Sunday 8 September 2013

Flash back to Easter

I love this picture. Everything about it makes my heart feel happy. I love the colours. I adore the flowers. Ranunculus are gorgeous, each bulb springs forth about ten flowers. They just keep coming.

The knitting, a scarf called Princess Margaret was a true joy to knit. It's a very simple pattern but so effective.

It is not a quick item to make, it takes about nine fifty gram balls, but boy oh boy it is tremendous. I'm looking foward to making another in cream his Autumn. I have all the yarn ready and waiting. I intend to do a Ta Dah blog post for it soon, but er, you know how long stuff takes me these days, so don't hold yer breath

I started knitting my scarf on the way down to Salcombe at Easter this year. I was looking forward to our holiday there so very much because we had Mr C's family coming to visit and also 

Hard core crafting, man! In Dick and Wills after lunch

For me, although I have been to Salcombe so many times over the last five years, it now feels strange to me if The Mates aren't there with us. The Mates are Fee, of Chipper Nelly fame and her husbando, Cleggy and their three boys. We all enjoy ourselves so much that we have decided to make a jaunt to Salcombe an Easter tradition and we are slowly weaving in other traditions like breakfast at the diner and chip supper followed by crepes and The Winking Prawn restaurant the night before we leave for home. I think I blogged about Easter 2012 but I'm not sure if I just got a draft post together, or just thought about blogging about it.....

Laughing her head off, pimms in hand, crochet hook between her legs. Too Funny

We had bank August bank holiday together too last year and again this year. Another tradition it seems.

They brought with them a giant Easter egg. It was well heavy.

Geordie Boy reminds me of Monica in Friends when she wore the thanks giving turkey on her head and did a wiggly dance.

Cousin Weese was taking the pic. L to R - Poppa, Big, Uncle Dorv, Granny, Little, Mr C, Great Aunt Laura, me, Alfie, Geordie Boy, Boo. In the front Mini and Kenzie
Here's the rabble. I don't know where Fee and Cleggy were. I think we had stolen their boys for the afternoon. Is it bonkers that I can't remember? I honestly cannot recall. To be truthful these gaps in my recall worry me. They happen all too often.

Love the graffitti ceiling in the
Island Street Diner

Delish posh fish and chips to
be had here
The Island Street Diner is quite eclectic and cool.
I like it there. I like the waffles.

Fee and I sneaked off together for coffee, chatter and cake. I'm dribbling at this photograph. We have just returned from a week in Salcombe and I had half an hour on my own in this lovely cafe, Bibi and Mac. I sat at the same table and ate bakewell tart and waited for the ringing in my ears to stop. Nine weeks holiday my boys have had and my oh my the boys are so LOUD! Loud and very, very energetic. Luckily there is plenty do do at the seaside to allow them to let off steam.

The boat yard is boy paradise

Just down the road is the fire station.
These are our holiday home neighbours boys.

The South Sands tractor ferry is always a ride eagerly anticipated

Our pad is very close to the church. I enjoy hearing the bells from my bed. I adore church bells. I particularly love wedding bells. One thing I feel a bit sad about is that I never had wedding bells because we didn't get married in a church. I wanted my Dad to walk me down the aisle and I knew he wouldn't set foot in a church (atheist) so I never even considered a church wedding. Mr C wasn't bothered either way and I couldn't face the conversation about it with my Dad. I knew he would do it if I made him but I'd have had to persuade him and I knew I'd feel like he didn't want to walk me down the aisle, which of course wasn't have been the case, but getting married is an emotional thing and I only wanted happy memories attatched to the planning and the day itself.

I do love our little Seaside House. It has a wonderful feeling about it. The atmosphere is as though the walls have seen much happiness

I made a bit of bunting....

...quite a bit

I've finished this Springtime Throw now. Ever so happy with it. That's another post for another day. It was 18 months in the making and I loved having it waiting in the wings to dip in and out of whilst I made other things. I did quite a few squares whilst in Salcombe that Easter. I stayed up after everyone had gone to bed. I like quiet time to myself. It's the only child in me.

I enjoy end weaving, it's all thereaputic hand stitching to me.


*Please don't think badly of my Dad. He had not long had brain surgery and that, coupled with his medication, altered his character. It seemed to amplify the more difficult elements of his nature. He was always a stubborn man but at that time he was unmovable. Ten years down the line and he is finding his way back to his old self. It's great to see. It's really lovely to see the man of my childhood return. No one could have asked for a better Dad throughout my teens in particular. He was ace. (Don't worry Mum, you've always been ace!)

Friday 6 September 2013

It's an opportunity...

....not a problem.

They say that don't they? Wise people. Yes, Wise People say a problem looked at differently is not a problem but an opportunity. 

I'm not so great at it though. Actually, that's fib. I'm pretty good at trying to solve problems for others. Quite tenaciously. I keep thinking and thinking and fathoming till I get a solution. (Yes Kerry love, I'm STILL thinking about your picture hanging dilemma ((basement flat, damp proofed = no nails allowed to be hammered in)) and I will annoy you further with my ideas when I see you. Ha!) When it comes to problem solving for myself it's as though a sticky drizzle seeps into my brain and bungs up the cogs.

I've not been blogging much lately. Life has become busy and I am preferring to knit or crochet rather than blog about my knitting and crochet. Also it has been quite nice to be out and about and enjoy the day without thinking "I must take photographs and remember details so I can blog about it later"

One of the reasons I've not blogged much is that my laptop is a bit sick, it's getting sorted, but it still has the hump and I can't upload any photographs. I'm not keen on a blog post with no pics hence no posts from me for a good while.

Tonight, while erecting shelves in the utility room at The Seaside House it occurred to me that this period of time where I can't upload new photo's could be the time when I can catch up with the posts I have mentally written and have the photographs waiting in the wings.

Why didn't I think of this before? I'm almost certain that if a friend had this problem I'd have instantly suggested to them to play catch up. Honestly, what a wally. As I write this it is dawning on me that I have had this thought several times in the past but never done anything about fact I may even have thought out loud here in my blog.....hmmmmmm, it wouldn't surprise me. My memory does very peculiar things sometimes.

So now I shall have a hasty flick though my pics and fling out a blog post just to dip my toe in...

A few months ago Mr C and I left the childerbeasts with my Mum and hopped on a train to London for Great Uncle Dorv's (The Christmas fire breather scroll to the bottom) 60th birthday afternoon tea at The Goring Hotel. We were slightly early so I sat and had a glass of sparkles and started knitting a pair of Edwin Cream Wrist warmers like these ones but in pink.

I continued knitting them on the train home with one eye closed because I had drank a tad too much

Mini Cuckoo broke the arm of my specs

I loved the first pair I made but I fancied something less tricksy to concentrate on for the middle part as I had lots of social play dates lined up for the boys. I decided to just do a pattern of purl stitches in the stocking stitch.  I wish I hadn't now as they aren't so nice.

I spy Suzie Johnson! She wrote the pattern

They did turn out pretty good over all except for the bit where I went off pist AND for the fact that I made the cuffs longer and so ran out of yarn. I bought another ball but it was the wrong dye lot and it's everso noticable. Suzie thinks it is tres tres tres mal, I can live with it though. Only God is perfect and even he buggers up sometimes.

One night, shortly after I'd finished the wrist warmers I started making a tea cozy on a total whim. It was one of those occasions I have day dreamed about where I have in my stash (lovingly built up over time in a frenzy of yarn obsessed cash splashing) the perfect yarn in the perfect colours.

I'm not sure if my memory serves me correctly but I started it one evening and continued in the morning. I think I finished it three cups of tea later. I cant be certain but it was a super quick thing to make.

I made it by making two granny stripe rectangles and sewed them together leaving enough space for the spout and the handle to poke out. I then scrunched the top up and tied it up and added a couple of pompoms.

I love it! I love that it neatly fits two of my tea pots. By some feat of trickery and magic it fits both my three cup pot and my four cup pot. 

Totally set up pic. There was no tea in the pot, no milk in the jug.
The cup had dust in it too

Oooooooo look! I have written a blog post! Well, blow me down! (I use exclamation marks too much, they make me sound like an idiot but I worry I'll sound bigheaded without them. I'd rather be considered simple than big headed)


ps. Linda Gilbert, please email me your address xxx