Monday, 4 July 2011

You are not alone

If you are feeling like you are drowning under a to do list as long as your leg, running from one thing to another, dealing with the person shouting loudest, getting frazzled around the edges and frustrated that there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME.......

....then you are not alone. I'm in the same boat. That's me on the starboard side clutching the baby, hollering at the two boys, wrestling with the washing machine and waving bravely at you!

The daily flow of the daily grind isn't helped by me doing daft stunts such as this:

This is the second time in as many days that the milk has been stowed in the mug cupboard.

This morning I went one step further:

I know I'm not the only one to be in a muddle and not able to function efficiently. My excuse is that I am tired. Very tired. My arms are heavy and my legs are like concrete. Yesterday I had to go back to bed an hour after getting up for a nap. Then in the afternoon I fell asleep in the garden for a few minutes and woke as I was falling off my perch. Which reminded me of the time I fell into a Japanese woman's lap on a train in Narita. I fell out of my seat as I fell asleep. I've fallen asleep lent against a duty free trolley on a night flight back from L.A. The girl I was working with pulled the cart down the aisle and I slithered to the floor.

When I get really tired I could sleep anywhere. When I get exhausted I can't sleep at all. Then I get depressed. So lets hope I stay in the tired zone. I must avoid the exhausted zone. I don't need a lot of sleep, 6 hours does me, but I can't manage when it's broken up into two halves.

You may wonder, if I have so much to do, why I am spending time writing a blog post. The simple answer is I want to complete something, something that will not get messed up and need doing again in a few hours. Something I really love to do. I know you understand!

Now I better go and make Little Cuckoo his lunch....where did I put the bloody bread??????



  1. Been there, done that, and have the TShirt:~))
    Beleive me it does get easier, I have three boys, and one year I had three boys in three different schools!
    If I lived near to you I would come round and make you a cuppa! So go and sit down and have one, I found it helped it does do what it says on the tin - REVIVES
    Julie xxxxxxxx
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. I am in this situation and I don't even have kids. I'm just in a nasty nasty job situation. Thanx for posting this. Hug!
    My mantra at the moment: this too shall pass.

  3. Hehehe, Oh Cuckoo my boys are 11 and 13 and think I have been tired since they were born!!

    Sometimes it just feels like Groundhog Day so doing a little something for yourself is very important.

    S x

  4. Does this mean that I am not only one who muddles words, pours boiling water into the tea-bag pot instead of the mug and shouts at the washing machine because it isn't going round and the door is wide open!
    See you Saturday?
    Jo x

  5. Life with small children!!! Hope you catch up on some sleep soon xxx

  6. Have you checked the washing machine for the bread?? It must be that time of year, everything speeds up around now and it gets a little are not alone :)
    ps love that you can sleep anywhere, me too... much to the annoyance of Mr H

  7. I'm sooo glad your out there, now I know I'm not alone. When I put the cereal box in the fridge or the water in the coffe machine without adding the coffe grounds:) Luv that your posts make me smile:)

  8. How much does feeling like that suck?
    Like Julie if I lived near (or in the same country) I would pop over and make you a cup of tea, and say "it's all going to be ok, I promise. And it will pass.".
    So since I can't this is virtual me making you a lovely cup of tea, using that lovely tea cosy you made recently, sitting out in the sun, telling you that all the boys are going out for the day to an adventure theme park, that all you have to do today is write a list for the cleaner who will becoming to your house for the whole day today, and will do anything at all you need, whilst you will be whisked away in the car of your choice for a day of pampering. Starting wiht a spa, then a massage, then off to the movies, then you're meeting a few friends for a few drinks and a bit of dancing, and then back home relaxed, for a great nights sleep, and a sleep in.
    Isn't the virtual world so much more fun sometimes :)
    Sending lots of hugs and good wishes for things to get a wee bit easier, and hope you don't put the laptop in the freezer, lol x

  9. That is sooo me! I think I am in the exhausted zone and have been for a while. Too little sleep and what I do have of it is broken up. Here's to a good nights sleep for us both! x

  10. You know I feel your pain re tiredness my beauty.
    I am gutted as someone has stopped following my blog today. Don't know who as I can't even see who DOES follow it. All I know is there were 23. Now thee are 22.
    I feel sad. Why did they leave, what did I do wrong etc etc.
    Am also very tired and so bloated it's unreal. Grrrrr.
    And only just settled the Princess now at nearly 9.30pm as it's so muggy, so my entire evening is nearly all gone.
    Then it's Evil Tuesday tomorrow.
    Love you
    x x x x

  11. Oh bless you i remember what it was like when my little ones were very little and it is a juggling game. But believe me it does get easier the older they get. Just remember there is only one of you. Look after yourself, hugs, dee x

  12. Oh poor you! I had to laugh at your ability to fall asleep anywhere though - were you actually working the duty free trolley for passengers when you fell asleep on it?! Ha! And did you actually fall off your chair in the garden when you dozed off? You are going to make a wicked old lady if you're doing these bonkers things already :-)

    If I could come round and help I really would.

    Nicki xx

  13. hey friend...feeling your pain too! oh yes, you are not alone either. Counting the days til the summer hols (so I can have a drink in the daytime...tee hee)
    Why do all their shoes fall apart with three weeks to go? why so many trips (and more importantly, where are all the letters that tell me when they are??? how come everyone else knows?)
    I frequently find my phone in the fridge.
    glad you popped in to say hello - and hope you feel better for it?
    fee x
    (large bossomed hug for you)

  14. Hello, i've not been on here for a good while and just found your feeding comment...thank you. i realise i wasn't alone. it still bugs me and like you I think it always will, but like you say that's a good thing!
    i am always writing lists but they never seem to get crossed off before more get added. at the moment I am trying to sleep train my little one..oh the joys!!
    love your blog.xx

  15. oh my how i feel your pain! hang in there. especially with that humor. :) it's the only way to pull through sometimes. thanks for posting, it's good for you, me, all of us.

  16. oh sweetie your post blog makes me want to laugh and cry for all its worth you have 3 gorgeous happy children correct thats all that matters and feeling frazzled must be horrid not having enough time etc i cant drive but serious offer if you need help i could come and help you in any way possible ,cleaning etc as home mon tues and wed offer is there and open if you need xx

  17. I really do feel for you!! It di make me chuckle when I saw the picture of the milk in the mug cupboard though! How long had it been there!? Long enough for it to go bad...?!

    It must be very hard to keep up with everything with 3 boys.. I'm looking forward and kinf of dreading the day's when I have more than one child to look after! I already find it hard enough keeping up with all the needs of 1 baby on it's own! :S I'm always so impressed when I see the lovely creative things you do and the great long blogs posts you write on here, always wonder how you manage to fit it all in!

    I'm the same with the sleep thing.. I don't need loaddss of sleep, but when it's interrupted sleep.. it can really feel like you've had none at all!

    I hope you get through this busy tired phase sometime soon..! You'll catch up with yourself at some point.

    Ashley xxx

  18. I always had a saying i said to myself when my guy was little. This to shall pass. Take care and get some rest.

  19. very funny x, I'm always putting things in wrong places, now i have 2 teenage boys that do it as well!! I started running a few years ago to help with the stress of running a business and coping with 2 little boys, i'd have panic attacks,could'nt sleep, depression and a foggy mind, just runnig 20 mins 3x a week has stopped all this and I've never been happier, I've got so much more energy, sleep like a log and have no more anxiety or depression,
    hope this helps
    liz x

  20. seriously....hahahaha, I am only laughing along with you for putting things in the wrong place, been there done that, I even forgot my first born once, left the house without him. I left my phone at home a little while back, when I got home I had 9 very silly messages from my daughter who couldn't resist letting me know what a nelly I was for leaving my phone on the coffee table right by the couch where she was sitting. I would love 10 hours of sleep (yep 10) but usually get 6 - 8. I hate broken sleep, you can find me with a glazed look, wandering aimlessly. Right now I am sitting on the couch yawning as I didn't sleep properly last night and have been out driving all day visiting stores in the freezing cold and rainy day. I am wishing dinner would cook itself tonight :)
    I hope you get some restorative rest, I too would offer to help, it may take me a while to get there tho, your boys could well be grown men by then.
    x Sandi

  21. Gosh I've done that! After making a cup of tea I found msyelf once putting the sugar in the firdge and the milk in the cupboard!

  22. Okay, three things that I hope might cheer you up a bit and make you feel a bit more normal:
    1) I went on the school run, poddled around for an hour and came home to find I'd left the front door wide open (luckily house hadn't been ransacked - nothing worth nicking - ho ho ho!)
    2) I put the bottle of wine in the cupboard with the glasses yesterday
    3) I have a spoonerism for you: Big N, a couple of years ago, asked for c*ckp*rn to eat while he watched a film with us... Still makes me snigger even now
    Sending you another big bosomed hug. Bring on the hols
    Emily x
    PS - he meant to say 'popcorn', just in case you were wondering!

  23. Hee hee, have also tried to put the milk back in the ironing board cupboard this week, husband laughed and said, "I did the same yesterday"
    "It can't be because you are tired" - I snapped back. He is not allowed to be as tired as me because he doesn't do the night feeds. I don't care if he gets up at 5 for work or that he was up late trying to get on top of the ironing pile so he could go to work looking respectable.
    He cannot be as tired as me. Full stop.

    So I feel your pain (though I'm sure not nearly as much, I only have 1 to contend with)
    Nelly xxx

  24. Oh you make me giggle! This parenting lark is flippin' hard isn't it? I hope you had success finding the bread!! Have a fab week.

  25. You are not alone my lovely, I put the dog biscuits in the fridge this week! :0/

    Lou xxx

    PS. I will be posting tomorrow! X you make sure you get lots of rest...

  26. I LOL-ed at your comment on Easily Amused Mommy's post about back fat. Ha!! And now I have the Dora song stuck in my head. =)

    I hope you get some rest!! I can't function when I don't get enough sleep. AND I get uber grumpy!

  27. Oh Cuckoo! You need some time out! No chance of the Mr giving you a pass out? If not then go AWOL!!! Seriously, do take care - cuckoos can be fragile xxx

  28. The bread's in the bathroom next to the toilet (loo?). You put it there in a sleep-deprived daze when you realized you were out of toiled paper (loo paper???). ;0)
    I feel your pain, lady! When I miss out on sleep, I get depressed too. It sucks. Being a mommy is more than a full time job!

  29. Lol Glad I am not the only one- ranting and raving about where I had left some cooked food( eh was in the oven!) But I am a bit jealous about your ability to sleep anywhere. Hope you get some stuff done and some sleep soon ~X~

  30. Hello m'dear I have sent you an email re Knitting Knightmares. xx

  31. Hey hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog, thought you'd gone MIA again. Can't WAIT for my hook roll - didn't want to ask about it in case it put you under pressure to finish it... am sure I'll love the fabric. Yay, you rule! Did you make Gem a skirt then? Are you going to show it? Also, I'd love to see the cake when you've done it this week.
    Have a fab week, stay sane. Nicki xx


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