Bobble stitch tutorial 2 (bobbles in different colours)

This is a take away coffee cup sleeve made using the bobble stitch,
I didn't have a coffee cup to hand
so I used a glass as a stand in.

I thought I'd do a tutorial for the bobbles stitch where the bobbles are in a different colour. This isn't a pattern for a coffee cup sleeve above, just the "how to" of the bobble stitch where the bobbles are in a different colour yarn. I must say that I found this tutorial quite hard to clearly photograph and explain so I will welcome, whole heartedly, any feedback. If you're a new crocheter I would recommend getting used to doing bobbles in the same colour first. These bobbles aren't hard, as such, but there's a fair bit of manouvering of the yarn into the correct place. In fact it would also be beneficial to practice yarn changes and carrying the yarn through. Astri has a great tutorial here

So do your homework and then come back ;oD. 'Ark at me, bossy moo!

Before we start there are few things you need to know. I use UK terms and I didn't deal with my ragged nails or shine my work top before I started. I now wish I had done a bit of prep but you know how it is with babies. I knew I only had a limited amount of time to photograph it all before Mini woke up. I'm sure you'll forgive me my slovenliness (that is a real word in Cuckoo Land) lets just hope Mr C will forgive me not doing a single bit of housework today. Shhhhh don't tell him!

1. Make a foundation chain as long as you need and double crochet as many rows as you need (all depends on your design). Then get your bobble making yarn and lay it along the top of your stitches.

2. Start to double crochet as normal, making sure your bobble yarn gets enclosed. This will make much more sense if you are physically doing it.

3. Double crochet along till you get to the stitch before the one where you want to have a bobble.

4. Start to do a double crochet but do not pull the yarn through the two loops on the hook.

5. Now bring the yarn you were using forward and to the side so that it lies along the stitches of the row below. Take the bobble yarn back over your fingers to the usual position for crocheting.

Wow. Look at that. I never knew my fingers were hairy. Oh the HoRRoR!
6. Pull the bobble yarn through the two loops on your hook to complete the double crochet stitch you started.

7. The next stitch you do will go into the next stitch along just like normal. See the scissors pointing this out?

8. Start your bobble by doing a treble stitch but do not pull the yarn through the last two loops on the hook.

9. Do another treble and again don't pull the yarn through the last two loops of that treble.

10. Do this twice more so you'll have five loops on you hook.

11.  Next pull the yarn through all five loops on your hook. Now change yarns over and do a double crochet into the stitch the scissors are pointing to.  See the next photo.

12. Bring the bobble yarn towards you and the other yarn goes over your fingers in the usual way

13. Lay the yarn along the stitches of the row below.

14. Do a double crochet in the usual way using the 'non' bobble yarn.

15. Double crochet along to where you next require your bobble. And repeat steps 7 - 14.

16. This is how your bobble will look. The bobble is made on the rear of your work.

17. This is the view from the side facing you as you crochet.

18. This is it from the rear side. As you work the bobble is away from you.

19. To hide the bobble yarn you have 'carried' through, I poke my hook under the bobble yarn and then do the double crochet as usual.

20. The stitch gets wrapped up in the yarn and you can hardly see it. I've puggled my stitches a bit to make the yarn more visible for this tutorial.

21. Now it's almost invisible!

Ta Dah! And you're done. 


So how did you get on? Please let me know so I can do any necessary tweaking (or correcting of typos). If you make an object using this tutorial I'll pop a link to you down below.