Tuesday 10 July 2012

"That's ridiculous!" he said,

The other day Mr C said to me,

"You haven't been blogging much lately"
"I know, other things get in the way at the moment, besides I haven't replied to all the comments on my last post yet"
"That's ridiculous" he said.

So I wonder, is it? Is this self imposed rule about replying to all those who are not 'no-reply' bloggers silly? I know I would have blogged more over the last few weeks if I hadn't set this rule.

I love comments so much, I enjoy the banter, I feel that if you are kind enough to take time to write to me I should take the time to reply by way of thanks.

I'm thinking of putting a note in my comments box saying that through the Summer months I'll be blogging but won't have much time to reply to comments so don't feel obliged to leave a message.

Yes I think that's what I'll do, there are things I want to preserve here on my blog that are fading in my memory banks because I have stopped myself from blogging. What a muppet. I think I lost the point of way I blog for a while there. Besides I think I'd rather read a blog post than get a reply and I hope you feel the same.