Saturday, 4 June 2011

Home. My most favourite place to be...

For me there is no place like home.

We've been to the seaside house for a few days. It was lovely, more Devon goodness and beachy fun which I will have to blog about some other time. 

But I was so glad to get home this time. More than usual, don't know why, don't think there was a reason but I was delighted to walk through the front door.  I even found myself wandering through the drawing room, to dump my crochet bag, singing a funny made up song a bit like the ones you'd hear Winnie the Pooh humming. "Oh I am happy to be hooooooome, happy yippee skippee, happy to be hoooome, hurrah hurrah hurray" and so on.

I went to bed contented and I woke to the sun streaming through the windows. Sigh. So lovely. I had to grab the camera as I wanted to snap the sunshiny moment of bliss. I promise that apart from moving a pile of magazines and yesterdays knickers out of shot I didn't tweak the above scene. I'm as surprised as anyone that my discarded clothes look like a stylist has done a bit of trickery!

Carbooty finds, the woman looked as me as though to say "can't believe anyone would buy this crap" 

I love the pattern of the frosted glass in my bathroom. I say "my" bathroom but it's not mine alone. I share it with the boys. So if you could see the scene in the opposite corner you'd have a wonderful illustration of juxtaposition. A great big ugly basket of trucks sits precariously on top of a sweet twisted iron table. There was a sopping wet flannel on the floor, a tooth brush, a pile of small dirty boy clothes and a stick. Also the toilet had piddle all at the back of the toilet seat so there was a bit of a whiff in the air. And they say the camera never lies. Well I've got news for you, it lies in your face, with out blinking!

Reflected off the gloss painted window sill on to the slopey ceiling
I have so much I want to blog about, I think the next few posts will be of the erratic type. I hope to find time to catch up with everyone else's blogs too, I hate reading posts and not having time to leave a decent comment but that's all too often what happens these days. I need to reply to a heap of comments too, especially the lovely ones I had on my drunken post of SHAME! I feel much less embarrassed by it now and I'm considering doing another (kidding, though I bet it'll happen again one day!)

Sunshine everywhere on the landing as it was reflecting all over the place.

Right, I must go and attend the washing machine, it's been on non stop since I got up this morning. It's lovely to go away, lovelier to come home but my word, it quadruples the amount of housework that I have to do! All the bedlinen, all the towels, all the beach gear, all the picnic stuff...  Why is this bit of writing in a box? Odd


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  1. Lovely sunshiney photo's

    Leah x

    Hope next week brings lots more sunshine !

  2. Ooh, lovely, I just nipped over to post a comment about the crochet roll and - yay!- you've written a little snippet and posted some gorgeous photos. Your house looks lovely, I'd like to know more about it and see more pics. I'm going to look at the 'home' and 'domesticity' labels ^^ in a mo.

    So. If you wouldn't mind making a crochet roll for me it would be awesome. What do I do next? I'd love to have a go myself but having looked at the tutes online I know it's way beyond my capabilities at present and I'm currently concentrating on crochet. Plus I figure I'm giving you some practice at the whole Etsy thing (I'm grasping at straws here). Please absolutely say if it's a problem... Let me know what I need to do next. Do you need my email address?

    I felt a bit like you do coming home from Paris. I think because I've taken a few brief trips within the last two weeks it was just quite nice to get home and know I've nothing to prepare for, I can just properly relax. Have come home a bit sniffly too, which isn't great, and I feel a bit sorry for myself. Just stalked past the husband in the living room telling him I'm making a cup of tea and looking after myself 'BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE IS'. I'm so high maintenance sometimes.

    Hope you had a fab break and looking forward to more erratic posts.

    Nicki xx

  3. BTW had a little fiddle with my settings but had no clue what I was doing... am I still a 'no reply' blogger? Thanks for tip off, I do like to know these things. xxx

  4. Had to reply to this post - especially with the Ruby slippers!

    You have a totally GORGEOUS home...... Hope you enjoy your Summer, it's flipping chilly Down Under this morning - even the grass is a little frosty.


  5. Your house is lovely and your blog always makes me laugh.

  6. Also u should not feel embarassed about the "toilet post". It was hilarious, made my day and taught me a new word- pantsarama! Loved it lots x

  7. Crochet with Raymond!5 June 2011 at 06:34

    aww, yay for a lovely holiday and even better being glad to come home!
    I've been trying to leave a comment on your posts a few times but blogger has been stopping me, very unfair, so nice to finally be able to!!!
    Have a lovely rest of your weeekend!

  8. Hello, I've only recently discovered your blog, so the drunken post was one of the first I read! It made me chuckle a lot, I loved the edits afterwards...
    On this post I totally relate to the situation of snapping beautiful little corners whilst chaos prevails elsewhere... I recently photographed a piece of my work and had to crop out the Pollypockets (little daughter) at the side before I posted it!
    Kathryn x

  9. Noddy used to have little made up songs too 'Oh what a lovely sunny day, it's spring again it's spring.Oh what a lovely sunny day it makes me want to sing. Parp parp.' (Noddy's car tooting)Once read, never forgotten - or at least not my version which I bring out every now and then just to make my daughter cringe. At least you can make up your own words! Home is definitely the best place to be and yours is a lovely one. There is not a single corner of my home that would look artistic I can promise you! Love your boot fair buys, they are rather lovely actually - what does the seller know? I look forward to your posts for many reasons; lots of gorgeous things to look at and clever funny words - you are a natural talent!

  10. What a great post. Your bathroom looks gorgeous - very 'off the pages of a magazine'. So glad though about the whiff of wee and boy gubbins, makes you deliciously normal!!!


    PS. Thanks for your lovely comments! ;-)

  11. It's funny you should say that about the camera never lying, my sister looks at my blog pictures and says it makes my house look much better than it is!!

    I did chuckle at your description of the juxtaposition in your bathroom as much of our hose is like that as I live with 3 boys - I think my recent quest to spread the floral goodness is actually a reaction to the amount of testosterone in the house!!

    I love your bathroom glass both in the window and your car boot finds.

    And don't be embarassed about your tipsy post, it lets us know that your blog is "real" which is what I love about it!!

    S x

  12. What a great looking bathroom you have! I wish I had a roll top bath like yours. It is so pretty! Good luck with the washing!

    Happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. Love your bathroom ,love your car boot finds ,too! I agree theres no place like home.Its lovely to go away,but so lovely to come home too.xxxx

  14. Your house looks beautiful and I can totally relate to what you are saying about how nice it is to come home. I've been at home alone this afternoon and have just been pottering around appreciating it (even there is still so much renovating and decorating to do!).

    BTW I've got the same cabinet as you - the one behind your bath! Its a v pretty range. Great minds think alike obviously.

    Have a good week.


  15. I'm in total agreement too. I love being at home. I could just potter around for ages.

    Your bathroom looked lovely. Very disappointed there was no mouldy black in your windows though - I can never get rid of mine & they're new windows!

    You've also given me a fab idea for my bathroom windows - which the neighbours spend many a morning peering into. In a house of mainly boys/men it's probably not a very pretty site! x

  16. I love the pics lover! Don't worry about missing the boy's birthday, I have forgotten your boys in the past. Do not fret pet. Also I will get hip meaurements over to you tmw. Feel ill now so going to bed. Very sore throat. PANTSARAMA!!!!!
    x x x x x

  17. I too love coming home (not that I have been away for over 8 years...sigh) but I well remember the feeling of opening the door and seeing all my bits and pieces and to sleep in my own bed etc. Your home (the little we have seen) looks gorgeous.
    xx Sandi

  18. Your home is so beautiful!!!

  19. Fab post Cuckoo! Your house totally puts mine to shame!

    Looks like a bomb has hit it this morning after the half term. I just let it all go last week, but cannot stand the mess any longer, so today is D-Day on the home front!


    p.s.....thanks for the pic email........fab idea, must do that! xxx

  20. Oh so lovely those carefully selected shots and angles. I share a bathroom with my boys too and totally get it! Have a great time with your family :-)

  21. I love this space! I have always wanted a stand-alone bathtub, this is so vintagely romantic.
    Thank you for the kind encouraging comment. The well-wishes were very welcome and appreciated.

  22. I LOVE your bath!! Gorgeous! Every picture I see of your house makes me want to see more! Your house does seem to be very very lovely... and honestly, I'm just a big nosey parker!! I just love seeing what other people do in their homes as it gives me ideas for mine.. or maybe just my dream house in the future..!
    It did make me smile when you were writing about the piddle on the back of the toilet though!

    Ashley xxx

  23. Hello, thank you for the award! I miss all the trucks and bathroom toys, I do have the piddle on the toilet seat though, I have three men in my house. :0(

    I love coming home after being away!

    Lou xxx

    PS. I love the bath...

  24. Your house looks like something out of a glossy mag, love your bath. I seem to have missed the boozy post, so I am off to find it. xx

  25. just popped over to say than you for the award (struggled to think of anything interesting last time but gonna have to dig deep now!) and loving your bathroom. You've reignighted a recent obsession I have with frosting our lounge bay window - hmmm, that might waste a few more hours on the laptop!

    Now, I'm wondering how you managed to be so happy about returning home - I have holiday blues (made the classic tea party mistake - built it RIGHT up as the answer to all my exhausted prayers. Foolish.)

    But I'll be back later - drunken shame post you say......?
    fee x

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