Thursday 10 April 2014

Knit Club Holibobs

I love Knit Club 

With a PASSION! 

Well there's only one thing I love more and that's Knit Club Holiday. Suzie (The Wool Sanctuary) organises it twice a year at Kirstie Allsopps Hand Made Home (book and TVshow).  

Meadowgate is an idyllic get away. It takes my breath away. Actually it takes my words away too for I have come to write this post many times over the past fortnight and I manage to write a load of twonk. This is not helped by the fact that I can't get my photographs to stay in the order I am putting them in. Most frustrating.

One day I'll return to Meadowgate and I will sleep in this sweet twin room. 

So I will write whatever comes into my head and I will leave the pics to sit as they please. Why stress? I'm getting my knickers in a twist about plenty of other things in real life without getting silly over a blog post. 

Mine and my friend Princess' room

This was a moment of pure perfection

Don't ask!

My mum came too and she made this little bear called Wilf

Mini Cuckoo's godmother

My mum had a birthday when we were there

Little Cuckoo's godmother

On the way home we stopped at Donna Flower's home. She laid on an amazing afternoon tea for us. Such a lovely, lovely lady. I bought a heap of fabric and have spent the past year (Yes these pics are from February 2013) overdrawn as a result. I am rubbish with money.

Shabby Chic Sarah (Love her)

Right, no more typing. I'm hitting publish. I need to go and write comments on blogs.....


ps. What is going on with blogger? My pics are not this poor quality on my computer but they are awful in this post and dreadful when I make the photo's extra large. It's this sort of pain in the butt thing that puts me off posting these days.