Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Winner Is...........

I'm popping over to your blog now to let you know


Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. You lovely lot.


Wednesday 6 March 2013

Roll up! Roll up!

Ladies and Gentleman we have a GIVE AWAY. Oh yes we do! Or rather I do.

A little while ago I was approached by Al from All Tea Towels who asked if I'd like to review some tea towels on my blog.

So I went and had a look at his site and then very quickly got back to him saying nah, no thanks. JOKE! I couldn't wait to get my hands on a tea towel or two.  I say two because I thought if I got two I could share with you guys.


Al kindly sent me three tea towels. So I get to keep the adorable little cottage towel and the red one. I'm thinking the red one would look awesome made into a pinny (add that to my to do list then shall I? That very long To Do, To Make list)


What's the giveaway tea towel then?

This is it

Noyce huh?

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which tea towel on Al's site is your favourite. If you blog about this giveaway then come back and leave another comment, same for twitter, instagram etc... but do leave me your profile thingy so I can come and visit you there if the random generator whatsit picks out your comment. You needn't be a follower of mine to enter. You can be an anonymous commenter but do leave your name so I can let you know in my next post it was you.

I'll pick a winner next Wednesday evening (13th March)

In my next post I'll be giving away the coasters Al sent too. This one and this one.

Friday 1 March 2013

I loves a wrist warmer, I do

(said in a broad Somerset accent)

Two years ago, when I was new to Knit Club at The Wool Sanctuary (though truly I do not remember a time when Suzie wasn't my dear friend, I feel I have known her for a very long time) I met a pair of wrist warmers that captured my heart and ramped up my desire to learn to knit properly.

"Suzie" I said, "Soooooooooooooozie! Are these for very advanced knitters, when do you think I might be able to have a bash at making these Alice Caterpillar's?"
"Can you do the knit stitch?" she questioned,
"Can you do the purl stitch?"
"Can you cast on and off?
"Can you increase and pick up stitches?"
"No" I said in a small dismayed voice.
"Sit here, I will show you how and you can start them in about five minutes"

I will admit I didn't really believe her, I couldn't see how such fabulous wrist warmers could be knitted by someone who was a knitting novice. She was dead right though. 

Even now, as I write this blog post and look at the photographs I cannot get my head to understand how easy they were to knit, even though I, me (V proud), knitted them with no help at all. The last bit surprises me the most.

No I would like to draw your attention to my nice nails here. I'd had them shellac'd. I vowed I would have them done regularly as I loved how sprightly they looked. It's so nice having pretty nails as one can see one's hands all day long. Since these photo's were taken I have had my nails done a whopping, big fat zero times. Hopeless. I used to be so groomed, now I feel presentable after cleaning my teeth. Standards have slipped (just like my chest, ha ha haaaa!).

I could have twirled my knickers around my head in delight once I had finished them. I was delighted and very proud (even though they are not hard to do, they just look it as they are cleverly designed, still proud).

 Next up are another design of Suzie's. This pair of warmers are also super simple to make yet totally fancy looking. If you can knit, purl, make a stitch and knit two together then you can make these. They are called Edwin Creams.  No no idea why. Suzie has funny names for everything. It's part of her charm. Though one day she will name something after me. WON'T YOU SOOOOOOOOOZIE???! Yes, she will. Or I'll chop her in the wind pipe and kick her in the shins.

I think the pattern calls for a bigger needle than the 2.75 I used, but I prefer a tight warmer. I also made the cuff longer because I like my forearms covered when I am pushing the buggy. Other than that I did exactly what the pattern said to do. 

Ah, smashing, I wear these almost every day. I must make more. Many, many more. In lots of different colours.

Oh look at that lovely red polishy stuff.

Those jeans are too tight for me now. I must get a grip. I put on a stone and three pounds over Christmas. Granted my Christmas started in mid November and ended in mid January, and I've been skiing, but that is quite a lot of weight to gain. A personal best, in fact. I feel someone ought to give me a trophy.

Ninja Knitta

Now for a gratuitous sock pic. I found this pic when I was looking for photo's for this post. I forgot to point out in my last post that I made my Mr two pairs of socks for his 40th. Now don't say I'm not generous ;o)

Give away coming up in my next post. A gorgeous Greengate tea towel. Click here to have a sneaky peek. I've not had a giveaway before. I feel a bit bubbly about it!