Thursday, 10 April 2014

Knit Club Holibobs

I love Knit Club 

With a PASSION! 

Well there's only one thing I love more and that's Knit Club Holiday. Suzie (The Wool Sanctuary) organises it twice a year at Kirstie Allsopps Hand Made Home (book and TVshow).  

Meadowgate is an idyllic get away. It takes my breath away. Actually it takes my words away too for I have come to write this post many times over the past fortnight and I manage to write a load of twonk. This is not helped by the fact that I can't get my photographs to stay in the order I am putting them in. Most frustrating.

One day I'll return to Meadowgate and I will sleep in this sweet twin room. 

So I will write whatever comes into my head and I will leave the pics to sit as they please. Why stress? I'm getting my knickers in a twist about plenty of other things in real life without getting silly over a blog post. 

Mine and my friend Princess' room

This was a moment of pure perfection

Don't ask!

My mum came too and she made this little bear called Wilf

Mini Cuckoo's godmother

My mum had a birthday when we were there

Little Cuckoo's godmother

On the way home we stopped at Donna Flower's home. She laid on an amazing afternoon tea for us. Such a lovely, lovely lady. I bought a heap of fabric and have spent the past year (Yes these pics are from February 2013) overdrawn as a result. I am rubbish with money.

Shabby Chic Sarah (Love her)

Right, no more typing. I'm hitting publish. I need to go and write comments on blogs.....


ps. What is going on with blogger? My pics are not this poor quality on my computer but they are awful in this post and dreadful when I make the photo's extra large. It's this sort of pain in the butt thing that puts me off posting these days.


  1. Well I love your post but I also feel your pain. My pictures have a mind of their own these days and it's not a mind set I like. So glad you shared so many fun things x x oh and P.flipping S blogger keeps chucking me out too.

  2. Hi Cuckoo, I loved this post and I'm trying to find the time to make a peg bag like yours....will certainly link when I do.
    Meadowgate looks amazing and such a great place for a crafty weekend.
    Jacquie x

  3. I did a double take when I saw this post! I thought you had given up on the blogging, lovely to see this. Knit club looks great. I'm still pants at knitting.....utterly pants. It's slow going and it annoys me, but it's annoying me more that I just am not taking to it like I want to. Oh well. Maybe one day.

    Hope you are well. I have a half written letter. The kitchen chaos put paid to it being finished. Soon though, if the Bears give me 5 minutes peace this Easter hols.

    Take care my friend xxxxx

    P.S it might help if you change your browser to do a post. It happened to me for a while too but I changed my browser and it was fine in another. Also, blogger changed to auto correct your pics when you upload making them not look like you want them too. I had to change to google plus to be able to stop it being done automatically when you upload. Not sure if it can be done without changing to google plus. Might be worth a looksie. x

  4. only 9 sleeps until I get to give you a massive hug. And we can squeal, and say 'me too' and knit and crochet, and eat pancakes and and and.......

  5. Ignore what V said, your problem with Blogger is nothing technical, it's simply dust and cobwebs moy luvver.



  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time.

  7. Dear Cuckoo, I only discovered your blog recently and just wanted to say how much fun your blog is, so I'm glad you're posting again.

  8. I just went through the same problem with my new blogspot blog, and this is what I learned. Blogger, in it's bid to force more people to sign up for Google Plus, and thus be able to track all of our information and sell it, are creating these problems for which the only solution can be found via Google Plus' settings. Google Plus has an Auto Enhance feature which automatically edits your uploaded pictures, it doesn't improve them, it adds a grey tone, making them darker. To disable this feature you must sign up for Google Plus. Click on Home > Settings. Scroll to the "Auto Enhance" section. Uncheck "Automatically enhance new photos".

  9. I love to see your blog posts pop up, don't give a monkey's about the photo quality (silly Blogger). Looks like you had a wonderful time x

  10. Ooooooh you is well back, like. Great post, it looks like such a lovely place to go, Maybe one day when I am crafty, and free to leave my kids, oh and marry a man who allows me to have a more free life, I shall join you, ha ha.
    Lovely pics, love you as a pussy cat, you remind me of Bjork in that one. see ya soon x x x x

  11. Dear Cuckoo - Thank you for sharing - I always enjoy your posts and would rather see them with what you consider "poor quality" photos than not at all! ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. Oh Cuckoo, I have missed you! It looks like you had a great time and the pics are fine. It's just wonderful to have you back posting.


  13. Looks like a lush holiday!
    I've been having probs with Blogger, too. It's a bugger.
    Nice to catch up with your blog.
    Enjoy the hols.
    sarah xx

  14. Oh, don't be put off posting, it's lovely to see a new post.
    I am GREEN with envy at that wonderful break. It sounds like heaven...
    Jo x

  15. Hello Cuckoo
    I've popped in several times before and so was v happy to see a new post today. Rather bizarrely I landed back here today through Pinterest and a GORGEOUS picture of a very scrummy green bobbly ruffley blanket that someone had made from a pattern on your blog. Couldn't find the pattern but did find new post - yay !
    Knitting Club holiday sounds totes amazing......
    Have a lovely day

  16. Me again ... not really quite all there today, tis still a bit early ... have now found bobble tutorial, there it was right infront of me ! My head is now ticking away on what colour wool, what size to make, where will the blanket go, can I crochet all day today ? Do the family need to eat today ? Sooo excited, new project here I come ...
    Thank you xxx
    Kate x

  17. What a fantastic break, and to stay at Meadowgate, very envious.

  18. Hey Cuckoo, long time since I visited but so lovely to read about your little crafty get away.
    What a wonderful place and to have someone else do the cooking etc. while you create is most certainly bliss. What a clever mum you have too, no doubt your inherited her creative genes.

    You always make me smile whether you're having trouble finding the right words or not....Holibobs and twonk, my new words for the it.......

    Claire Xx

  19. Hi Cuckoo, looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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