Saturday, 30 July 2011

A bit of a round up...

I'm a rubbish gardener but I've managed to grow a few flowers.

Guess what!?
Mr C looks really little and young there.

Mr C has learnt to crochet! He can chain, double and treble. He said he wanted to learn so he could make animals like in the book he got for the boys to give to me for Mothers Day. He picked it up super quickly. Annoyingly quick actually. He's been all "What's the big deal?!" about it. Grrrrrr.

He even has a special crochet face that he pulls

The evening after I showed him how to do the basics I came down stairs once I'd got the bigguns to bed to find him quietly crocheting away with a baby fast asleep at his side. If there was ever any question over our compatibility then here's the definitive answer. And it has been questioned in the past, you see we got engaged just six weeks after becoming a couple. We moved in together after we got engaged which is a bit backwards. We got married within the year. I got pregnant on honeymoon. It was mental really, when I look back it seems insane! But I felt it was right and decided to embrace it all. 

It's all been a bit bonkers here of late, what with the change of pace that the summer holidays are bringing. So it came as no surprise that the roof decided to spring some major leaks into my kitchen at this time. For a while it had been a bit drippy now and again when there was a big down pour and the wind in the right (wrong) direction. But we hadn't anticipated suddenly needing the whole north side of the roof done. Hey ho. Old houses...


The boys have been super cute lately, when they've not been terrorising me! They are like a little pack. They run circles around me. If it weren't so frustrating it would be hilarious. So back to their cuteness, I want to remember these lovely little things so I'll pop them here on my blog and share them with you. 

There I was standing in the kitchen in a bit of a flap one morning. I was trying to get everyone out the door on time, trying to make sure everyone had all the things they needed for that day but we were running later and later (is later a word?). I said out loud "Right, what do I need to do?" and Little shouted "Crochet!" He does tickle me.

I was putting Big to bed the other day and I told him I love him, just as I always do. I asked him if he knew what that meant he said "Yes. Happy" God bless that boy. He has some learning difficulties so concepts of feelings are really hard for him to verbalise. This is a huge break through. Quite momentous. That he could even grasp what I was asking him was a big deal.

Mini has started to suck his fingers the same way Mr C used to as a baby. It is a double edged sword though. On the one hand it helps him stay asleep through the night a bit more predictably but he seems to lose his appetite when he has his fingers in his mouth. Also how do you stop a child from sucking their fingers? If they have a dummy you can get rid of that but you can't get rid of their fingers!

We have booked Mini's Christening/Baptism and I have decided to get myself done at the same time. I have a quiet faith, it's in there. I haven't been raised as a Christian. By that I mean we never went to church, I never went to a Church of England school, my Dad is a non believer, my parents left it to me to decide. Well I have decided and I do believe, I want to believe. I live by the Christian morals as I was brought up nicely but I want to sort of make it official. Does that make sense? I don't want to go all philosophical so I'll move on from this topic after telling you what my "sponsor" (God mother) said in a text after I asked her to be my God mother.

Emily from Unravelled has given me an award. I do quite like an award it has to be said. I especially like the ones that call for facts. I think it's a great way to sneak into my blog things about me that my children might like to know when they are older and when I'm gone (obviously I will live to a ripe old age but this is here forever)

1. I once asked Mr C if he believes in soul mates. He doesn't. I'm fine with that as I don't either. But he did say that we are Rock and Roll Mates and I love that!

2. My current favourite Friends episodes are a) the one where Joey tries to learn French for an audition and b) the one where he buys Chandler a really blingtastic bracelet and Chandler does a Mr T from the A Team impression "I pity the fool who wears my jewellery, I do. I DO!"

3. My boys call beef burgers, beast burgers. Quite clever me thinks.

4. I am addicted to pinterest. Facebook has gone out the window and now I am pinning on my phone using the app whenever possible. In fact I have had to ration myself lately.

5. I once flashed on the London Eye when with My Girls. We had a private pod. I did it right at the top to make them laugh.

6. Mr C and I danced to Mr Bowjangles for our first dance but my Dad cut in and ruined it for us. I still feel disproportionately upset about it.

7. I like my wrinkles around my eyes. They show I smile a lot. That means I am well. I'll admit to having had botox in my frown in the past. I think, looking back on it, I frowned more than smiled at the time and I was trying to hide from the world that I was falling.
my make up looks a bit crackers here.

8. I know I'm only supposed to do 7 facts, and this isn't strictly a fact, but I wanted to show you my hair. I have been growing out a pixie crop that really didn't suit me and finally I am liking my hair again.

And so I shall pass this on to:

Play along if you like but don't feel you must.


ps. have you seen Madelief's post? Lovely giveaway. Part of me doesn't want to tell you all about it as you'll enter and I'll have less chance of winning! Gosh I'm wicked. Please don't tell my vicar.


Didn't believe me did you?! Cackling!


  1. Bonkers. BONKERS. I don't know this woman, honest Vicar.

    LOVING the hair. Making me go all disproportionate about capitals.

    "Yes, Happy." made me do a big, big smile.

    Ere. give I an award will ya? I like to do the facty games. xx

  2. OK
    -You and Mr C crocheting together is the most ridiculously cute thing I have seen in a long time!! (I also found another blog recently, cant remember how or who through, but the adorable couple in it both crochet too. I ma hopeless with linking but I think this is it:
    -You flashing on the eye is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!!
    I liked the term "quiet faith", that's what I think I have too.
    Also your fact number 7 bought a tear to my eye- you really have a lovely way with words

  3. Gosh, Cuckoo you really are very gorgeous in lots of ways you know!! And very photogenic!!

    Loving Mr C crocheting, so sweet!! And isn't it typical of the British summer that you are sat wearing long sleeves and a blanket?!!

    I too like your term "quiet faith" - I guess I am agnostic, I really, really want to believe completely but something is holding me back, keep meaning to do an Alpha Course or similar as I have Many Questions. I wish I was one of those people who has deep faith as I think it must be such a comfort.

    Love, love, love the flashing piccies!!

    S x

  4. Woooaahh - so much to remember what I wanted to answer to. Let's have a go. Well Mr learning to crochet so easily, know what you mean when it seems so easy for him - bah humbug. I taught a few blokes on the last project I worked on to help their depression and they really got into it much quicker than the women. One bloke though I nearly stabbed with the bloody hook. About 18 times in a row he wrapped the yarn around and then jabbed it in my face shouting like this. I went for a long walk to save his life and my sanity.

    Don't go the dummy route, we've only just kicked the habit here and I'm not letting you know which one of us it is.

    Love the hair growing out suits you so much more.

    Good for you making a choice to enter the church. I know what you mean in someway. I don't believe in one god so I couldn't become a christian, but I do find it really calm and beautiful when we go for the school services in our village church, even though I don't do the prayers as that would seem false of me.

    Boobies out - I wonder if anyone did see and had a large grin that evening. You nut you.

    Promise I will email you by the way as your really lovely and thoughtful comment was so kind. I checked out the link and was really impressed. Just trying to get on top before go away and found all sorts of paperwork I've not done, social work reports not written and on and on. I hate working - prefer day dreaming and playing.

    Sorry it's long, but you're a chatterereer (?) too so I'm sure you don't mind.

    Lisa X

  5. Bahahaha! I don't know where to start--complimenting you on teaching your husband to crochet (I failed miserably at teaching mine, he said now he understands my love for crocheting even LESS than before), your adorable hair (which makes me much less nervous about someday growing mine out . . . but I find it hard to believe a pixie didn't look good on you), your happy wrinkles (the perfect kind to have), your awesome vocabulary (we don't say things like crackers over here unless we're talking about snacks), or your little flashing episode (caught on film) . . . all equally fantastic. A job well done, on all accounts :-)

  6. So is there now going to be a new crochet blog -Tales from Mr. Cuckoo Land?............

    Gorgeous pic, look forward to seeing some of the wee beasties he whips up. You were obviously right to trust your feelings way back when. Sometimes you just have to dive in...........Rock and roll mates that's great.

    Your boys are just gorgeous, all those little gems they say make up for the difficult times.

    Always fun to find out a few more facts about bloggers, thanks for the award and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    CLaire :}

  7. Oh Dear Cuckoo! I absolutely love you♥ I smile at every post & you got me to giggle at this one.
    Thank you for sharing these fabulous Cuckoo facts. I think you are just adorable!

  8. I call that a great flash. love your post, hope the roof gets fixed soon, take care.

  9. OMG!!How crazy and adorable are you!!!Thank you for bringing a smile on my face. Times are difficult here. But I really laughed reading your post.

  10. I wish I could do hearts, because I would have started this comment with one, because I just heart Bigs response to you (see I told you, you were great parents) I love that Mr C has learnt to crochet (although learning it so quick.....grrr, but he did have a great teacher, whereas I had to learn it by book) I am a visual person so need someone to do it so I can copy. I have only flashed the bazooka's once to a friend when she walked out of the bathroom, she screamed and shut the door hehe. I hope I find my rock n roll mate one day, sooner rather than later, I'm not getting any younger and I want to enjoy more mad moments before the body can't do it any more. I'm not a religious person as such, I guess more spiritual, I believe in doing the right thing by people and walking on this earth softly, helping my fellow man where possible and being accountable for my actions, if I wouldn't like it to be done to me, then I don't do it to anyone else. I believe in lifting people up and not putting them down. I did have a giggle at your 'godmother' what a pair you make :)
    I love the laughter lines too, I don't like the frown lines between my eyes, I think it makes me look grumpy and I am far from that, but if that is all I don't like then I am fairly blessed.
    Toodle Mrs C xx Sandi
    Oh my granddaughter did the sucking two fingers in the mouth too, she doesn't do it so much now, only when she is really tired.

  11. Fab post loving the crochet face lol. My OH said that is one huge sofa or one tiny man which made me smile. I did cackle at the flashing photos but when I read the article I thought you had got your bottom out not your boobies. Maybe you will save that for next time, you know something to look forward to. Off to car booty now its 6.36 and if we get there before 7 we only have to pay 50p to get in instead of a whole £1. Whoo.

  12. Long winter evening coming up.........Sitting and Crocheting together thats nice.
    Later is a word its OK!
    Your boys are lovely. Don't wory about the finger sucking he probably only does it when he is tired.
    Julie xxxxxx

  13. Oh how I love this post. And where do I begin. Firstly, the husband is in shock at Mr C and his crochet!!!!!!!! I think it was the pink wool that tipped him over the edge, hee hee.
    Secondly I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair like this. I much prefer it longer and I think this is possibly the style you'd wanted for your 30th, but it went a bit wrong as you yourself pointed out. This style is just gorgeous and you look wonderful.
    Your makeup doesn't look crackers, you look fab! I have loads of laughter lines, we should all embrace what we have. I NEVER call them crows feet, what an ugly term. Laughter lines is exactly what they are.
    The dear boys are so cute, can't wait to see them.
    Am tres jealous of KMMMS coming to stay with you this coming week.
    Can I book in for a night or two next summer hols 2012? Would love that. I've never even had a Mojito. Not sure I even spelt it right!
    Am still chuckling about that pic on the London Eye, I couldn't go, wasn't I pregnant and feeling rough? Can't remember. I recall various boob flashes over the years once we'd had a few. My days of that are well and truly over now though!!!! Wouldn't want to scare you all.
    Can't wait to see you in October and big hug to all.
    Please get Mr C to crochet me a goat sometime, they remain my favourite animal ever!!!
    Loads of love and happy Sunday.
    x x x

  14. Getting yourself 'done' at the same time... ha! Love that expression, you make it sound like you're going to have your ears pierced or something! Good for you, making your own mind up regarding your own spiritual/religious beliefs and that's a very special thing for Bee to be involved with too, shows how much you love her.
    Very impressed with Mr C learning to crochet but, as Sandi said, not fair that he learnt so quickly. Will you be showcasing the animals that he makes?!
    You girls are making me laugh with your photos and memories of your past together. How funny that someone thought to take a photo! Looks like more than a flash to me; more of a topless rampage.... ha!
    Nicki xx
    PS beautiful photos of you - hair looks lovely. My very favourite is the one of you and Mr C crocheting. Who took that pic?!

  15. hey - too much my friend!
    1) spotted my own Mr BC watching me crochet yesterday and thought he looked tempted...funnily enough I thought to myself 'not showing you, you'll pick it up toooo easily'.
    2) love that Mr C has a crochet face - think I might too. In my crochet bag is wool, hook and vaseline for I crochet with my tongue out so get chapped lips
    3) getting yourself 'done'! I too wondered what you meant, but not telling you what went through my mind!
    4) your make up looks like mine does every day - wondering if I look crackers?
    5) re sucking fingers....Cleggy is sitting beside me and I said 'what would you use to stop a baby doing so'? he answered 'no more nails'. I think he meant 'stop and grow'. I hope he did.
    6) love the flashing picture! Many years ago me and my (nuts) SIL Alice once ran ahead on a country walk and told the boys we would flash them from a nearby bridge. We got ready and jumped out on them as they approached. Except it wasn't them, it was a German family, and the parents covered their childrens eyes. We laughed so much we wee'd. The pesky boys had seen it coming and just waited at the bottom to watch the tragic joke unfold.
    Love your posts
    fee x

  16. ps just read your comment somewhere else about making a quilt - this blog seems to be quite tutorial based and will be my next stop for new skills (once I've conquoured crochet, dress making and embroidery!)

  17. Hee!

    You have me LOL. Your post makes me realise what a chicken I am! Congratulations on your giveaway. You deserve it. I believe you have the funniest blog I know!!!

    I believe you and mr C. match perfectly! It looks so sweet seeing him sitting on the couch with the crocheting needle in his hands! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE RESULT :-)!!

    Your bouquet is approved by me :-). It looks wild and colourful!

    Have a happy evening!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief xox

  18. Ohh, forgot to say thank you for mentioning my blog. I got heaps of your readers who left a comment. SO SWEET!!

    x Madelief x

  19. This post is amazing for so many reasons. Love the fact that you have got Mr C hookin : ) this did make me laugh, but then to learn that you flashed at the top of the London Eye and have photographic evidence well all I can say is BRILLIANT!!!!!!! that and good for you xxx P.S Love the hair it looks great xx

  20. I don't know what I enjoyed most, your blog post or all the comments that followed. I'm still smiling to myself.

  21. What a beautiful post! I have just got the end of it and totally cracked up seeing your flasher pic! I just about choked on my cup of tea and now can't stop laughing. You're a total hoot!! Love your hair - it really suits you. And as for the clever, crocheting husband - well done! I might have to try throwing a ball of wool and a hook to my fella tonight!!!! Have a terrific week.

  22. LOL! I wonder if you ever get tired of me saying, You always make me laugh!
    My own hubs and I knew each other for 10 weeks before tying the knot, so your story is familiar to me. :0) It's not for everyone, but if you know, you know, right? Or at least if you're willing to stick it out through thick and thin, then it's all good. Am I even making sense? It's late and my husband is watching a dumb movie.
    ANYWAY, back to your post. Your boys are precious...especially the littlest one with the finger sucking! So sweet! I love it when babies do that.
    It's fun reading about life in your part of the globe. Have a great night!

  23. Oh and I almost forgot, congrats on the public statement of faith (baptism). I wasn't raised Christian either... On one hand it was nice that I was able to make the decision for myself when I was old enough, but on the other hand I feel like I probably would have been able to steer clear of some bad stuff had I known the Lord at a younger age. And on yet ANOTHER hand, (which makes three) I am thankful I have gone through all the good and bad in my life because it made me who I am today. And that is all. Goodnight. :0)

  24. Well Ms C, that's a lot of cuteness going on in your house! The little Cs of course, but Mr crocheting...that's a beautiful thing!

    What fun on the London Eye. LOL! You may want to refrain from giving your vicar your blog address. Seriously, a sincere congrats on the personal spiritual journey you've undertaken.

    On to cakes - my greatest weakness - I drooled when I saw your magnificent little anniversary cake. So so so pretty in all its simplicity. And that amazing transformation of the jeans-to-skirt. The ruffle was brilliant. My question to you...HOW on earth do you do it all?! Thanks for all the inspiration (on many levels :-))


    ps. you asked abt my rectangle granny...yes, it's 14 clusters along each side w/one cluster on each end and yes, skipping 3 chains (so starting your granny cluster in every 4th chain. Start w a foundation chain of 59. Hope that makes sense.

    pps. on a totally diff note, I just got my box of yarn in the mail for a blanket that I've been envisioning since I saw your bobble tute. I think about it as I fall asleep at night (ie. obsessed). I'm dying to start it!!!

  25. So.........the question is.........are you going to get Mr C to do a guest post when his crochet animals are done? Hope so!!!!!!! Love the pic of Mr C doing his thing with babe by his side........gets the 'awww' vote!

    Can't see Mr H getting into it quite as much, but he thinks it's 'cute' that I do it and likes all the stuff around the that i mean the finished projects........not so keen on all the 'yarn crap' everywhere!!!!!! ha ha

    Sorry about the roof, old houses can be a pain. Hope it gets sorted before the next major downpour.

    The eldest master Cuckoos look so cute. Butter wouldn't melt....but I know that look all too well!

    Loved your blog award facts. I don't think it matters how long you have been with someone before you get it together...not one bit.

    With you on pinterest, but you know that! I seriously have to cut it down!

    I like laughter lines too, I like a face to have character. It gives more of a depth to a person. Maybe I'm just saying that though, because on a daily basis I see more and more appearing on my face!

    Laughing at the last pics......I thought you meant that you just lifted up the old shirt and had a good shake! I need to go on a night out with you!


  26. Hiya,
    Thanks so much for the comments over the weekend, sorry I've not been able to reply to them. Glad you are enjoying the blog!
    Those last pictures are hilarious! You are brave, or nuts! Or both!
    Thank you for the award, I will try to get around to doing it this week :)

  27. Oh my, you certainly made me "lol" into my porridge this morning! (I don't have time for comments before work). Have I told you how much I love your blog? well I do.

  28. Oh goodness madam, I am sitting here home alone and you made me cackle out loud at the top of my voice. I have done a few flashes in my time, mainly at or with my sister (is that wrong?!) but never actually removed garments. Clearly I have a lot to learn from the hexpert.

    My favourite Friends quote is from that episode too; it's when Monica sees the bracelet and says (something like) "nice bracelet, must have cost you a fair few dubloons".

    Must go and do my own blog as I have been hopeless lately, and hopefully I will reply to your email some time this decade too. Lots of love. xx

  29. I don't know where to start commenting on this post! You do make me laugh xx

  30. Yet another classic post!
    I have been a tardy replier again! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at knit club. Hope the roof is fixed with all the rain at the moment.
    Jo x

  31. Oh, meant to say I like that bracelet episode too........'he has to get me the woman repeller - the eyesore from the Liberace house of crap...'

    My favourite has to be the bath episode with monica and chandler........'chicken?...I could eat some chicken.....' We use that in the house a lot.

    One that had me in stitches this last week is the one where Phoebe wants to play at Monica and Chandlers Wedding. She's so angry and shouts out on her guitar '....Whenever I get married, guess who wont be asked to sing? Somebody named Geller and somebody else named Bing......' Ah just cracks me up........we had that on repeat for about half an hour!

    also......Joey.....'some girl ate monica'.....Monica......'shut up, the camera adds 10lbs'......Chandler...'ah, so how many cameras are actually on you'......we use that one a lot too!

    Will be sad when E4 stop the re-runs. Sad but true, the theme song was the first thing that baby bear responded too as a newborn. I am convinced he heard it so much in the womb that it struck a chord with him.


  32. Crochet with Raymond3 August 2011 at 06:23

    I think we all believed you without proof! ha ha but the proof gave all of us a laugh and that is great stuff!
    More great stuff is a. your hair, it looks fab abnd I am so jealous, mine is untame-able and I would love to have lovely hair like that but if I had it cut like that it would turn into an afro in about 2 secons flat
    b. your son recognising and responding to emotions, wowee, well done you, so much persistence and love will have gone into that, sounds like amazing parenting, you rock


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