Sunday, 24 July 2011

Gem's skirt, a slice of cake, a poorly boy.

Well I just didn't know what the title should be so I've left the working draft title up there. 

You all know my girl Gem by now don't you? Well if you don't I'll quickly introduce her. Her name is Gem and she is a gem. A true diamond. I have known her for longer than I haven't. We met when we were 16 years old when we both started 6th form together and failed to make it into "The Cool Gang" with hindsight they really were not cool. I don't suppose we were either but at 16 years old, kids form allegiances and there has to be a cool set and a not cool set. Actually I have just realised something, after almost 20 years of friendship, Gem was in both sets. Well blow me down, I never noticed, she was simply one of My Girls. It was me, Gem, Kerry and Rah when at school and after school Clairey was part of the gang too.

So a while ago, Gem was on a walk and ripped a favourite skirt. She blogged about it and I commented and said not to chuck it out as I'd see if I could fix it for her. Too late. Her and her daughter played a fun "Rip The Skirt Off Mummy" game. However, as I was due to meet up with her (too rare for my liking) she bagged up a top and a pair of jeans in the hope I could do something with them before they got chucked too.

I mended the top and set to work on the jeans. I felt they were beyond saving as a pair of jeans. The rip just a bit too far round and underneath if you get my drift. So I lopped the legs off and turned them in to a skirt. Forgot to take before shots though so here are the after shots and they'll have to do:

Ta dah!
I had a little trying on session and I was sorely tempted to keep it for myself and tell Gem it was not salvageable! Gosh it was tempting.

Showcasing the rip patch

If you would like to see it on the girl then pop over here.


Once the skirt was completed I started a little bit of stitching for a very patient lass. I have today finished that stitchy item and will be posting it tomorrow. I shall show you once she has received it. I'm rather pleased with myself! Really am chuffed. I was very fussy and kept redoing bits I was unhappy with. I just pray she'll like the fabrics I have chosen. Gosh it really feels good to have made something I am proud of.

A bit more ruffle action. I do love a ruffle.

Do you like the coat hanger? I had a long scrap from the ruffle left over so I sprayed it with spray mount and wrapped it around a coat hanger from the dry cleaners. I like it. I shall do a few more. It was a thirty second job. 

Remember the other week I mentioned that I was making a cake for Mr C's parents 40th wedding anniversary? Here it is:

The light was poor so it looks all wonky because of the shadows.
It was chocolate truffle cake on the bottom and fruit cake on the top. Everyone said it tasted like crap. Kidding! They were all very polite, bless them. It wasn't absolutely perfect but I find it is getting harder to do this sort of thing now I have the baby and the boys to call me away at any given moment.  My Belle Mere loved it though, my Father in Law appreciated the little bee as he is a bee keeper and that's what counts.

Poor Little Cuckoo came down with tonsillitis on the Sunday night after the Ruby wedding anniversary. He couldn't even sleep peacefully it hurt too much. Fortunately he has recovered and is now rude with health. I do mean rude too. He has a what I would describe as a special little dance routine that revolves around a sequence of burping and parping. I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it. It's like a flatulent "Birdie Song" (remember the dance routine that accompanied this song?)

Before I go, I must thank a couple of gals for sending some awards my way.

Amareke Makes gave me the Liebster Blog award which was really very kind of her, I still feel humbled that people think of me when they receive these awards themselves.

Pickle lily has passed on  The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, thank you very muchly!

If you haven't seen these blogs before (I'm sure you must have) then do pop over to say Hello. You're bound to see plenty to inspire.

I am supposed to pass these on but I think they have pretty much done the rounds. I know it's a cop out but if I follow you and you haven't had this award then please take it. Consider it yours.


EDIT: Fee of Chipper Nelly fame has turned a pair of jeans into a swoonsome pinny. Now this I must do one day.


  1. Oooo, clever laydeee.
    I shall never chuck away an old pair of jeans again!
    What a well lush idea.

  2. Eeeeekkkk!

    Beautiful cake. Where did you learn to make roses like that? They're lush. I've never made a tiered cake but would love to have a go - got a few special birthdays coming up in my family next year so I'm going to try. The bee is a lovely touch.

    I so love your blog.


  3. OOh I have TWO pairs of lovely jeans which I have worn through at the knees -shall I bring them with me for the Mojito Mothers Meeting?!

    Love that pic of poorly boy. Want to ruffle his hair and kiss his forehead. Please do so for me.

    Fab cake as usual!

  4. I'm in awe of that cake! You are incredibly talented, I'm chuffed to bits if I'm actually manage to make a cake that rises a little bit! ha!
    It really is very beautiful though, I bet they were so grateful for you making the cake for their anniversary..
    I was wondering if you were going to blog about Gem's skirt after I saw what you had done on her blog. Well done! :-)
    I'm sorry Little Cuckoo has been poorly, tonsillitis is truly horrible. I remember it well!

    Ashley xxx

  5. Look at that cake, is there no end to your talents?!!

    Love the skirt!! Am now wondering if I am too old/fat to do the denim skirt and leggings thing. Am thinking I probably am. Damn.

    S x

  6. Wow that cake is amazing -- so beautiful!
    Just had a lovely time having a little peep at your little corner of the world.So glad tonsilitis has packed its bag!

  7. I want that skirt!!! It's truly fabulous. Thank you for the fantastic inspiration. I am going to hunt through my pile of jeans for some that need chopping up - and I'm doing it right now. Bye!

  8. Lalalalalala la lalalala la parp parp parp parp.........:) I would laugh too. Glad he got over his tonsilitis, my 22 year old had it a couple of weeks ago, he was a sad bunny too :(
    That cake, what can I say, it is gorgous, I am afraid I'm not a good cake maker, made one for Kaila's birthday last November and it was like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and all the Black Forest filling oozed out everywhere, BUT it tasted delicious. It just looked like a train wreak.
    Good job on the skirt Mrs (and the coat hanger too) my fav jeans are so thread bare if I made it into a skirt it would just cover my behind.
    xx Sandi

  9. LOVE skirt! Love the Hanger (im gonna make some for my daughters)
    but when I saw the cake...
    GASP! It is GORGEOUS! And I saw the precious little Bee & I GASPED again!
    SO adorable!
    And prayers for your dear little one to get well soon!

  10. Fab skirt, gorgeous cake and sweet little bee, beautiful boy......glad he's well enough to perform his dance routine. Must be quite a giggle.

    Best wishes for memory making during the holidays, enjoy them and go with the flow.

    Claire :}

  11. Aw, bless little cuckoo, I'm glad he's feeling better now. And his version of the Birdie Song sounds absolutely hilarious! I can almost picture it! :D

  12. awwww poor like cuckoo its horrible when your children are poorly. Glad to hear he is feeling better now. You did great with the skirt love the trim on the bottom what a fab idea and that cake WOW its beautiful you are a very clever lady. Enjoy your week, dee xx

  13. Most awesome cake ever! Hope ur son is better soon c

  14. can't even mention that cake - how the heck?
    however - funnily enough I too have pimped some jeans in the past and think you might like them - take a look

    Glad your boy is on the mend. Constant burping and farting par for the course around here - and that's just me!
    fee x

  15. He doesn't look the best poor little thing, hope he is on the mend now. Love the skirt and that cake looks so good.

  16. is there anything you are NOT good at?!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so rubbish at making cakes. Always wanted to give it a go but pretty pathetic at any of my attempts. The skirt is fab, never thought of doing that, but pants with a machine too so that would be tragic! ha ha!

    Awwww Poor little Cuckoo, glad he made a good recovery........yeap we have it here too........ponks and burps......I really should join in more but I just don't get it!

    Still drooling over that talented lady

  17. You are such a clever girl, that cake is like something out of one my cake books that I look at but could never attempt,the skirt looks fab...loving the ruffles:)
    x x x x x x x x x
    ps the decals were from ebay I think..I'll send you thelink if I can find it :)

  18. Amazing cake I mean really amazing. Well done. Great make too.

  19. You are such a darling! Thank you for your lovely offer that was really kind. But knowing now that the cover gifts aren't that great, I am not a grumpy girl anymore. Thank you for the heads up hon. I am REALLY loving the mag - it's amazing!! Also have to tell you that I woke up thinking about your gorgeous denim skirt! Seriously I did. I am determined to have a go at making one - I totally love it. Bye.

  20. I can never believe that anybody can ever make a cake look that marvellous. Seriously posh and I loved the wee bee.

    Great idea about the jeans. Might try it for Eldest who is desperate for a denim mini as opposed to her mum who's knees wouldn't stand up to the exposure.

    Hope all the illness is clearing up. Tonsillitis was the worst illness I ever had. It was the only time I called in the troops as I kept fainting which wasn't great with two under five. Then Little Bun got it too and cried having to have the foul peniciilin 4 x a day even followed with a jelly baby. Your wee man looks so poorly.


  21. What a great job on the skirt! I love the ruffle on the bottom. If only I could sew...
    So sorry about your little Cuckoo. He looks miserable in the photo. But such a cutie, even when in pain!

  22. Have just moved self from the window (postman watching duties this morning..!) to let you know about the lush candles. I used to live in Stamford and get them from a lovely little shop there but you can buy online - I think True Grace has a website and they are on Amazon too. Love them.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I said you are one very talented lady - baker, dress maker, nurse and someone who makes clever things using icing all in one post. Unfortunately I mistyped lady and got lazy - which rather spoit the message!!!
    Jo x

  25. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I just found your blog through CountryRose's giveaway comments and I love it!

    You are now in my google reader!

    Sam (

  26. Ooohhh, that cake looks amazing, I mean PROPERLY AMAZING! You are one talented mama!!
    Love what you have done to your friends jeans too, just fabulous!
    Hope you little man is better!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Rachel x

  27. I love , love, love the skirt! amazingly talented. and the hanger, really colourful and fun, which I love.
    So hope little one recovers, one of my little ones always seemed to have something similar, but been ages now, phew.
    Amazing cake! WOW, You have many talents,
    I think I need to get back into practice making things again!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments.
    Really lovely of you.
    Yes Funny that we are both sis-in laws, Am so so lucky!
    And missing my other beautiful sis-in law too,
    I am so so lucky to have such lovely brothers with awesome taste!
    big hugs

  28. Thank you so much for your kindness sorting out my blog! I hope this works
    Kindest Regards Linda

  29. I do love your red spotty dotty cake. Well done x

  30. Testing, testing, one, two, three.
    Am I still a no replyer? PLEASE let this have worked...
    Emily x

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. What a fab revamp on the skirt, looks so effective. The hanger is also a great idea and sounds so easy!
    P.S the cake - wow!

  33. Hi Cuckoo, I love the skirt and your cake looks are so clever !!
    About sweet peas...they do like feeding so maybe that would be worth a try. I've collected the poppy seeds and will send some your way soon :0)
    Jacquie x

  34. What a gorgeous skirt! I love the fabric you have put with it. I was also marvelling at how anyone could fit into a skirt that small!!! I hope the little one gets better soon....he looks nicely snuggled under that gorgeous blankie though xxx


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