Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Weekly round up...

(Warning. Rambley post.)

I've been a bit odd for a few days, my mind is all disjointed. I'm a bit at sixes and sevens. I keep picking things up, moving them around and not achieving anything. I can't focus. The feng shui must be all wrong! Actually I KNOW the Feng Shui must be all wrong since I don't have a clue about it. I'm just tired. The baby wakes once a night and then there's the weirdy womb waking me this week too. But luckily that does seem to be ok most of the time now so hopefully things will settle back into their old routine shortly. Anyway, I'm weary and a bit wired, too many things I want to do, too many distractions, too much MESS everywhere. I should go to bed earlier but I find that by the time I've battled through the afternoon/early evening slump I'm wired with adrenalin and could then carry on pottering all night. 

Necklace is top right. Aquamarine stone in a fine chain, very delicate.

One of the highlights of the week was receiving this necklace I have been dreaming of for some time. I had to collect it from the post office as I missed the postie. If I'd known what was in there I'd have grabbed by camera. Instead I ripped it open with a squeal right outside the post office. 

Ok so I had to give the Mr a bit of a hint! Oh all right, a rather big hint, but the subtle ones weren't working and I felt it only right that Mini was celebrated like his brothers were. An eternity ring when Big arrived as is tradition and earrings when Little was born.

I went to visit Bee on Thursday last week and it was so lovely. A real tonic. We did our usual silly face pulling thing, I must have thousands of photo's of us looking silly. Gosh I was having a Very Bad Hair day!

A photo of a photo.
I think this may be one of only six photo's where we both look nice, shame it's so faded now but it is 14 years old so that's no surprise. Every other photo has either one or both of us pulling a face. It's a compulsion. We are so immature when we are together. I love it, so does she. Our husbands? They despair (we don't care).

We got her blog set up, she hasn't had a lot of time to write posts yet but she's keen to create a blog that will be a wonderful memento for her children in years to come. It'll be a great outlet for her too. She has one of those crazy, complicated minds that is prone to over analysing and never relaxing. So her blog can be a place to brain dump too. I think she'll love it.

Look at the size of that baby! He is 16lbs 15oz now. What a whopper! He's gone up a centile too in spite of feeding less than the charts recommend. Yet he's still not sleeping through, the monkey. I know he can do it as he has done so several times, just not for weeks now. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Talking about funny faces, I think Little may be a chip off the old block. He stuck eye ball stickers on himself and his brother. 

I laughed so hard at them, they looked hilarious in real life, especially when they were blinking. It was like the sticker eyes were rolling. The photo's set me off every time I see them. I don't know that they are funny to anyone else not having seen them in action, all wibbly like, like... like aliens!

I started and finished a little crochet project for Mr C as it was Fathers Day on Sunday. Mr C had bought me a crochet animal book for mothers day. He seemed quite taken with the concept of crocheted animals so I made him a goat. It's a little joke of ours from Catherine Tate "It were a curry made of goauuurt!" (Thank you Helen for finding the perfect link. Be warned people Catherine Tate is not politically correct.)
Yes that is a pair of stripy under crackers and Mr C is making goat noises. Scary.
And that is a star sticker in Big's hair.
And this is supposed to be a goat, the head is a strange shape.

Mr C was chuffed with his gift from the little fella's (me). He had a nice(ish) Fathers Day despite really not being that bothered about it. He went to karate in the morning, and then we went to our neighbours for a housewarming, then he developed a bit of a migraine and went to bed till the boys were in bed.

Now get ready for the horror which is my home. I tidy..they mess it all up again and again and again. This is why I have very little to show for my time this week.
The playroom "Tip it up, tip it up" they chanted
"This is our boat, Mummy!"
Big's ransacked bedroom, it gets worse...
...much worse. I have some industrial polyfilling to do.

A small mess in Little's room
More destruction
It's not all down to the boys though. 

My crafting mess in the spare room

I've made a right old mess trying to start and finish (over optimistically) a number of projects.

The dust came from underneath the door when the tiles were being drilled out

We had the builders in to sort out the drains in the utility room (tilly woom as Big calls it), it's part of the old house with the old drainage system. I think it was once an out building that got badly incorporated into the main body of the house. I'm sure a female builder would have put something across the bottom of the door to stop the crap from billowing through. The whole of the downstairs was covered in a layer of red brick dust. Grrrrrrrrrr. But at least there's no eggy smell floating up from the drains now.

The AGA has been broken since April 2010. I have been very patient, very, very and finally we are getting it mended and converted from oil to electric so it can be programmed to come on and go off like the heating and water. To get it mended the granite had to be removed. The builder pulled it off after he'd fixed the drains but the AGA people aren't coming till August so I'll live with the mess for a while longer.

Of course all the gubbins from the utility had to come out and be scattered amongst the kitchen while work was carried out, it has had a knock on effect to the whole house and I still haven't got things back to normal! Not helped by the fact that my mind isn't functioning properly, I'm so flummoxed by things.

The diet continues, I've lost a stone. Just half to go. Gosh it is SOOOOOOOO BORING!

I tried to jazz up my salad with edible flowers but it was still salad. Lucky for me that I enjoy salad, fruit and veg.

I also have chocolate everyday too, just a few squares, enough to satisfy the cravings. Sometimes I'll eat nothing but salad for lunch and supper and then I'll have a Snickers bar. Mr C rolls his eyes when I do this but I have way more than my 5 a day so where's the harm!

This was one of my birthday cards from the gal who spent the Royal Wedding with us. We have both said on more than one occasion that there should be a screen available at weigh ins so those who want to can weigh in in the rudey nudey! Not that I go to weigh in's anymore, I do it at home on my own for free.


ps. Don't tell Bee but next time I go to her house I'm nicking these cups!

Oh yes I am! Ha!


  1. Its all going on in your gaff right now! lol.

    Kids and mess doncha just love it. I spend too much time tyding only for it to look like a bomb site. And have given up (for the time being anyway) in the girls room. You need danger money to open Boo's wardrobe doors. Truly toy avalanche any one?

    This evening we were mostly scattering cushions about. So there was feathers everywhere! lol

    Its always a lovely pick up seeing a good friend.

    Wow you are so good on your diet. I am rubbish and keeping making cakes. So not good.

    Loved your little goat!

    MBB x

  2. love the weight watchers card so true , i have four pounds to go to get to goal yay x ,How come your mess looks good ? my mess looks like mess , gorgeous necklace how sweet to do that after each one lovely and get those teacups so sweet x sarahx rambly comment for rambley post x

  3. Ooh don't you think that the rug in Big's bedroom perfectly matches the cushions I made for my sister? I LOVE those colours together.

    I wonder why you're feeling so swiggled lately. I feel very swiggled on Sundays usually, I don't know what comes over me but I get Sunday-itis about 11am. Rubbish.

    Hope you feel better soon ;-)

  4. I think your house is brilliant - it is a home where you encourage your boys to be themselves and to be children, not a show home. Good for you - and it makes me feel a whole lot better about my mess too!
    Jo x

  5. The goat is super cute! And your necklace looks lovely. It's nice to see a normal house where kids are clearly happy and having fun :)

  6. right then
    1)necklace = beautiful (good work on the hints)
    2)nice friend you have there - popped over to say hello earlier (hope she's feeling welcomed into the bossom?)
    3)googly eyes - yep, still funny (think boys are funnier than girls)
    4)realise 3) may make me unpopular
    5)Goat with beardy - LOVE. You raised the bar with appropriate handmade gift for Fathers day
    6)the mess in your house/unfinished projects - what can I say? ignore it whenever you can. Or large glass of red each lunchtime to get you through the day
    7)lost a stone...not pleased, bitter. Hands now over ears blah blah blah etc
    8)diet picture - funny! am going to post an equally funny one tomorrow just for you!
    9)cups - absolutely agree you should have them. She doesn't do a bag check as you leave I presume?

    there...fully commented. Now get over to mine and tell me how you knew my chickens would come to a dastardly end!
    fee x

  7. ;-)) Wow you are having a lovely crazy week ;-)) When you have young children i think it is compulsory to have mess, well its not mess just young childrens educated play time that never ends until they grow up ;-)) Well actually my sons are 14 and 11 and they share a bedroom and they are both as bad as each other. Nothing goes in the bin even though they have one each it goes next to it the same as their dirty washing..so i have given up, less stress that way ;-)Loved the photo's of the boys with their sticker eyes i did laugh. That is just the thing my youngest would do in fact he did it with some buttons at my friends wedding the other week. Let us know the link to your friends blog please. Beautiful necklace to so thoughtful. Well done with your diet that is great, enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  8. I snorted so hard when I saw the pic of the dangling curtain that I hurt my nose. Ow
    Am thinking we need to have some sort of Top Gear-style race - me in my crocheted aeroplane and you in your boat. Can I be James May please?
    Emily x

  9. PS - Mr N gets me picture when I have a baby - I've got one for Big N and one for Baby N, but inexplicably don't have one for Middle N yet (he's five and a half)
    Emily x

  10. Reading this post I mostly gasped. Especially when I saw what a small pair of knickers you gave Mr C for his father's day present.... ha ha! I'm hilarious, I know.

    I love the necklace, you were quite right to give a gentle nudge in the right direction. Love the photos of you and your friend. I over-analyse and never properly relax so I sympathise - feel like I'm properly bonkers sometimes. Blogging helps when you feel like chatting to yourself.

    Look at your house! I love that your boys can play and have fun, though, those are some great memories being made. (Although too much fun has been had, swinging from the curtains by the look of it! eeek) How do you cope?!

    I really love your house. Have I said that before?

    Nicki xx

  11. Oooh, necklace is lovely!!

    My boys have been known to do the googly (that's one of my fave words) eyes thing too.

    Nice to see at least somebody's house is marginally messier than mine, tidying up is such a Groundhog Day job.

    V. jealous of you Aga and weight loss. I am on week 3 of Weightwatchers - lost 2lb the first week and gained 1lb the second. Ho hum.

    S x

  12. Oh gawd, now I've gone and made a slightly risky joke about those small knick-knocks. I really hope they aren't your husb's. I should think before I speak sometimes.

  13. Oh my god, the stuff everywhere, mine not yours! Sometimes I look at it and think "How much can I chuck out?" but of course I don't. Somehow the mess seems worse on hardwood floors because you can also see the dust, and biscuit crumbs etc along with the mess. I'm not taking photos of my mess because I'd rather keep the illusion of complete control intact!
    Love the star sticker in Big's hair.
    xXx Helen

  14. Wish I could get all the pics, every blog I look at I can only see some of what you're all talking about. Could be cookies or some other thing I haven't got a clue about.

    Anyways you sound as if all sorts going on and no proper sleep. Guess you find a room where you can ignore it all have five days worth of snickers in one day and say sod it. Would say how lovely necklace is if I could see it by the way, but I bet it is even though I can't. How lovely to get presents for having babies a very good idea that one.

    Hope you have a great rest of your week and you feel less here and there. It's all squit this tidying nonsense anyway as some bugger messes it up before you turn around again.


  15. The necklace is lovely
    Love the childrens eyes - they made me smile.
    I like your home, it is homely it has children and children equal mess, and mess can be tidied, no excuse for when they leave home though...... my house is still a mess;)
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  16. Oh my Lord!!! Your post brough a huge smile to my face. I follow loads of blogs and when they show piccies of their homes, they're always immaculate. How refreshing to see a normal home.

    The pictures of your boys playtime brought back many memories of my own kiddies at that age. I was crazy enough to have 3 of them within five years. Our home always looked like a bomb hit it. Even now that they're older it still has that 'lived in look'.

    I'm always dubious when I visit people with show homes, I'm scared I'll dirty the floor or end up spilling tea everywhere.

    Congrats on losing a stone (green eyed). Loved the necklace and the goat. As for your mate, treasure her. She's one in a million!

  17. If I even try to keep my house tidy I turn into a hellish harridan. I figure I can either be a complete neurotic who whips your cup and saucer away before you have finished it, in the name of tidiness (and that's what I become - there is no middle ground), or I can keep my sanity and be slightly nicer to those around me. Nagging falls on deaf ears.

    When my now grown up one was a little one, I had friends who used to tidy tidy tidy their children's toys all day long. I tried this but it just makes you resentful when they mess them up again, plus I didn't want to do that. So I ignored it all day and tidied it up at the end of it, (sometimes I used same principle and did it at the end of the week!) I've just had to do a big tidy up in my house for an 'important' visitor. I worked really really hard and to me my place is now a palace. But I still had to apologise for all the mess - nowhere has proper homes you see. Life is far to short to do anything other than what is needed and time is needed to do things like crochet and knitting and stuff. I think you have a happy home for happy kids and that's what you've got. Don't stress, it's OK.

    Love the little goat, it's the beardie bits I love - so cute!

  18. I don't know how to break this to you gently but "boy" mess never ever gets better, they can lull into a sense of false security by cleaning up sometimes without been asked but alas it never ever lasts. Sorry about that.LOL. Because I have my 19 and 20 year old sons still at home I feel compelled to tell you your future.

  19. BTW the dress on mine is a Vintage Butterick and was super, super easy. I made it as my second ever dress and it was a doddle.

    I've never worn it though as I feel like a ship in full sail in it (me being a fatty and all) but you'd look great in one!!

    S x

  20. I really enjoyed your post today, not that I don't usually, I think I'm just in the mood for a long rambly style as I'm feeling much like you at the minute - all sixes and sevens. It's not even like it's caused by children being up in the night as I don't have any or a weird womb as I don't think I've got one of those, not that I really know what it means, I think it's mum speak, isn't it?! Wow, I'm doing a long rambly comment in response to your rambly post. So what did I come here to say? I really can't remember. Love the goat though, especially as there are stripey undercrackers in the picture. xx

    Oh, by the way, your header looks fine to me?

  21. My youngest is obsessed with goats at the mo (don't ask me why) - any chance of sharing the name and author of the book that it came from? I really hope it didn't take too long to tidy away all the mess and re-attach the curtain pole! I am having problems with Playmobil meerkat food (again, don't ask) - it's tiny and it gets everywhere. I have already told them that if they spill it, they have to pick it up, not me! xx

  22. I laughed out loud when I read the second comment from Home Bird on here!!!!! Ha ha ha re the unfeasibly small male knick knocks!!!Absolutely stunning necklace from Mr C. I didn't even think of hinting for a gift for providing the husband with kids. Darn it, wonder if I am too late?!!!
    Make sure you are eating loads of protein, helps your mind. Blacks mini bars of choc and two wines last night. Suffice to say I could never manage Weight Watchers! Well done you though.
    Well done on all the weight loss. I ate four Green &

    I get really stressed if my house is a tip so I feel your pain. I only feel control when it's clean and tidy. Eek what a freak!!!!
    Thanks for your text this morning re my Pink Milk giveaway. Am thrilled!Hope you better today.
    I LOVE the goat. You know I collect goats don't you? Have had a thing for them for years.
    Let me know if Mr C and the kids ever get bored with Gary the Goat (!!!), I could rehome him with pleasure!
    x x

  23. Great post!You crack me up! I love the little goat,Love all the mess,hope little sleeps through soon,poor you,julie.xx

  24. Yeap, totally with you on the out of sorts feeling! All for different reasons, I don't have a mini to get me up in the night, just look like the living dead most days at the moment. All the more reason never to put picks of myself on posts!

    Love the necklace..it's always nice to receive a lovely thank you for pushing melon out of a nostril!

    Glad you got to spend a bit of girly time with your friend. It's always such a pick me up isn't it!

    Loved the pics of the eyeballs! Kids can really crack you up.

    The chin totally makes the goat! Love it!

    And mess............crap...........even your mess is tidy mess! My house is pants today and I REALLY don't feel like lifting a finger to sort it.

    Salad........I need salad again in my life.....it has been replaced by stodge!

    And yes........I would shove the cups in my bag the next time I was over too!!!!!!! ha ha ha! I feel like doing that everytime I go see Fancy Vintage. I trip over vintage china at her house, it's shocking!


    p.s loving the stripe 'knick-knocks'!!!!!!!

  25. Get your filthy paws off my.....cup & saucers, how about a deal, you fill them with a candle (like you did for Gem) and you can keep one. They were a favour from Chrissy's wedding last year.

    I laughed out loud at the boys 'eyes', they are just lush, must try and see you at a weekend so I can see my scrumptious godson.

    Oowww, super sexy pants Mr C, bet he'll be strutting his stuff with those on.

    Love the mess, at least the boys were having fun and gave you a few minutes piece, but then it would have taken you ages to clear it up, I just tend to loose the plot when my two do that and start having a temper tantrum myself, maybe I need to chill out about it more.

    It was so lovely seeing you and mini cuckoo last week, he is such a happy chappy, has he been doing much rolling since???? can't wait to see you both again next week, lucky me.

    Well done you on loosing a stone, you're always very good at sticking to a diet, I tend to do it for a week and then give up, personally I think you look lush just as you are, but I would say that.

    Love you lotsa angel x x x x x x x x

  26. Hi!

    Your house looks like mine did a few years ago. Luckily everything is under control now :-)!

    Your boys made me LOL. They look really scary with those eyes.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  27. Oh my those boys are too too gorgeous and I am just loving the little goat.
    Bee should definitely get going on her blog, you're right it is a really good way of clearing your head and sometimes having someone else comment that what is in your head isn't that crazy really helps!!!
    Nelly xxx

  28. I love the pictures of your boys distruction of their bedrooms and their boat I have the same boat in my living room, with the cushions from my sofa. Aren't they cute?

  29. Wow, I didn't realise you could get such fantastic presents by having babies... may have to reconsider! I love love loved your subtle hint photo, I'll have to copy that idea I think.

    I know just how you feel about mess. It just gets everywhere in my house too and I can't even blame it on any peskies. Our place has been in a state for so long because the previous owner made such a mess of it and we are constantly having to put things right. Our downstairs bathroom has been out of action for a couple of years now - luckily we have another one upstairs.

    Like the headboard in your spare room. It's the nicest one I have ever seen - which is why we have the same one in our bedroom! Another spooky same-furniture coincidence for us.

    The goat looks fantastic - I love his beard (never uttered that sentence before!).

    See you soon.


  30. OH! How could I forget the most important thing I had to say?! Thank you SO much for the follower-enticing tips and for linking to my blog. xx

  31. I started reading this, this morning (not a stutter) but had to go to work, so have settled with a mug of coffee and enjoyed reading. I laughted out loud at the weighwatchers card. Oh my gosh your boys are screams, look at the googly eyes, that would crack me up no end. Ah the mess, oh well if you can shut a door on it..do, it kept me sane. Love the necklace. I too get all mishy mashy in my brain at times and feel all out of whack, but it does pass. I think it's because we have too much to do and think about, brain overload. Now I have laughed and snorted my way through the comments, haha Home Bird and the 'small'knickers comment, I guess it's to do with the angle. Coco Rose and the 'pushing melon out of a nostril' Then I visited Busy Bee and she called you cockoo, which is still making me laugh as I type, especially as you called yourself cackoo.........hehehehehe. The wrapping paper is the same as the top of the table in the kids room is it not?? The broken curtain rail reminded me of when my brother and I were young, we kept swinging around on the clothes line and bent it, mum was right narky, belted us for it.
    Good on you for losing a stone, your salad looks a lot nicer than what I had last night when I went out for dinner. At least I didn't have to cook or clean.
    x Sandi

  32. The first comment I was going to make after the first few pics was, " Why is your house so tidy??". Woops! Nice to see a bit of messy business going on. I am so sure it has been put there deliberately though lol. Love your little Goooaart! Hehe. Another thing I haven't tried yet. Amigurumi. Ahh well. Another day. x

  33. my mum rang and told me about your blog and said see you arent alone. Although my sons tiny room looks as messy as that even after ive tidied it up. I was stood in his room at 1.30am this morning waiting for hinm to fall back to sleep before i crepted back to bed thinking how id love to hire a skip and bin the lot. As for the diet 9 months in i've started going backwards. thanks for making me smile x


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