Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

The weather has been a touch grim on top of the hill where we live. Windy. Rainy. So much rain. Huge. big, ploppy, sploshes of rain. Very bad timing as the roofers were due to mend a leak in our roof this weekend but couldn't because of the rain. Therefore a washing up bowl propped up on a sauce pan upon a teatowel has been doing it's duty. Oh the joys of an old house. Definitely a day for the fairy lights to work their magic. They cheer the gloomy day up a treat.

It was half term the week before last so we all went to the Seaside House for a few days, the weather was the opposite of today. As you know from this post I was delighted to come home but I've no idea why since we had such a lovely time in Devon. The weather was good and we had one very hot day on the beach. I don't feel there is anywhere more fabulous than England when the sun shines. Good job really since I doubt emigrating is ever going to be on the cards. I'd get homesick.

My good friend, I call her Princess, gave me this enamel mug (as well as a baking book) for my birthday. Fab isn't it! It fits a huuuuge cuppa in it so it's compeletly perfect in sentiment and practicality for time spent on the beach with the feral beasts. Princess is my kindred spirit. There's much about us character wise that is different but we share many common traits too. In the past several months she has re discovered knitting and is also making a hexagon hand stitched patchwork quilt. You should see us at the kids swimming on a Wednesday. We both have two big boys running amok (sp) yet we sit there serenely crocheting (me) or stitching (her). The other day I rocked up at school wearing a black full A line skirt and vest top with a bright green cardigan over the top. I got out of the car as she was walking past. We took one look at each other. You know, one of those up and down looks and cracked up. It was like looking in a mirror! Hilarious. We had Swine Club later that day but fortunately Mini barfed all down my left arm so I changed my cardi and put on a polo neck she'd passed on to me,  I didn't plan it that way, I only realised when she gave me the uppy downy look again and I laughed!! Ha.

Asking 'nicely' for a jam "sangwidge"

Big Cuckoo and Cakey (her brother couldn't say her name when he was little) played together in a big hole that Poppa dug. They only came back for food. Who can blame them? I'd be the same, if I could tear myself away from the picnic in the first place!

Big and Cakey made a valiant effort to dig their own hole but as one was shovelling the sand and flinging it over nearby sunbathers and the other was managing to re fill the hole, Poppa had to step in. This time the tide was slowly coming in and the hole was nearer the water so instead of spending hours trying to fill the hole they were trying to empty it of sea water. I love how the tide and waves are so gentle along the estuary, it makes for relaxed playing for the children. No fear of them being swept away, which means the grown ups can enjoy watching them without being on tenter hooks. Of course you can never be complacent with littlies near water but with so many kids and parents on the beach there are always dozens of eyes on each child. The other nice thing about Salcombe is that people tend to look out for each other. You've not got a mallet for your wind break? Use mine. Forgotten suncream? Here's some. Need another bucket? Here you go! Need a hand with the push chair on the steps? I'll help! So refreshing. 

Little Cuckoo spent an improbabl amount of time trying to master frisby throwing. It didn't go well, there was a stiff breeze and his poncho towel wasn't playing nicely.

I did a spot of stitching but mostly I drank tea and watched the kids play.

That's the "Pop pop" boat. It's how we get around the lovely beaches with out having to rely on the little ferry or having to drive for hours around the estuary. We just blow up the boat, walk it down to the water and throw it in. Simple! That's right isn't it Mr C? Ah apparently not. What do I know? I just get in it at Whitestrand pontoon jetty thingy and we all pop pop pop over to the beaches on the other side.

After a busy day on the beach Mini fell fast asleep in my arms in his life jacket. I put him in the push chair and that's how he slept for four hours. It is true what they say about sea air. He's been a pants sleeper since returning to Somerset. Anyone got any fool proof advice on how to get him to sleep better? I'm doing the dream feed thing but he's still waking for milk anywhere between 1.30am and 5.30am.

Wearing a £3 skirt from the charity shop.
Pimped up with a bit of lace* from John Lewis along the hem.

And there's me eating THE BIGGEST icecream. White chocolate chip and vanilla. Two big scoops in a waffle cone with a chocolate flake AND a fudge stick. Yeehaw it were gert lush!

Is it any wonder I put on 4 pounds in 3 days??????

I'm terribly behind with catching up on everyone's blogs and even further behind with replying to lots of fabulous comments and emails. If I don't manage to get back to you and you are waiting patiently for an answer to a question or something then please jog my memory. I have a poor memory, I need to do that Nintendo DS brain training game but I keep forgetting to do it, boom boom!


*Lace cost £15. Silly me. Never checked the price of the lace. Not such a clever thrifty bargain.


  1. Awwww cute photos and how do you get to look so good AND eat ice cream hey??? I'm really jealous you know. xx

  2. That beach looks familiar - is it the one opposite salcombe (Portlemouth?) My fave part of Devon - infact anywhere along there (East Prawle last year, Bigbury every year)

    When we set up camp on a beach we all take bets on how soon the people nearest us will move!

    re sleeping - Little sister nelly wondered all holiday why baby mabel (5 months) slept so well on holiday (also pants at sleeping generally). Then we checked the alcoholic content of the sangria that we were sipping - it was a little higher than you would imagine for a drink that appeared to be one of your five a day. (OMGoodness, what am I suggesting here?)

    Have a good week (and a glass of red each lunchtime)
    fee x

  3. LOVING the skirt my darl. Very lovely bit of lace at the bottom!!!!
    Salcombe looks fab. Wish we could do our girls thing when its sunny like that!! Gorgeous.
    You look lush in that outfit, nearly as lush as the ice cream (licky licky)
    Speak soon. x x x

  4. How can you look that fab after three kids?????? My tummy has never been the same (although my last was a big girl and I was stretched to popping point) I love the 'sangwidge' my eldest used to say 'blecky' for breakfast and 'soddagis' for sausages, used to crack me up all the time and when they sang songs and got the words wrong hehe.
    Hope the sun comes out soon.
    xx Sandi

  5. Awww what a wonderful place and a such lovely photo's there is nothing like a day at the beach in the sunshine to clear the cop webs away ;-)) Your ice cream looks lovely and im loving your outfit so fresh and pretty. My brain is like a sieve these days since having the children i can't seem to remember things either it is a mummy thing i am sure ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee xx

  6. Hi Cuckoo , looks like a wonderful place and you looked great in that skirt . Hope you got my E.mail.
    Jacquie x

  7. Ooh, all the ingredients here for a fab British day at the beach. Look at Mini asleep in his massive life jacket. Bless. Love the ponchos that Big and Little are wearing. Where are they from? Reckon my niece could use one. You're lucky to be able to go to the seaside like that whenever you fancy. My parents have a static caravan near the Norfolk coast and your post has reminded me to organise a weekend there soon.

    You look a proper honey, Cuckoo, have you reached your goal weight now by any chance? Looks like. Love your bargain skirt even if it wasn't such a bargain.

    Can you please stop posting photos of your egg basket with lights in. I want one and it makes me jealous.

    Nicki xx

  8. ahh that all looks so nice, I have been trying to leave you a comment for ages but naughty blogger wouldn't let me, I was worried that my silence may have made you think I was deeply offended at the Bjork comment (I wasn't at all, quite like it actaully) have got some serious catching up to do here, am going to check out your 'bobbles' oooo errr
    Jane x x x x x

  9. Fab pics of your time away......not a lot beats beach time, especially a beach that is fairly 'safe' in terms of water and sand etc for the kiddiwops.

    Darn it, why do you have to look so flippin' fantastic! As fast as I am losing weight it is coming back on! Love the skirt, even if it ended up being a more expensive bargain than expected! I am rubbish at finding clothes in charity shops but I do get some great bargains on ebay, and often stuff I have been after for ages, so that is fairly satisfying.

    Hope you have the most awesome rest of a day!!!!!


  10. Looks like a beautiful day. I know what you mean about being behind on commenting, that's what I am trying to do today. Beautiful Blog. Have a great day.

  11. Don’t you look that bargain skirt, well, most of it was. :0) that is exactly what I could do with at the moment a holiday. It looked beautiful, I'm glad you all had a good time. Fab pics!

    Lou xxx

  12. Looks like you all had a fabulous time at the beach. Like the look of you skirt blowing in the breeze, very top model.

  13. Wow, looks like you guys had an amazingggg time! What gorgeous weather! (When the photo's were taken anyway...)
    I'm So looking forward to trips to the beach when Rose starts toddling about.. I know I'm going to be so paranoid about the water though!
    Blimey! £15 for some lace! It must have been expecially lovely lace then..!

    Ashley xxx


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