Friday, 24 June 2011


When I had a "real" job I had to do one of those psychometric testy whatsits. I've forgotten most of what it said, however I have remembered one thing (probably because I disagreed with it at the time). It said I am a "completer-Finisher". When I took this test I was not a "completer-finisher" but I wasn't at all comfortable with the fact that I gave things up sometimes. Funny thing is that now I am older and know myself better I only start things I know I will day. Yes it might take me years to get back to something but I know that I will eventualy finish what I have started. I am now definately a completer-finisher and it feels good.

Did you think I'd forgotten about these?

I bet you did! Another WiP never to be seen again.

Nah! I just got distracted for a little while. As you do, as I do all too often.

This is my way of blocking little bits and bobs. A cork floor tile.

Don't they look sweet. Like crochet confetti.

They have been blocked and stacked patiently waiting for me to get my arse in gear and string them up in Mini's room

bit blurry, soz.

Lots of lovely little stars made from Ellen Bloom's pattern in embroidery thread.

I hung them up using invisible thread so they look like they are floating.

The photo's aren't great as the battery conked out. And it was yet another gloomy day here.

Some of the stars are twisting a bit so I need to put my thinking cap on and work out how to straighten them out.

Now before I go any further I must thank a couple of girls for their help with my banner issues. Thank you Wendy for the photobucket idea and thank you Nicole for telling me about Fotoflexer. Now I have a banner that is the perfect size and I'm feeling a little more confident about doing a proper banner make over...although I'm not very good with change.

In other news, I have been bestowed a few more bloggy awards so I'll do each in turn over the next couple of posts. I'm still delighted to receive these as it's such a compliment. I love blogging and I love having Bloddies (Blog Buddies) and I rather like doing the "facts" part of the award.  So a big thank you to Jo from Pickle-Lily. I know her in real life as we go to Knit Club at The Wool Sanctuary, we have only met once or twice as I'm new to the group but we are getting to know each other through our blogs. How 21st century of us! Jo is relatively new to blogging, she only started in February but there's plenty to read already. 

So now that I've linked to Jo which is part of the rules, I have to reveal seven facts about myself and pass this award on. I'm supposed to send it on to seven blogs but I think this particular award has already done the rounds quite a bit. Therefore I'll choose the requisite seven blogs but I honestly do not expect them to play along.

Here are my utterly riveting facts:

1. I'm not good with change, I find it unsettling more than invigorating. It takes me a while to make any big changes, I'm usually glad when I have, but I get a little anxious. I find comfort and security in routine. I know that makes me sound boring.

2.I know all the words to Eminem's "Go Crazy" and there is a video of me performing it in a traffic jam with pants on my head whilst pregnant with Big.

3. Those word verification things get on my wick. I find them a time eating faff. I can understand why popular blogs with oodles of followers would need them to protect against spam, but the likes of me? I've turned mine off. I will only turn it back on when/if I ever get any spam. However sometimes the words are funny. I had buncelip the other day. I know someone in real life who reads this who is going to crack up over that one (you know who you are!)

4. I have a milky coffee everyday. I nuke the milk in a mug in the microwave for two minutes. During this time I play the Two Minute Challenge. I set myself a task and see if I can complete it in two minutes going at warp speed. It's amazing how quickly I can fold washing/wash up/sweep the floor/clean the loo/put my make up on. Word of warning, don't try emptying the dishwasher at warp speed, not if you are a clumsy one.

5. I L♡VE spoonerisms. My best ones ever are Twasta Pists (pasta twists) and tiny shites (shiney tights) I didn't really need to translate them did I?! I still chuckle when I remember the lady's face in M&S when I asked her where I could find some tiny shites!! Please tell me your favourite ones, give me a laugh.

6. I hate being late. I'm nearly always late these days. I have set my watch ten minutes fast but I'm still late even though I have conditioned myself into thinking my watch is telling the correct time. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that it has the date on it and that is 2 days behind. As I'm typng this it's occurring to me that having a watch telling the wrong date and time is ridiculous. I've now corrected it.

7. I think part of my love of crochet comes from the fact that I often spell it wrong. The amount of times I have almost published a post that's going on about my obsession with 'crotch'. Oh dear, I just made my self laugh out loud again at that. What a wally! Honestly, any reference to crotch or fart etc... and I go all silly.

I'll pass this on to a few blogs I enjoy. Some I have only very recently come across. A couple are new blogs from people I know in real life:

Meme Rose
Made From Scratch
Bubble and Life
Busy Bee

Please don't feel obliged, just join in if you like.

Lastly, any one got any good advice about camera's? I have a snap happy one that I'm pleased with and take everywhere with me. But I'd like one that takes the nice photo's where the stuff in the background is blurry, like in my Strawberry Jam post. I use Mr C's SLR ('micro 4 thirds' I've just been told) for these and it's great. I aim and fire and it takes a great photo. Thing is I don't want to take his camera out and about with me as it was rather pricey. I know this because I bought it for him a couple of Christmas's ago. I did Jamie at Home parties and Pampered Chef shows for two months and earned enough money to buy him a present with my very own money and I got all of his Mum's cinefilms (20 of them) put onto disks as surprise. I had lots of late nights and yucky picky customers but it was worth it. Every autumn I go on an Earning My Own Money Mission so I can buy him a present with money he hasn't earned. Last year I was pregnant so I couldn't do it. How shall I earn money this year? It has to fit around the children...I'll think of something.


  1. Awww thank you sweetie! You do make me laugh out loud. Love the spoonerisms. Cooking fat is an oldie but goodie. I hate being late too. In fact I get a serious case of loo run if I am heading to even a minute of lateness. x

  2. Oh and Luuuurve your garland. Of course I do. Beautiful. x

  3. My 3 year old loves your stars and would like some for his room! I made a load of silver and gold ones last year for Christmas decorations.
    Your banner is lovely, another place to try out could be where you can edit and collage to your hearts content!
    Have a great weekend, hope you get some sunshine!
    Sandra x

  4. The stars are great. I wouldn't bother untwisting the twisty ones - I think they look lovely as they are.
    Re your number 7 above... my friend and I were in stitches in the school yard the other day because her son had 'knockers' on his spelling list and my daughter had 'knob' on hers! Am laughing again now. Some of the other mothers did not look so amused!!!!!

  5. LOL! I loved reading your "7 things." Spoonerisms...I never knew they were called that! I have a couple of married friends whose names are Dan and Mandy and I always call them Man and Dandy by accident. Hehe... I guess that's a spoonerism, right?
    And oooohhhh, I hate those word verifications too. I just posted about this dislike a few days ago, in fact. :0)
    Beautiful "crotch" stars! Those look lovely in your daughter's room.
    I have no advice on the camera stuff. I take terrible pictures with a crappy camera.


  6. Your stars are gorgeous what a great little idea ;-)) Well done on the awards i to am like you and i hate the word verification things they take up so much more time. Have a great weekend, dee x

  7. What a fab idea, love it!
    You have made me lol yet again....

    I looked out for you all day at the school fete, what happened to you??? ;)

  8. Those stars are so great! I haven't got any kids, but I'm thinking that pretty hanging crochet stars are something I need somewhere in my flat anyway!! Why not?! :o) xx

  9. The stars look amazing! I am obsessive about not being late, whereas husband has a very laid back attitude, makes for some interesting journies!
    Jo x

  10. They are so pretty Cuckoo Bird. Perfect for mini's room. We must get together so you can help me out on the crochet front. Really struggling at the mo and can't progress. Met a great girl who is a pro at it and willing to meet up to help me but she does this weird thing when double crocheting which I can't fathom. She seems to put the hook under and through rather than straight through the stitch.
    She says this is the right way, I am flummoxed as can't understand it and feel I am going backwards as a result.
    Haaaaaaaylp me!
    Maybe in the summer hols?
    x x x

  11. I didn't know they were called "spoonerisms"!

    My Dad's cousin was explaining her knitting tension and told everyone she was a "night titter". But my favourite is my Mum's - we need to get some "farty pood"....

    Your stars are gorgeous as is your blog!


  12. Spoonerisms looooove them they are so funny. I tend to drop a few here and there, but can't think of them at the yours.

    I find the word verification thingy a pain in the neck too, but have to lol at some of the words they come up with.I play a game and make up a meaning for them,,,,,,,,,,,

    I like the idea of the Two Minute Challenge, shall have to try that one.

    Fab stars too, very sweet,

    Claire :}

  13. Wow, the stars look absolutely great. I love the fact you used invisible thread. I was just going to ask you how you made them, when I saw your link to Ellen Bloom blog.

    Congratulations to your award! You deserve it. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better :-)

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  14. The stars are FABULOUS!! I'd make some but they'd probably be banned just like my bunting was! I hate word verification too. I turned my off and I get a spam message about once every two weeks, and Blogger puts them in my spam folder, it's really not a problem!

  15. Lovely post. I love those pretty stars and I laughed out loud at some of your facts. Must go and check the word verification thing...I have no idea if I have it on or not! x

  16. The stars are really pretty - I wouldn't faff about untwisting any of them, I think it makes them look twinkly!

  17. Love the stars and spoonerisms! I love anything funny to do with words - I nearly expired once reading a book of bad foreign language to English translations. My favourite spoonerism is from my dad - it does make quite a rude word so I shall just say it was when he was pouring out a drink made of champagne and orange juice mixed together! Thanks ever so much for passing me an award, will go and do it now. xx

  18. Oh, nearly forgot - about cameras. My husband is a semi-professional photographer, he's working towards doing it full-time someday. He's got a Canon 50d which is brilliant but like you I am a bit afraid to use it as it was so pricey, I'm sure I'd just drop it. Plus it is ridiculously heavy, so if I did drop it, it would hurt my little foot too. So on his advice I have a Canon PowerShot SX200IS, it was a couple of hundred quid I think. It's a compact and it has plenty of auto settings but also has manual mode so you can adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO (or I can if I have someone clever looking over my shoulder telling me what to do). It also has macro and super-macro settings which are great for taking photos of tiny detailed things like cupcakes and flowers. xx

  19. those stars are gorgeous!!!
    i really want to ask about fact number 2, but believe the answer would scare me, lol

  20. I love the stars and agree with Victoria, I wouldn't bother untwisting them, they look really effective with the invisible thread. Very nice. I also love those long fancy feather (?) pins you blocked with.

    Tiny shites made me laugh - I told Andrew and J today and they thought it was very funny. It's not a spoonerism example, but Andrew gets his words mixed up all the time - he once laughed because a man was wearing muffins... it still tickles me now (obv he meant ear muffs). My very own Mr Malaprop. Aw.

    I would love to see the Eminem vid of you. Making your own pop videos when drunk is wicked. I have a great one of me and the husb miming to Especially For You (Kylie and Jason)!

    I am no good with change either. I have moved house a lot in the last four years and really want to settle where I am now, become an old lady here.

    Nicki xx

  21. The little stars you've hung up in Mini's room and really cute, I'd love to do something similar in Rose's room.. but she already has crocheted goodies in her room and I think I could possibly over-do it a bit with the amount of crochet in there!

    The Wool Santuary blog looks great, I tried to follow it.. but it looks like I can only follow it if I'm a type-pad user.. boohoo! :-(

    The word verification thing's drive me insannnee.. especially when I was also having trouble leaving anybody a comment and had to log out and in a couple times, every time! Took me ages to leave a comment on anyones blog..

    Replying to your comment on my blog: Yes, I did get Quite a few funny looks when I was taking photo's in the shop. I wasn't sure if it was illegal for me to be doing so or not.. haha.. so I was trying to be all sneaky, probably resulting in me looking an utter fool!

    Ashley xxx

  22. What a gorgeous post! I absolutely love your stars! I never thought to use invisible thread - what a brilliant idea. My fave pic is of your blocking. All those lovely pins look fabulous!! Have a lovely week.

  23. I love these Crayola colored stars!

  24. Thanks for your advice on the old potty situation. Love your stars such a cute idea its great that they look like they are floating. I got my digger and dumper stickers from etsy. They are fantastic easy to apply and give a painted look to the wall as they don't look like shiny vinyl. They cost quite alot as they came from America and got stuck in customs costing an extra £23 damn that VAT. The shop is called ''decomodwalls' they were great and gave us some freebies too.

  25. Argh don't even get me started on banners being the right size. I nearly just started a whole new blog I was getting so fed up with it.
    Thanks for link you left on my blog, it made me laugh out loud!!!
    Nelly xxx

  26. He he I love your facts, you do make me laugh..I think I do those spoonerthingys all the time but I don't realise :) your stars are so sweet, have you tried ironing them with starch??? sometimes works with my bunting x x x x x x x

  27. Hello!
    I love your facts too!
    Thank you so much for the award, I am a bit of a procrastinator but I shall get around to thinking of some facts about myself!
    I love your banner, I must learn how to do these as I've had the same one FOREVER!
    Love your little stars they are supercute!
    Rachel x

  28. My spoonerisims are a bit rude, so I shall refrain! The stars are perfect, like they are moving around the galaxy wheeeeeeeeeeee. You get what I mean. I do that challengy thing too, I put my breakfast on to cook then do a mad dash to unpack the dishwasher and clean the benches etc. but I can cheat because I can turn the gas down and cook it slow or crank it up and cook it fast :) so I guess it isn't really a challenge after all, oh well.
    xx Sandi

  29. Tiny shites? Snort snort snort
    Emily x

  30. hello , just to say got messages and yes would be great to meet up and will remember to reply on your blog, we were in a rush to that day so no worries and nappies an essential ,thank you for the blog award will post up tomorrow x

  31. lovely stars.
    Spoonerisms - didn't know they had a name!
    psychodoodar testing...I once came out as 'don't react well to criticism'. Still going on about it 20 years later. Nuff said
    fee x

  32. Love your stars ! I've got a Canon Powershot - it's fab - defo reocmmend it :O)

  33. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Love, Love,Loving the stars♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ no no leave them be............they look all twinkly when at different angles!

    Love the spoonerisms.....I say a lot but too rude to say! Loved your facts........word verification is a right pain. I took mine off the other day but got loads of spam so had to put it back on again........grrrrrrr......still getting it now after I put it back on which is annoying.

    Glad you managed to get your banner sorted out! When I get back into the swing of things I might do an overhaul...I get bored easily!

    I nuke milk too for a milky coffee. I nuke the coffee too before the milk so they are both as hot as you can get, I have issues with luke warm coffee!

    Well done on your award, thoroughly, love love your blog Cuckoo.

    Have a super duper Tuesday!


    p.s thanks for the comment, think must be terribly hormonal, got all welled up, what a muppet! xxx

    p.p.s Sorry this comment is a bit disjointed!!!!!!! x

  34. Crochet with Raymond29 June 2011 at 03:53

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute little stars! they look just awesome hanging up there in a big rainbow!
    I hate being late too, so I'm complusively early, hence the need for socks to knit while I wait!
    Have an awesome week!

  35. Sat feeling sorry for myself to much to do and too little time .yada yada yada .....Then came across your blog and your spoonerism's ..I am now sat laughing out loud and my hubby' thinking ..That's it she's finally lost the plot...Needless to say I'm your newest follower...Thank you !!! ....X manda X

  36. Oh wow, you are so sweet to add me to your list! Thank you so much, I really am honoured. And thank you again for being so patient for me to pick it up! The wedding is over, we moved to our temporary home and now there is coming a little more me-time here... finally. So I am catching up on my reading and remembered your sweet comment!

    So yes, I would love to pick up the award, better late then never? Coming up in a creJJtion post soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend,
    love Maaike

  37. Olá!!!

    Magnífico trabalho das estrelas, com a criatividade, se torna uma decoração perfeita......



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