Wednesday 21 September 2011

12.21am 21.09.05

Six years ago today after a swift labour my tiny weeny 5lb 13oz precious baby boy was born. 

I'd been mythering for a few days, twinges that didn't bother me much, nothing that stopped me from painting furniture for the nursery. I had two weeks till my due date and so I wasn't quite prepared for our first born. His nursery was a blank canvas for I didn't know he was a boy at that point. In fact I was quietly certain he was a girl. I was definitely pregnant with a girl who I would call Dorothy after my Nanny Dot.

The labour went very well, it was fast paced but not so much that I couldn't cope. Gas and air was excellent, I loved it! "I'm plastered!" I declared. (Actually I really said "I'm Sh*t faced" but we will have no bad language in my nice well mannered blog!) The gas and air made my mouth feel funny and at one point I asked Mr C if my lips looked funny. They felt like a beak so I made a few quack noises just to go with the flow and then found myself to be so funny that I laughed and laughed then spontaneously started pushing and promptly tiddled all over the bed! Nice! What style. Thank goodness for that gas and air numbing me from the indignity. I'd have been horrified at myself otherwise.

As I started pushing it became apparent that the baby's cord was getting squashed as his heart rate would drop. After just a few more contractions his heart wasn't recovering quick enough before I had another contraction. Suddenly the room that had been filled with laughter and quacking became a room filled with doctors and midwives and the crash team ready to knock me out and pull my baby out of the sunroof. They took away the gas and air (horrors!) and put me on oxygen.

Size 1 newborn nappies swamped him he was so tiny for 38 weeks

I was terrified. I remember trying to breathe the oxygen in deeply and imagine it flowing to my baby. I was on the verge of panicking and knew that would not help at all. Mr C says I had a funny look come over me. I firmly believe my head disconnected from my body in that moment. I remember what I thought was an owl (I know!) telling me "Your baby is very distressed, you need to push with all your might and get your baby out with the next contraction" That was the most terrifying thing I had ever heard in my life.

The next contraction came and I was so frightened, I was utterly immobilised with fright, I really couldn't see how I was ever going to get the baby out. But my body had other ideas.  My head was thinking it couldn't be done, I wouldn't be able. I hadn't the strength. I was too scared. Then I realised my body was doing it. It was pushing out the baby, all by itself. I wasn't even telling it to. Honestly the relief I felt when I, The Head, realised that The Body was doing it with out me was huge!

He reminds me of Bono from U2 here!

Suddenly there was a small, warm baby on my tummy. "What's this?" I thought "They must have given me a decoy baby, my big baby girl must be very ill if they've given me this one to distract me.... " Think I must have lost the plot.

It took me a moment to get my head to reconnect and realise that I had just given birth to a tiny baby boy. A baby who bore no ill effects from the heart decelerations, who came out screaming merry hell!

The boys call my Mum Bobber! As in Bonne Maman.

Minutes old

"We've got a son!" Mr C said. Shortly after my Mum came in followed by Bee. I turned and said "I've got a son!" I could not believe HE was here. I'd only just finished painting his bookcase.

Oh how I love this sweet boy of mine.

Six years old, the years have flown by, he's done well considering the teasing he gets because of his name.......Dorothy....... Just kidding!!!! Had you there hey?! Oh I'm such a card. He has a nice normal boy name, I just don't put any of our names on here as I know someone from my past googles me/us and if I put our names on my blog he'd be sure to find it and I don't want him nosing into my life.


ps Read Bee's account here

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Summer round up

Very long and disjointed post with lots of photo's and this is only a little snap shot of my Summer. We'd be here for yonks otherwise.
I drank a heck of a lot of tea from my new fave mug. A gift from my Belle Mere.

The beginning of the summer holidays feels like a lifetime ago and yet the boys haven't even finished their second week back at school (they have now but I am taking FORVER to get this post done!). Funny how it seems like a life time ago but even so it went by in a flash. I was rather worried about the six weeks holiday. I couldn't imagine entertaining them effectively for 6 whole weeks. But I loved it. It was a delightful summer. I thought I'd do a mosaic style round up otherwise this post would be so long (it's pretty long regardless) you'd all nod off before the end.

The summer kicked off with my Step Fathers birthday. He liked my tea party so much that my Mum decided to give him a surprise tea party.  The look on his face was priceless. There were only a few guests which was lovely as we all got to properly talk. It was the first time I had met my Step Brother and his girlfriend. Poor things got the full Cuckoo Boy whammy! 

Mum put on a scrumpdumptious spread. We had a lovely time playing with her china.

We had a few guests booked in to visit us. Mr C's cousin Weese was going to visit but Little came down with tonsillitis so it got cancelled. Fortunately nothing prevented the Kmmms clan from descending. The boys and I made a humongous batch of rocky road in celebration of the fact that Kmmms and her girls were visiting. See her post about it here.

I ate most of these and put on 5lbs so my dresses didn't fit any more. Silly arse.

Kmmms and I indulged in a little late afternoon wine in the sunshine. It's not often I get to do this with friends, not that I do it alone either of course, because I live far away from anywhere and so have to be able to get in a car and drive to do the school run etc...
One morning we hid in the utility room to have a sneaky piece of rocky road and a latte.

Kmmms started a beautiful scarf with some wool from South America.

I adore this photo.

We had a day with Bee towards the end of the holidays. It was so lovely to be able to arrive and leave when it suited rather than be dictated by the school run.

Bee's kids ran to her rescue however  Little legged it and Big thought he'd help by shaking the rope.
I assisted by taking photographs of her neat little bottom stuck in the gap.
She will go bananas when she sees this but it's too funny to omit.

Mini's passport arrived and we went to Spain en famille and had a lovely time. I took hardly any photographs though. We go back to the same place each year as our friends own a place out there and so do their parents. We rented a villa between their two villa's and it was an idyllic holiday. Mr C's parents came out with us as did our friends parents. The kids all loved having the grandparents out there. But not as much as me and Mr C did, not least because they babysat the 7 children whilst we went out, for the first time ever, for a meal with out the kids.

The simply beautiful view from the verranda

On our way out for a meal

Shortly after the 2nd jug of sangria was demolished

I'm so glad we got to go to Spain as our planned visit to the Seaside House didn't happen as Little became ill yet again. He had to have antibiotics and we needed to stay near our doctors in case he didn't improve. It took a few days for the meds to kick in but he is totally fine now... till the next time! I went to  the doctors 5 times in 6 weeks what with one child or the other. It all came at once, we are a healthy bunch really.

Back home the garden had suddenly burst into bloom, my dahlias were a joy to come home to.

Not only that, finally I have managed to grow sweet peas (sorry Sarah!) which were glorious till they got covered in green fly. I must point out the photo on the far left below. The vase of flowers was in my bathroom window. Before blogging I would never ever have had flowers in the bathroom. But now I think it is the BEST place to put them. I shall not elaborate, you can have a little think about it. I did have a giggle to myself when I was taking the photo as the angle gives the impression of a gorgeously clean and tidy home. So not true! I swept all the 'ladies monthly' paraphenalia to one side which reminded me that the last time I referred to that sort of thing there was the chance I was going to need a small operation. Happily everything is totally sorted now. Big sigh of relief, it was worrying me a bit. 

Bunny Mummy and I had a little poppy seed swap so hopefully next year we will have a little piece of each others world in our gardens hundreds of miles apart.

How cool are these hand made seed envelopes mad from maps?!

The balloon fiesta took place in Bristol and we were treated to a private Red Arrow display right over our house. Our home was in the perfect spot as they did all the reforming formation over head. The boys got a bit scared at first and hid in the wendy house. I'm not sure if it was the noise of the jets or the sight of their Mother leaping about pointing at the sky like a demented peculiar thing. Gosh it was amazing. I surprised myself at how much I loved it. 

Look at the colour of that sky!

Just before the summer I went to London on the train and met up with Mr C's Mum, Sister and Cousin. We ate some beautifully presented food at  The Pollen Street Social

I had a second visit to the capital when Mr C and I took advantage of a day without the boys and went to London to have a lunch at Corrigans with Little's Godfather and his wife. It was a surreal day. Rather like I had stepped out of my life and into someone else's. It was so far removed from a normal day for me.

Not the best pics but I forgot my camera

We hired a driver for the day which sounds very indulgent but when we looked at train prices and times and then factored in a travel card for us each and any taxi's, it worked out to be the cheaper option. It was ace! Mr C did some work and watched a movie and I crocheted a hat using a new super duper stitch I have learnt which I call the Twisted Granny as I don't know it's real name. Twisted Granny sounds like a lethal cocktail which is totally the opposite to crochet and that amuses me.

I would absolutely advocate hiring a driver if you need to travel somewhere far a field by train for the day. It was just as quick and cost about the same. I think I will have to go to London with three friends for my birthday next year. Have a little shop, a light lunch, see a show in the afternoon and then a meal before being driven home. No worrying that there will be a seat available on the train, no concerns about sitting together. I watched a film on the iPad on our way home from London but my 'bus' has flip down screens so we could all watch some girly film together. Perfect.

My glam day out in London was soon a distant memory as normality resumed. The fridge broke. Again. This time the tray that collects all the moisture sprung a leak so instead of it evaporating it piddled out into the kitchen. It didn't affect the function of the fridge but if I wasn't home when the water leaked out it just soaked into our kitchen cabinets which made them swell up and split. The kitchen is only 6 years old but looks totally knackered and not in a nice Chalon style. Oh well, we're not out to impress anyone so it doesn't matter. I'm quite sure the boys and their toys will further distress the kitchen so there's no point getting upset about it.

Mini has lost every last bit of small helpless babyness. He shrieks for attention, grabs things, shuffles around somehow, sits up unaided for a while before flopping. He 'plays' with toys and is eating food. Properly eating food. It blows my mind that he is fast approaching toddlerdom. I have so loved his baby days but I shall not be sad they are over for each new phase is thrilling.

CRAZY hair!!!

Big Cuckoo and I had a day with my Mum who bought the boys some cuddly toys. Big insisted on a bag for each soft toy. He was delighted by both the bag and the contents. I was delighted that he enjoyed shopping! There is hope!

All in all we had a great time this Summer. There were a lot of lovely times and plenty of laughter to balance out all the tantrums and screaming fights. Seems funny to think that last summer I was battling morning sickness and freaking out about having 3 children. Next year will be different again. Mini will be 18 months. Probably walking and talking and trying to keep up with his brothers.  We will be needing another battery powered tractor soon. The tractors have been the most played with toys. They have had so many hours of fun tearing about the garden. I hope my sons come to understand just how fortunate they are to have such a big garden to race around. I don't want them to grow up taking everything for granted and being spoilt little rat bags. Mind you, as soon as they are old enough Mr C will have them mowing the lawn for pocket money so I doubt they'll enjoy all the space available then!

Lots of tractor action and one injured police farmer (?)

There they are, my little gang.


ps. Am horribly behind with everyones blogs and commenting and replying. This seems to be always the case and I often end a post with an apology. How repetative of me, I shall not mention it again for some time, but just know that I feel constantly apologetic about it all. I have no idea how to fit in my own posts and all the other stuff I like to do in blog world.  So please don't feel you must leave a comment here, I know a lot of you are pushed for time too. This post is probably only interesting to a few people on this planet and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to you. Oh I wish I didn't need to sleep at night. All those lovely hours in which to get stuff done!

pps. Gogo Sausage the black Yick has gone broody! I've tried as much as I can to bring her out of it, as much as I can do practically that is.  I can't 'rehome' her as there is no one and no where to re home her temporarily to. So I must wait another couple of weeks and hope she eventually stops trying to hatch any little stone she finds in the run. Poor girl. I know how it is to feel broody, I feel sorry for her!

ppps. I have fathomed out the issue with uploading photographs. Blogger was quite right when it said I had exceeded my quota. There was me swearing at Blogger for being so stupid and it was my own fault all along! Attached to our blogs is a picassa web album. You can find yours if you are in your dashboard and click on 'My Account' at the top. Then click on Picassa Web Album. And there you will find all the photographs you have ever uploaded to use on your blog. Every single one. Even the one you uploaded and then deleted from a post. Even photo's that are sat in draft posts. Hundreds of photographs. The amount isn't the issue it's the file size. When I clicked on a photo it opened up and had the information relating to the photo to the side. Some of my file sizes were over 3000KB. So I have deleted a whole load that weren't actually live on my blog. Problem solved. I feel like a right thicko! I'm only sharing this in case any of you ever have the same issues and are as technically challenged as I am, I wouldn't want you to feel as much of a goose as I do at this point.

pppps. Sandi, you devil! You've been at it again!!! (Only one person in the world will know what I'm on about here)

Friday 16 September 2011

Do you live near Weston Super Mare?

There's a new, super cool Women's Institute opening next week in WSM! I am going to join. For certain. I know some of the girls who have set up this new WI group as they are fellow Knit Clubbers. It's going to be quite craft based so it's just my sort of thing. You can read more about it here.

It's next Tuesday the 20th September and I will be there with bells on. I am very excited. I think it will be great. "I'm a member of the WI!!!!!!" I shall proudly declare to anyone who will listen.

Now most of you remember my 'streak' I posted about a while back. Well I have seen the film Calendar Girls and so I'm all ready for more streaking.......ah.....not that type of thing on the agenda? Just as well, having had another baby not so long ago I reckon an escaped boob might knock out a poor unsuspecting fellow member, or at the very least give her a black eye. Or I might trip on it. I should stop there shouldn't I?!!

See you soon for a Summer Round Up post.


Wednesday 7 September 2011

I won a fabulous giveaway! Weeeeeeeeeee......

Some time ago now, well a few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway over at Sew Sweet Violet's. I like to enter a giveaway now and again. I don't very often win, I think all my winning luck got used up when I won a car when I was 13. Dad wasn't going to fill out the raffle tickets, he couldn't be bothered so I filled them all out as Mum was french braiding my hair. My parents sold the car and built a garage with a little room attached to it. I snogged a boy in there who I had an enormous crush on. It was a mistake...anyway I digress. So I enter these competitions and I don't win. When I entered Jooles' giveaway I didn't expect to win so I was DeLiGhTeD when I did. Astonished and delighted.

Jooles popped it in the post very swiftly and I ripped it open without thinking about taking photo's of the beautifully packaged parcel. Fortunately there are photographs over at Jooles' (here). I've nicked them. But I urge you to go over and float about her blog for a bit, I just know you'll love it.

What a lucky little beggar I am! This bunting is just perfect. It is made so well. Expertly made, the stitch work is precise and careful on the flags. I'm trying very hard to be neater with my sewing so I notice stuff like that. I love how the stitching is deliberately wibbly on the hearts which Jooles has sewn on to the ends of the tape. Little stuffed hearts. They are lush. I love a little heart . I also like the elongated zigzag stitch attaching the flags to the tape, you can see this better here third photo down.

I've put it up in the dining room. This is partly why it has taken me an age to do this post. The dining room is possibly the darkest room in our home, the study is fairly dark too (and damp - but not for much longer as Mr C says I can have it as my playroom! He doesn't use it. So I shall whitewash it and sort out that unused whiff)...gone off on a tangent again....the dining room is a bit dreary during the day. It's an evening room really. It's just lovely when the fairy lights are on and lots of tea lights along the shelves of the dresser, which isn't a dresser at all. It's actually part of old shop fittings from an old haberdashery shop in Wales. It fits the space perfectly. Literally. If it were half a centimetre larger it wouldn't have fitted in the gap properly. The gap is between two unmovable objects, the hatch to the kitchen (long walk from the kitchen to the dining room so the hatch, however 1980's, is necessary) and the fireplace hearth.

My china treasure.

The fabric is by Tilda and I'd love a 50's style frock made out of the green and pink rose fabric.

I bought that green and white platter at the same time as buying the dresser. They didn't want to be parted. I love the old teapot too. I rescued that from the throwing out pile in the china shop in the village, lovely little shop selling vintage china, I have to avoid it, I come away with lots of rescued pieces and we really haven't the space for much more stuff. The knob had been broken off and restuck on backwards with brown glue. It pours well and it's an unusual shape, bit like me, I doubt I'll ever part with it.

Included in the giveaway was this cake bunting. You can't tell from the photo but the ribbon is velvet. Little touches like that make the things Jooles makes extra special. She has an Etsy shop so if anyone wishes badly that they had won this giveaway then pop over and you too can have bunting like this and the fabric one.

Look at that cake!!!!! Swoon.........Clever Jooles.
I'm going to do one like this with blue sponge going dark to light for Mini's Christening. I've commissioned blue cake bunting. Perfect timing as Jooles had just ordered some blue Tilda card stock. It was meant to be!

Right, I have much 'bladmin' to do, a bit of knitting and some crochet to be getting on with. Not to mention a bit of pinning! Totally addicted and I haven't had a pinning session today, although I did have a mighty chortle over a picture of two feral mutts. 


ps I carefully took the photographs of the dining room dresser making sure to avoid the mess on the table. Currently there is a bedside table being painted, an old printer and the box for the new printer, a stack of Mens Health Magazines, Mr C's boating bag, 3 life jackets, 6 newspapers (for the painting) and a host of other painting related bits all stewn about the place. It's an absolute tip in there. I'm going to rename it the "Urgghhhhh Room" We have an "Urgghhhhh Cupboard" already which funnily enough is off the dining room.

Monday 5 September 2011

Do not adjust your screens...

Look!!!! Up there!! A new banner! One that isn't too big and hopefully will take no time at all to load.  

I've had some help from someone AMAZING and if she says it's ok to tell you then I will but otherwise you'll have to guess. She did my new favicon too.

I also want to thank Sarah who had a little play around with one of my photo's for the banner but it wouldn't upload. Silly Blogger. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Seriously frustrating. 

Ok, I'll now stop going on and on about my banner... you may breathe a sigh of relief. 

See you soon, I'm farting about with a post all about scrumdumtious bunting.