with it then...

...last night we had some friends over for supper and they brought a bottle prosecco with them. Lovely, except I had two glasses of the stuff (laced with amaretto) plus a big glass of wine and I went to bed very late and very tipsy having blogged. Uh-Oh. Yes, the blogging equivalent of drunken texting ex boyfriends (which I don't do) and evidently even though I pulled the post, turned it back into a draft, some of my bloddies saw it when it was live and some can see it in their google reader whatsit still. So by request here it is in all it's embarrassing glory typo's, swearing and all. I'm not sure this is a wise move but hell, I need teaching a lesson! So here goes...

Oh Pants

Pantsarama. I realise now that I took really very bad poor rubbish photographs of a little project I did a few weeks ago for my God daughter and her sister. Remember this photo

Tht was a pic of the mess i made during the creative process of making gifts for these gorgeous girls.

I don't remmber why but I call Taya Lady teapot and Brooke, Lady Buttercup. It was Taya's birthday the other day so I made a Free motion embroidery picture for her.

I was rather pleased with it as it was my first attempt. I got inspoired by some of the stuff Claire does and thought I'd have a go myslef.

well, (said in a Catherine tAte style voice) one thing led to another and I made these placemats too

"One more mouthful...then it's pudding"

"in your mouth dear...not on your head!"

The girls are just like my boys in that they are tricky eaters and I thought they maybe might like to try to keep the food on thier plates rather than all over the kitchn if they had nice placemats. Yes I am delusional......and I'll let you in to a secret. i am typing this at 11.51pm, on the loo, quite tiddly!!!! Woops sorry!!! First time I've drank in over a year. Only had 3 galsses and I'm sh*t FACED!!!!! O EXCUSE THE TYPOS BUT I CAN'T BE BOTHERED, IT'S ALL I CAN DO TO GET THE LINKS RIGHT.  oH BUGGER GOT HTE CAPS LOCK ON. Don't worry there are two other sober adults in the house over night so the children will be fine. I am responsible in a way. i'd not ever have had any wine if i were home alone.  i shouldn't be blogging though, there should be a brethelizer on this laptop. i'll be mortified in the morning but I have the devil in me and really feel the diesire to blog this MINUTE!

While I think of it doea anyone know how I can get those "corners" on my photot's? I wan them to look like the photo albums my Mum made in the 70's with those funny corners that held the photo's in place. Would Picnik be able to do that? (edit: not the roundy corners, the little stickers that you slide the corners of a photo into to hold it in place in an album. I would like that effect on the four corners of my photo's. Am I still explaining that badly?)

I'm excited because I have am award from The Little Tin Bird i'll do what I should with it tomorrow. I love Heather, she is ace.

Off I go to sleep it off 

Yes so there is my shameful drunken post. Horrors. And this morning I see that the award Heather passed on to others has come back round to me but I think they might want to think twice about giving me it now!!!!

Back later if I get a second wind, I am feeling very shabby right now, so tired and I still have children to feed, bathe and fling into bed. Serves me right!


  1. ahahaha... this post has made me laugh..

    Gorgeous teacup! I NEED to find my free-hand foot for my sewing machine..! If I ever actually get round to looking... :S

    I can understand the drunken blogging.. but on the loo..!? You must have been sat there for quite some time..!

    Ashley xxx

  2. ... with a big circle mark on your bum (following on from Country Rose).
    I'd be with you after one glass - I'm a real cheap date as I get blasted far too quickly. Hope head is good and clear tommorow.


  3. Your free motion embroideries are fab - how did you get the writing so neat? I did some recently but my writing was pants!!

    Piknik will do the rounded corners thing :nods:

    I one (large) glass of wine yesterday and was tiddly so I am a proper lightweight!!

    S x

  4. You had me LOL! To be posting on the loo....of all places :-) Hee, you live near Tenterden. It's a lovely place indeed. I am not sure we visited the shop you mentioned. I quess we must have. We bought so much there!

    Your embroidery looks great! Did you do it all by hand or on the machine?

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  5. aww well this made me smile! I also think that you are awesome :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I need to write SO much more than this, but just quickly, in Picnik use 1960s effect to get the rounded corners. Better yet, install Camera+ on your iphone.

  7. Haha, that was funny! I could see the post title in my blog list, but it kept coming up as 'page not found' and I couldn't understand why. Now I know ;-)

    Very brave/honest of you to post it!

  8. Hahahaha this is fantastic! Thank you so much for reposting it! I saw it but when I clicked it wasn't available! You shouldn't be embarrassed, we all do it!

    In fact my typing is getting a little squiffy now i've had a glass! Thank you for your comment - it is indeed a tiffany box - from my beautiful engagement ring! Well spotted! x

  9. Brilliant! That's such a funny post. What did you tell your friends you were up to when you disappeared for hours blogging on the loo?
    Emily x
    PS - I've sent you an email about headers and stuff

  10. I love this post! The bit where you got the caps lock on is classic. I love the way you were typing exactly what you were thinking!

  11. ahhaha,what a laugh!! cheered my night up,no end! Love the embroidery tea cup piccie and the table mats,cutiee,have a great bank holiday,no more drinking!!lolxx

  12. This post made me laugh so much husband came in to see what I was doing! You are brilliant at blogging and making things!
    Jo x

  13. Still giggling as I type this comment.........

    Your comment on my post makes more sense now, hehehe,,,,,,,, thanks for the mention.

    Blogger has been giving me a hard time the last 24hours not letting me into my account or post any comments, think I've got it sorted now.....

    Your teacup pic and placemats are fantastic, I'm sure the girls will love them. Great fabrics and colours, now you've got the hang of it there'll be no stopping you.

    Claire :}

  14. I asked for blog recommendations on my own blog and this post in particular was recommended. It didn't disappoint - absolutely hilarious and I'm so glad you kept it on. I also love the free machining, btw. Fabulous placemats, and the teacup is gorgeous.

  15. So glad you reposted this, very funny. xx

  16. Love it - thank goodness you were merry! I love it when a couple of drinks is all it takes - I need a couple of bottles at the moment! (maybe i should be emailing this rather than publicly shaming myself?)
    After a bottle I am very, very funny. Oh yes I am. Noone laughs more than me!
    fee x
    (great sewing btw. you are clever)
    (i shared the post we don't need to name with Cleggy. It helped. belated b'day tea party on saturday - wish me luck! and hope for my guests no melodramatic victorian style taking oneself off to bed!!!)

  17. That made me laugh out loud - so funny - found your blog via Chipper Nelly and will be visiting again to read about your adventures. I once had about six children sleep over - hubby was away and I had one bottle of lager and felt quite sloshed = not a very good idea. Alcohol and me really don't go together like horse and carriage.


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