Monday, 13 June 2011

Weekly round up, a ta-dah and a sneeky peek

I'd have stayed snuggled up in bed today if I could.

This isn't actually our bed, it's the spare bed. I prefer that bedroom.
I'm not keen on the decor in ours.
I was going to go into town today and snaffle up a heap of goodies from Primark but the weather was just as miserable as yesterday and I didn't fancy dragging Little along. The promise of a charity shop toy and a cake from Starbucks, I could tell, wouldn't have been a decent enough bribe for his good behaviour while I inevitably spent too long amongst the bargains. I, on the other hand will do almost anything for cake.

On to the weeks happenings. It's mostly been a bog standard week. Catching up with all the domestic stuff, getting behind with blog stuff, finishing off a few crafty makes (so I can get on with a custom made item for someone very lovely).

I'm a bit like Nigella in that I feel true happiness when the fridge is full to bursting

I did a huge shop. I do it online as stuff defrosts if I do a big shop myself. I spend less as I don't impulse buy and it's quick. Takes me less than 45 minutes and I can fit it in around the kids. How many times have I had to abandon my trolley because there's a pooey bum to attend or a little bladder that needs emptying? Too many. And the tantrums (theirs and mine). Lets not even go there!

Mini has been in a great mood all week...As chilled as a polar bear. 

See what I did there? A visual pun! Oh dear, yes I think it may be all down hill from now on. Click away while you still can. I have to point out that I didn't stick the soft toy in the car seat, that would be the work of a Big Cuckoo. He thought it was a marvellous joke.

I adore Mini's expression in that photo. You can see exactly what he was thinking. Notice his mini granny blanket? It's the perfect size for a car seat. A folded blanket is too hot, tends to slip off or hang over the sides and get in the way. This is a perfect size. I used some left over squares from my GRANNY blanket.  I would really recommend to anyone who is knitting or crocheting a blanket for a newborn to make a little mini one too. It then becomes a dolls blanket as they grow or a comforter.

Yesterday was so horrid weather wise Mr C lit the wood burner. He and Mini watched a bit of Le Mans and had a kip.

The rest of us hung out in the kitchen with my Mum. The boys had drawn all over themselves, proclaimed themselves to be "Tattooed" and didn't change out of their pajamas till 4pm. That's a lie, Little put on his policeman's outfit and didn't wear any under crackers. The boy's got style. Mum spent the majority of the afternoon unpicking my bridesmaid dress I wore for her wedding so that I can alter it to fit me again and take the tulle top layer off making it more of a supper frock than a posh frock.


The tooth fairy paid a visit on Friday night.
Please excuse the banana around his chops
A premature visit I feel, as the tooth wasn't wobbly till he decided to sink his teeth into a plastic doughnut. It stayed in barely 5 hours after that. So we dug out the little tooth fairy pillow that Auntie Gem gave him when he was very tiny. I was impressed with myself, my memory is totally shot but in a bid to organise the house I put it in a really logical place and so I found it with out a major hunt. Oh pat me on the back would ya! The small triumphs make my day.

Little Cuckoo was freaking out. He has a huge aversion to blood and he was upset by the sight of the gory gap...till I told him it wasn't blood. I told him it was gum juice. He then went looking for a plastic doughnut. Oh dear. 

Big C was delighted, properly excited and delighted. I was sad. More sad than when I waved him off to school for the first time in September. My boy is growing up fast. Soon he'll be leaving home and breaking my heart. Wahhhhh haaa haaaa sob.

I'm not sure what the going rate is for the tooth fairy these days, being so unprepared. We, sorry, she (the tooth fairy) gave a pound and he wants to buy sweets with it. I bet the tooth fairy will be pleased about that. More teeth to collect in the near future. I have all of my baby teeth (I nearly said fairy teeth) in my box of keepsakes, my Mum kept them all. I was never sure if that was an odd thing to do but now I understand. I can't bring myself to throw Big's tooth out. So I'll keep it, just as my Mum kept mine.

One of the kids attached this fake beard to the cowboy hat and it really made me chuckle. I found it particularly funny because it was stuck on sideways. I thought I'd share it with you. I think I look like my neighbour. He's a farmer.  Excuse my pallor but the Biggun's have trashed my make up again and I can't find my blusher. Little ratbags. Tonight they put the little balls that go in their buzzy bees game down the knot holes in the wooden flooring in the bathroom. Honestly. Nothing is safe.

Last night, as I was turning out lights and getting a bottle for the baby I suddenly heard a panicked voice coming out of the baby monitor: 


And then 


Little Cuckoo had widdled all over Mr C on his way to the bathroom for his last wee of the day. He is dry at night if he is taken for a wee when we go to bed.

This time he must have been desperate. There was a sprinkle of piddle from his bed through to the ensuite. It was like following Hansel and Gretel. At the end of the trail there was a sleepy boy on the toilet and a grown man looking stricken in sodden clothes. 

"He's peed on my watch"

As Mr C was putting Little back to bed he said to him "You just wee'd all over Daddy" Little replied "I didn't know" then he sleepily giggled and fell straight back to sleep.

And now for a TA DAH!!!! Drum roll please, it's been ages since I finished something. May I introduce to you my very first quilt.

It was a lovely little make. I enjoyed all the hand stitching very much.

I loved how portable it was and how there was none of this "Hang on a tick I just need to count stitches for a sec" like there is with crochet.

It was totally soothing. I think I'd enjoy doing a bigger one that could be snuggled under. This one was made out of an old sheet, some scraps and some of Mr C's old work shirts.

This one is to hang on a wall. It's just half a metre square. It's going to go in the master bedroom at the Seaside house, or maybe in the hall or the landing.

If I do another I don't think I'd put the fabric circles on again as I have completely fallen in love with how the back looks. I'm not sure if I'm recalling this correctly but I have a feeling Rachel felt the same.  See here for the how to and for more lovely sewing stuff and cool knitted socks.

And now for a sneaky peek! A new stitch pattern to showcase. Possibly my new favourite.

Can you guess what it is?


  1. Gum Juice???????
    That made me laugh! A Lot!
    The quilt is just beautiful, it looks perfect for a house by the sea.

  2. I love handstitching on quilts, yours looks great. Can't believe your energy with three littles and still making. Guess it's what keeps you going. I remember having changed 8 nappies by midday one day when mine were a baby and a toddler and I thought I'm going to go mad. That's when I started sewing and knitting again.

    Have a lovely week.


  3. Ok...
    1) a quilt made from old shirts - are you a flamin genius?
    2) Love the piddle pictures (SOoooo sick of clearing up wee...bring on the daughters in law)
    3) Kitchen Aid mixer in cream? major envy
    4) GB (#3) pulled out (literally) a not nearly ready to come out tooth on holiday because he'd spent all his holiday spends and wanted a snorkel! Of course Cleggy and I had drank far too much sangria to remember to deliver on behalf of the tooth fairy so had to tag team it the following day (ie one distract GB while another snook through and hid euro underneath actual bed - claimed it was tradition in Europe)
    5) Mini's face - adorable
    6) beard? too close to feeling old. Was out with friends last week in the sunshine and GB announced to the group "I can see Mummys moustash". Thanks. (I handled it so well that Cleggy congratulated me later....)
    That's it
    fee x

  4. I remember distinctly as a child having one of my teeth come out after chewing on a Mintie. Ripped the tooth straight out!
    I can't believe how much you fit into your day. I'm looking at my house at the moment - it looks like a bomb's hit it - and wishing that I had the time to clean, change nappies, etc and still have time to do what I want to do. Online shopping is brilliant. I have been known to use it. But lately funds have been too tight. The most purse friendly supermarket doesn't have online shopping :(

  5. I looooooove reading your stuff. You make me laugh. :0) Sometimes I even have to say, "Hmmm...I have no idea what that means."
    Your quilt is gorgeous. I have been working on my first quilt for going on two years now. It's actually completely finished, just needs to get the insides tucked in and the outsided sewn up. But for some reason I just never get around to it, so it sits in a bag in my storage room.
    Your baby is adorable. I'm pretty sure I've said that several times before.

  6. Lovely funny post.
    The quilt is gorgeous.
    I made a mini blanket years ago, now my grandchildren use it.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Great post cuckoo,so funny. No undercrackers brings back memories, not me my son! ,lol.
    Love the quilt ,lovely hand stitching.
    Is that a tea cosy in the last piccie?
    take care,julie.xxxx

  8. Hehehehe, I'd love to come and spend time with your boys, it would be such a hoot. I recon you are the instigator, yep I do. Big looks so sweet with his little tooth fairy pillow, mini looks right into whatever his mobile is telling him, and little is a funny little guy without any 'crackers' on and your mum unpicking regardless. A gorgeous homely post Mrs C, loved it, not so much the beard tho'!! I did patchwork many years ago, like 30 yikes.
    xx Sandi

  9. Adorable boys, but I would say that, Mini is so cute and who wouldn't love boys with teeth missing and no underwear on. I think you should shave the beard it does nothing for you.LOL

  10. I love your blog you make me laugh out loud. Also I love your circles quilt, I haven't finished mine yet.
    Emma x

  11. Excellent post but don't really know where to start. How about "OMG, how on earth do you shoehorn in making such a wonderful handmade quilt with three childybobs?"!!! Love the photos of Mini - it makes me all gooey when babies and children sleep with their arms up!


    PS. Am guessing a tea cosy? Gorgeous colours!

    PPS. My children are 9 and 12 and still smuggle their jimmy bottoms under their clothes. Natural progression from going commando I guess.

  12. PPPS. Just realised Mini may not actually have his little arms up after all - still gorgeous though! ;-) Hx

  13. Loving your woodburner!! We have just had a quote to have one installed - £4000!!!!!!

    I am with you on the "don't they grow up fast?" thing - my eldest "baby" turns 13 on Friday!!!!!

    I will be the Mother. Of A. Teenager. Eeeeek!!

    Your quilt is FAB!! I really fancy doing one, I have a large pieced quilt top half done but I really like the idea of a small hand sewn one like yours.

    I think the crochet is a tea cosy? Love the colours.

    Check out today's post over at mine - you've won an award....

    S x

  14. Lovely post with lovely pictures - especially the one of the boys asleep! Tooth fairy visits always make me remember when Pickle (the son), for once wasn't messing about in the bath, slipped and knocked two front teeth out, I went in, saw him standing in a bath full of bloody water, first thing I did was pull the plug! In serious trouble because I'd washed his teeth away! I had to write an A4 letter to the tooth fairy explaining what I'd done and how bad a mother I was! (I still have it - ahh!)
    Jo x

  15. Ooh, your circles quilt looks fab! Great bit of recycling there too using your hubby's shirts! I'm so pleased you enjoyed making it. The "piddle" pics made me laugh! Nice to see a chap cleaning it up for once, in my house it always seems to be me who has to do it :(
    R x
    PS. I have also kept all of our two's baby teeth, I can't bring myself to throw them away!

  16. How you make me laugh. I don't know how you manage to get so much done with 3 little ones. Your baby is adorable! Cute quilt too.

  17. 1) I've got my children's first teeth in a special tooth pot, I keep having to move it, because they periodically find it and try to get the teeth back in their mouths (I told them the tooth fairy leaves the first teeth to fall out) that actually makes me feel a bit sick
    2) No idea what the stitch is, but if it's a pastel crocheted tea cosy, I want your address so I can sneak round and steal it.
    3) The quilt's gorgeous.
    4) Why have you got no wrinkles? I used to like you, but I've now gone off you a bit...
    ho ho ho!
    Emily x

  18. Am so hoping that I'm the lovely person you're referring to...!

    I looked at your fridge photo for longer than is strictly sane. Man, I LOVE a full fridge, especially eye-level ones. We've only got a little low-level fridge in our kitchen but we've got this little stone barn outside and I've got a proper fridge in there. I hang out there sometimes after a big shop, just swooning over it. I'm not sure when I became such a sad sack.

    I love food shopping though, I get a cappuccino and a pastry in the cafe and wander round the homewares bit first (is a huge Waitrose/JL). Is a totally different ball game with little ones tho, I get that.

    Your quilting is v pretty - great idea to use old shirt material. I can imagine you serenely sewing amidst chaos! I have to laugh at the littlies' antics though - not surprising that they're so mischievous and fun with a Ma like you, if you don't mind me saying. You're proper bonkers! Is your neighbour a quaker? Ha! Bearded Cuckoo has made me laugh out loud.

    Nicki xx

    Sorry, huge waffly comments from me but your post is enormous and I had too much to say.

  19. And your competition is too easy. It's totally a teapot, I can see the spout.



  20. Gorgeous fat stitches though, can't wait to see more. Ok!, ok!, I'm going!


  21. What fun adventures!
    I keep wanting to break into the quilting world, but I'm afraid I'll find that I don't have patience halfway through. Maybe if I make a little quilt like yours.
    And I love the waffle blankets in your first picture, they look so snugly!

  22. I love this post. I can't remember buying Big Cuckoo that tooth fairy pillow at all. Was it was he was born??
    Is that a willy warmer for Mr C rather than a tea cosy??? Or that weird helmet hat you found the other day that raised muchos lafftos a few posts back?
    Oh god I have to get off here and watch Made in Chelsea with a hot choc and a Wagon Wheel. Oh naughty but don't care. Am too over tired (and showing off!!!)
    The quilt is AWESOME. I still don't believe you don't have 15 more hours in your day than me.
    Love thee
    x x

  23. awww what a lovely post. I love reading your daily family life adventures they do make me smile ;-)) Great thinking with the "gum juice" bless you its amazing how us mums think on our feet. I love your quilt its amazing did you sew it all by hand? it is stunning. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  24. I love this post, I love the wee bit too! I have 3 little boys and so know about wee. Made me laugh so much!
    I love the quilt too, amazing patience!
    Love the bearded hat too, must make myself one!
    becca x


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