Monday, 11 July 2011

No Reply Blogger

While the biggun's were out picking me some flowers I was merrily doing my blog admin, it should be called bladmin, when I noticed just how many of you are no reply bloggers. Because I was a bit short on time, I didn't click from the email on to the commenters profile and then on to their blog, then read their latest post and comment accordingly and reply to the comment they left for me. Are you still with me? Gosh I really ramble sometimes.............

Anyway, I saw this  recently over at The Scrap Shoppe and thought I'd share it with all you no-reply bloggers. It'll make it easier for your Bloddies to get back to you. That should say, with my current shortness of time it'll make it easier for me (lazy moo!)

A lot of the comments on my last post were from no reply bloggers and I wanted to say very quickly but with heartfelt feeling "THANK YOU" for your bolstering comments and uplifting well wishes. I am fine, honestly, I'm very well. A bit tired and occasionally grumpy with my nearest and dearest (sorry Mr C) but generally quite upbeat and happy.

I have sooooooooo much to share. Huge amounts but it'll have to wait. I have a date with my husband tonight, it's his birthday. We are off to Jamie's Italian in Brizzol. Yu-um!!



  1. I like the crocheted vase cover as well as the pretty flowers
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. feel fully caught up with you! (hope the hulk is back in her box!)
    Hope you have a fab time tonight - would quite like a drunken blog post later.....
    fee ♥
    (ps stop leaving proper advice on nelly's're making my sarcasm/spelling corrections look bad man)
    (pps will have to fight you for the part of baby spice)

  3. Laughed at Fee's comment ^^ about the drunken post later. I'd like one of those too please... ha ha...

    Nicki xx

    PS Am I still a 'no reply' blogger? Oh, silly me, you probably can't reply and let me know...

  4. Thank-you for your reply! Now I'm replying back - this could get really silly!!! Thank-you for your lovely comments, next knit club I'll try and sit in the same room!
    Jo x

  5. I am now set up properly thanks. Potty training is going good now as he is asking to go which is a real break through after about a month. Good luck with your cake just go for it I am sure it will look great and they will love it.

  6. I am so glad you wrote this post!!!!!!!!!
    And a trifle embarrassed at my stupidity!!!
    I generally just press "reply" in my email to comments, and have only just NOW upon reading this, checked and realised that I believe nearly all of the people who have ever commented on my blog are no reply and I have subsequently not been the polite and thankful blogger, but a bit of a rude cow who rarely acknowledges the kind comments made!!!!!
    SO glad you wrote this!!!
    Also, hope u and your husband have a great date night, and he has a lovely birthday

  7. ok whats this no reply blogger business please explain in simple terms from a beginner thanks xxxx (dumb moment even )

  8. I love a date night, they are the best. Hope you're not reading this with too much of a day after headache - or that the headache is worthwhile more to the point.

    THANKYOU so much for your comment, loving the advice. Am gonna get right onto those full on bibs, you just know I'd have only found that out after feeding her carrot whilst wearing a particularly nice dress, no doubt in a light colour.
    And 'on top of the washing pile' - as if! Though G Kisby is pretty hot on household chores so he'd no doubt have them soaked,
    Nelly xxxxxx

  9. Thank you for the e-mails, was lovely to recieve them. I'm guessing that means I'm not a no-reply blogger then..!? I find all this no-reply business so confusing!!

    I WILL get on with my blanket.. I have actually got a lot of it done in the last 2 weeks. But I'm trying to finish the cardigan I'm knitting for Rose and the flowers for my tea-cosy. I'm so rubbish at finding the motivation.

    Have a GREAT time tonight! The night's that you have with just your husband are so so special.. The first date Ray and I went on after I had Rose, I was so worried that we wouldn't have anything apart from them to talk about..!

    Ashley xxx

    (Looking forward to another drunken post from the loo, was very entertaining the last time!)

  10. Love the flowers and crochet cover!

    Glad that things are ok with you, its easy to get bogged down in the mundune though!

    Oh Yum! Hope you have a lovely evening out!

    MBB x

  11. Oh yeah baby, I do want a drunken post. Cuckoo is tres funny in the flesh when drunken. The blog post is bad enough but in the flesh, it's hilarious.
    Hope Mr C has a great birthday evening (send him my love) and can't wait to hear all about your shenanigans.
    Well, maybe not ALL the shenanigans!! ;-) x x x

  12. Beautiful flowers. Congratulations on your husbands birthday!

  13. I guess I'm a reply person then!!! Oooooh Happy Birthday Mr C (said in a marilyn munroe voice) Yes drunken post would be too funny.
    Love the flowers the bigguns picked and the crochet cover.
    Oh happy days!!
    x Sandi

  14. You're special! :0) I love to read your posts... they always make me smile. I am still not quite sure what a "No Reply Blogger" is but I am going to check out your link in a second. Right now I have just realized my kids turned on the hose outside, so I have to run.

    What is a bog????

    After you wrote such a lovely comment on my blog I searched and couldn't see what would make me a "reply" blogger!
    Now I know and have changed all required settings....
    You are awesome girl.


  16. Such pretty flowers, hope you have a great night out.

  17. Hope you have managed to repair your zip, let me know.......
    Julie xxxxxxx

  18. Reading your blog and has made me smile lots! Those crochet stars are just gorgeous too and I totally have the same thing with putting things in the wrong place. I found my house keys in the fridge the other day.

  19. I knew you'd get what I meant by "special." It was definitely meant as a term of endearment, not an insult. You are special. As in, not like the others. Uncommon. Out of the ordinary. Awesome!

  20. Oh and did you mention "John"? That's another name for the "bog." :0)

  21. no reply bloggers really do my head in! I got sick of going to their blogs and telling them how to fix it so I just don't reply now.

    Love the jar cover by the way...

    Isn't Jamie's in Bath? I went to stay with my brother in Bristol and as there was no Jamie's there, we went to Bath...

  22. A hand-made flower vase with fresh flowers looks wonderful. Great for living rooms and for lawns.


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