Tuesday 27 August 2013

Coaster Winners!

My apologies for the lateness of the announcement of the winners and the rubbishness (Yes, tis a word in my made up vocabulary) of this post. I have had significant issues with my lap top. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Also my boys are on their 9 week summer holiday. Yes. NINE weeks! It's busy.

So the winner of the Ovaltine coaster is.......

♡ Linda Gilbert ♡
He was shouting "Winnerrrrrrrrr"

The winner of the Munchmallows coaster is....

♡ Carole C ♡

Big Cuckoo wouldn't pose with the name he pulled out of the bowl

Lucky ladies! Please email me to give me your details.

All is well here in the nest, we have been having a really lovely Summer holiday. I hope that at somepoint I will sit down and blog in earnest all those things we have been enjoying. I must have thousands of photo's and memories and stories I would like to share. I'm really enjoying my life and I think to have it preserved here (the edited version where I ignore the pants bits) would be very special for both myself in the future but also for my sons.


ps. I just know I am going to be crap at replying to any comments so please don't feel you need to stay and chat. Have a fab day you lot xxx