Thursday, 9 June 2011

Weekly round up...

Well, bits from two weeks really as the seaside fun will be a separate post. It's been a funny couple of weeks, all disjointed and hectic but with moments of sheer bliss and relaxation.

Before we went to the seaside I had a few earlyish mornings when I had the pleasure of being the only person awake. It was particularly nice as the mornings were so sunny. Not that it stayed sunny all day long.

I so enjoy a morning cup of tea in peace. I'm so lucky that Mr C has been bringing me a cup of tea to wake me up if Mini is still sleeping. I love it. I sit up in bed slurping away, gazing at my baby and listening to the Biggun's demanding "fluffy eggs" or "Special Cave" from their Daddy.

Little Cuckoo had a sponsored bike ride to raise funds for his preschool. It's a sweet annual event where the preschool children and their siblings ride around the primary school playground on what ever vehicle they fancy. My two took their pedal bikes. I was at Knit Club (which, again, is a post waiting to come to life in my drafts) so Mr C has relayed back to me that the bigger boys were very impressed that the Cuckoos are able to ride their bikes with out stabilisers. So lovely for Big Cuckoo to be able to do something ahead of some of his classmates as he struggles quite a lot because of his learning difficulties. You could see how proud he was, he keeps mentioning it even now. I think it's good for his self esteem. I baked a lemon drizzle cake and cheesy feet which I bagged up. I dunno, these cake stalls are pointless really. I spent a considerable amount of time shopping/baking/cleaning up the mess and I must have spent at least a tenner on ingredients and yet the cakes sell for just a couple of quid. It would have benefited preschool more if I'd simply given them the £10! Never mind, I do love a spot of baking.

I was given this Amaryllis for my birthday and it only faded last week. It was glorious. Does anyone know how I can nurture the bulb so that I can enjoy it again? I'm guessing it needs to recharge so I should cut the flower head back next year and leave the leaves? And hopefully the following year it'll bloom again? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Our garden is pretty poor considering it's potential but we do have a few lovely flowers growing. The peonies are stunning, not abundant but beautiful. They are around the side of the house so I can't see them from the kitchen (where I dwell constantly) so I picked them. Yes yes I know, NAUGHTY!! But I so enjoyed them, am still enjoying them as they appear to be lasting incredibly well.

I found these bowls in the charity shop and I was taken straight back to my childhood (Mum can you believe I found these!?) I had my Weetabix in the pink one every day till I was a teen. It feels funny to watch my boys eat out of them. Especially when I see Little with the pink one, he looks so like me as a child.

I've been making a mess in the drawing room. I'm trying to complete some WiP's. I've decided I will not start anything new till I have finished my WiP's. It's ridiculous how many I have on the go! Constantly crafting and nothing to show. What you see above is Mini's cot blanket. I think I'm half way done now. Anyone remember the Shawl of Dreams. Must get my arse in gear with that too.

What a muddle I make. I'm not a naturally tidy person, I have to work hard at it. Funny really that my hobbies are all messy ones.

I have at least finished my stitch along that Rachel was hosting. Very late. Everyone finished weeks ago.  I'll do a ta dah soon as soon as I've taken some decent photo's. I'm quite pleased with it! My first quilt, albeit a mini one to be hung on a wall.

The Big Cuckoo's have been particularly feral of late. What with hare-tailing around the Devon beaches and having a decent dry spell at home this week. I can't find them half the time, they keep disappearing into the paddock.  Little devils they are. They managed to break the trampoline. I'm cross about that. Good job they make me laugh so much. They were singing a funny little song to the tune of Frere Jacques the other day. It went like this: "Father Christmas, God our father, thank you for my packed lunch, you're a bum bum, poo poo head!" Trouble is I can;t get it out of my head, they've got me singing it now.

See? Feral, naughty little Cuckoo's. Scattered the shredded paper right through the house. Apparently it was porridge. Oh-Kay.

Lots and lots of three year old temper tantrums and sulks have been going on too. Poor Little, he has my awful temper but hasn't learnt to control it yet.

And here we have Big who looks like butter wouldn't melt. He'd just dragged every single soft toy down from his bedroom and into the kitchen while I was putting Mini to bed for the night. He was very pleased with that one.

Mini is yet to join in with his brother pranks. Lord help me when he does. There'll be no hope! 

Fallen asleep mid play.

That's all for now. Quilt ta dah coming soon and a bobble stitch tutorial part 2 as well, oh and a short seaside post too. Yep I did say I was going to be erratic.


ps Does anyone else ever have a look at their stats page? In particular at the google search words. I have noticed that people have found me by typing "Gr*nny L*nd" into google. I guess it's because I have those two words scattered about my blog. You may wonder why I have put asterisk's  instead of letters. Well if you google it with out the asterisk but with 'a's in place you'll see, as I have just to see what it's all about... it's a site that has NOTHING to do with crocheting in Cuckoo Land. Hilarious! They come here hoping to see raunchy older ladies and they get this bonkers Mum of three. Have a look at your own stats but be careful you never know what you will find!


  1. Those tupperware bowls take me back too! We also had them for cereal as kids and I still have one or two of my Mum's originals in the cupboard - although the lids are a bit the worse for wear for being bunged in the dishwasher! Looking forward to seeing that blanket finished! :-)

  2. LOVING the father Christmas song and your last paragraph has me stifling the giggles!
    No idea about flowers I'm afraid, but the wips look good and adore the sulky photo- looks familar! I can't believe little can ride a bike on his own, Brooke is nowhere near! She doesn't even have a bike so I suppose that doesn't help. Excited to be thinking of plans to see you and gem in the next few months. Has been too long lover! Xx

  3. Hi just found your Blog. It's great. I loved reading about your boys adventure bet they keep you busy.

  4. I don't think there is a hobby in existence that isn't messy! Toys in the kitchen drives me bonkers. My kitchen is tiny and not really user friendly and the last thing I need is toys too, but as quick as I get rid of them another lot makes its way in!
    xXx Helen

  5. Is that photo of your back yard? Ohhhh to live so close to the sea. How beautiful.
    It is always fun to read your posts. :0)

  6. We also had those bowls!!!! Mum and dad when they got married (37 years ago next week) were given just about one of everything as dad had a work contact/friend at Tupperware!

  7. Wow, you have been busy! Good to see you are trying to finish up some WIPs - you will spur me on to do the same - I have a few that need sorting out. The cot blanket looks very cosy. We had those bowls too - good old tupperware. BTW, your children are absolutely adorable - so so cute and I am sure you could forgive them anything when they look like that! x

  8. Ooooooh where do I start?!!!!!!

    Gorgeous pics!

    I am always the last to know about school fetes and cake sales, so usually it is bought stuff late at night with something extra added on top to make them look home made! At least I know they are edible! But you are right, it costs more to buy the ingredients and faff about making them, you might as well just give them the money if they are trying to make money!

    Middle Bear convinced me it was Book day today where the year dresses up as a character. He told me first thing this morning, so we had to run around trying to put something together. I was sure it wasn't today but he was sure it was. We get to school, he gets out the car, starts walking then runs back teary saying he thinks he might be wrong after all, so we peg it back to get his uniform on! Man that kid!

    Totally forgot about those bowls, but boy they have brought back some memories! I used to have weetabix in them too, but don't think we had the pink one, I had blue.

    My WIP pile is slowly getting less and less but have a long way to go. There is yarn and bits and bags scattered all over the place. I am not naturally tidy and living in a shoe box with 4 others is not so good!

    Love the pic of the shredded paper! Gotta love 'em! When Middle Bear was 4 he was in such a rage over something he kicked a brand new HUGE tub of white paint down the stairs. It hit the side wall mid flight, the lid flew open.......and well you can imagine the rest. We had just sanded and stained the hall floor. I didn't know where to start and what to clean first.

    Laughing at the last paragraph......really?...........Maybe the granny blankets might get them going?!!!!!!!!!


  9. My word verification was 'buck'!!!!! Now that made me laugh! We watched Kill Bill the other night and that word made us laugh!!!!! x Still laughing at TROUT though!

  10. My blog hits by search terms include
    Cheerios -piss


  11. Those plastic bowls take me back to my childhood too!!! I'd completely forgotten about them! Wow, good find - I'd love a set, what lovely memories! :o)

  12. I am sure we had some of those bowls too when I was small, they look familar although I am sure they had lids with them too??!

    Sounds like you have been kept busy with your lovely cuckoos.

    I have a few crochet projects on the go. I am making a chevron blanket at the mo was supposed to be for our bed but as i followed the pattern without thinking its a bit small. Still can always have it in the livingroom! And good excuse to make another one for our bed! lol.

    It seems my blog hits are flatly dryer. That was a post I did yonks ago and old electrical stuff I remembered from my childhood. Yep riveting stuff! lol.

    MBB x

  13. Hi,

    You have got three very cute boys!!!! It must be so different with four men around the house. It's just the way around in hours; four girls and on boy....Poor husband of mine!!

    Heee, you are making Granny Squares as well! I just finished my first one today and feel very proud. It must be a bit like the way your eldest son is feeling ;-).

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  14. I love the 'bum bum poo poo head' song. I practically encourage that kind of thing around here. Best get it out of their systems! Your littlest sounds like mine - a temper but no control over it yet. Good job your children are so cute!! Have a great weekend. x

  15. awwww what a gorgeous warm post ;-)Your children are so cute bless them. I did have a chuckle at the shredded mess ;-)) Typical boys ;-)) I have 2 myself although there growing up now 14 and 11 but they can still get up to mischief when they want to or the new one is winding each other up ;-)) But you have to smile.Love the little bowls such pretty pastel colors. You have some beautiful views and areas for the children to run around so good to be free. Love the look of your crochet i so wish i could do it properly i can't seem to stop my circles from curling up and how to do a square i just can't work it out. But i will not give up ;-)) Have a lovely weekend and thank you so very much for your lovely comment on my post i have emailed you. Take lots of care, dee xx

  16. Your little angels are so adorable. I just love your posts, they are always so happy and cheerful and full of gorgeous piccies. How are you getting on with the knitting? Wishing you and your lovely family a really fab weekend. Melanie xx

  17. your boys are handsome chaps aren't they :-)
    I don't get stats through my blog but Andy installed an analytics program for me and I can get them through there now. Mostly people find me for searching for "attic24 lucy pack" or "stylecraft attic24". Occasionally I get one for "little bird rosie ripple" and it makes me happy. I am veeeery careful what I title my posts though, I never put captions on photos and am careful what phrases I use so that I don't get any onerous searches. My is a site for a lady of negotiable affection though, glad I dropped that name hehe.

  18. I'm so impressed that your two are riding their bikes already - Joe still can't without stabilisers and he's 8! (something for us to work on this summer I think!) Your little peak of the circles quilt looks fab, your stitching is so neat, can't wait for the big reveal!
    R xx

  19. We had the same bowls growing up too!!!
    The cuckoos look so happy!!
    Muddles and mess are lovely. I always think happy children and happy parents are so much more important than a house where nothing is out of place, and nothing can be moved without frowns.
    You look like you've achieved the perfect balance

  20. Hi Miss sneaky, what a wonderful surprise, sent you an email :) :) :) :)
    Aww your boys are just so cute, I love their song, I was singing it in my head too and having a giggle. Take heart, the mess NEVER stops, or maybe I didn't train mine properly, probably more to the point. It's me who has to throw the odd tantrum to get anything done around here :(
    xx Sandi

  21. hey part 2,

    We had those bowls too - and a set of tall beakers too, which we all chewed, and I can still taste the (warm) orange squash we always had in them.

    I did a post earlier in the year about pimping Grandmas stool ( you'd like it! Anyway, I get frequent visitors looking for pimping and extreme grandmas - probably of the completely unsuitable kind I keep finding #1 son watching on you tube! What a disappointment it must be to find me decorating a stool!

    (currently singing 'go go dick and dom'. Again.)


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