Sunday, 3 November 2013

Peg bags are stupid...usually

Now there's a statement. Borderline inflammatory talk. But they are stooooopid. They are never quite where you want them when hanging out the washing. It doesn't matter if you have a rotary drier or a long traditional line dryer. You have to keep moving the wretched thing. I don't know why this annoys me so.

Little hearts all in a row...I know they are there

Don't get me wrong I like how a peg bag looks. I adore the cute fabric ones, I'm dotty over ones made from old childens clothes and I own a rather fetching enamel bucket peg bag. Yet I still think they are stupid. Cor, I am a feisty one!

My mate Princess has got it sussed. She has always used a long across the body bag from India. That was until it fell to bits and she mused out loud that she should make herself one using Jane's bag pattern as featured in Mollie Makes mag issue 10. She had made her eldest son a school bag and said it was a doddle to make.... so I jumped on the bandwagon (as I always do, when will I have an idea of my own?) and made one hell of a clever fancy pants peg bag.

It's genius. It gets slung across my body and travels around the washing line with me. The pegs are constantly in the most convenient place and it hangs happily off the corner of my rotary drier till I get the washing in. 

I hate pegging out. It's a bore. I like the look of white washing on the line but a dark wash disgruntles me. I like outside dried washing smell but I flipping loathe that there is always a spec of bird crap on something. Gah. 

Using my Fancy Pants Peg Bag does make up for these grumps, a bit.

Erin gave me this button

But if I am frank, the thing I like about it best is it looks nice hanging on the utility room door. 

Just in case there was any question over it's handmade status

I love it. I just do. I'm not sorry. I'm happy to gloat over it. I show everyone who comes to my house my cLeVeR peg bag. Yeah, scratch my BIG head. Or rather, scratch Princess' head for the idea and Jane's talented head for the pattern. That Jane is a clever devil.

Whilst I was stitching my middle boy, Little Cuckoo (though he is hoooooge now), said he wanted to sew a blanket.

He chose some felt and some embroidery thread and started to sew.

He was totally absorbed in his task.

So much so he stitched his lovely blanket to his pyjama bottoms.

He thought that was hysterical and laughed plenty. That blanket is as cherished as any crocheted blanket I have ever slaved over. It is adorable.



  1. Love it! I especially like the 'fancy pants' label and of course it looks fab on the utility door. Great that Little Cuckoo sewed the blanket to his trousers - I think that counts as a design feature 'want to carry your blanket but need to use your hands for something else ...etc!' Have a great Sunday x Jane

  2. I have another niggle to add to the peg bag problem - the gap is always too far down the bag and so there is a temptation to stick too many pegs in it and they keep tumbling out. Very annoying. I have a cross the body bag a kind Tibetan monk gave to me and I have wondered what to do with it - seems like its found its home as a peg bag! I love hanging washing out whatever the colour of it and it makes my heart leap to see it all blowing and fluttering in the breeze but I am with you about the birdy doo. Lily. xxx

  3. Just brilliant!!! I totally agree with all you say about peg bags...I have a straight line and alwyas spend ages wandering backwards and forwards for pegs, even though I try and remember to slide it along the line as I go.
    The peg bag I made is really shabby now so I'm dying to copy your copied idea...and if it turnsout half as nice as yours I'll be thrilled.
    Thank you for the inspiration and smiles.
    Jacquie x

  4. Ooh, so pretty! My favourite bits are the lace (naturally) and those dear little hearts. Does your machine do those? They've enchanted me. As has the fact that Little Cuckoo wanted to sew with you. Bless him. I once cut into some fabric while it was on my lap and cut straight through the blouse I was wearing at the same time - gutted as it was a favourite.


  5. I never had a peg bucket until I moved in January and the new house had a bucket full of pegs waiting for me hanging on the line. I must say I am a real convert now. Hanging out the washing, and bringing it in, is a task that I enjoy I find it relaxing. But funnily enough the same cannot be said for folding and putting away the washing!
    xXx Helen

  6. Ahh, sweet! That has to be the prettiest peg bag I've seen! I have mine in an old tote bag made from a tea towel that I sling over one shoulder, but an across the body bag makes so much more sense!
    R x

  7. Great peg bag, I'm rubbish at hanging anything out, just too lazy, we've got a pulley up-and-down thing above the aga which is my saving grace. Little cuckoo did a great job, clever lad, you can tell him that I just like Pinkmilk managed to cut through a virtually brand new pair of trousers while sitting on my bed cutting up some fabric (as you do) soooo stupid and very annoying!

  8. What a blinking brilliant idea for a peg bag!!! :-)
    And what a cute blanket! :-)

  9. I've only just pegged some washing out and agree with all of your comments as I had to whirl the rotary line around and around just to collect a small handful of pegs!
    And, then occasionally you get that gust of wind that completely lifts the bag off the line and deposits it on the wet grass with every peg strewn around the garden!
    Your idea of a peg bag is definitely the way forward!

  10. What a super bag! Love the colours and prints but especially the unique labels and bird button. What a clever devil you are! ;) I totally agree with you about peg bags and although I'm in desperate need of a new one, (using an old enamel colinder at the mo. - don't ask!) I have umm-ed and arhh-ed about what sort to make. This bag looks like the perfect solution.

    Did laugh so much when I read Little Cuckoo had sewn up his pyjamas too. What a cutie! x

  11. Okay, does it make me really lazy that I cannot be doing with peg bags of any kind and just keep my pegs on the line all summer? If I can be bothered, I take them all down in the winter months and shove them in a carrier in my shed.

    Your peg bag does look really quite super duper though, you clever bird.

    And what a darling your Little Cuckoo looks sewing away. Big Bear once wanted to learn how to bead a bracelet with me and did ask if I could teach him to crochet. His enthusiasm for both lasted all of 10 seconds and painting fantasy figures is more appealing now!


  12. That's a very neat idea but I love most the little details you added, just make sure you don't loose the badge!

    I laughed with your son because I've done that so many times!

  13. Started reading thinking that I quite liked my own peg bag. Now I have seen yours not so sure. Ha ha
    Nelly x

  14. Genius!! The other thing about peg bags is the hook of the coat hanger inside invariably comes out leaving peg bag, and pegs, strewn over the ground.
    As a complete novice sewer (I successfully made a bean bag cushion, with a zip, get me!) would that pattern be do-able?? Thanks :). Love yours. Bit pink, but gorgeous ;)

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  16. Awe, this post made me laugh out loud! I love how your little man was sewing, and more so how he was so enthusiatstic and sewed up his pants!!!! Very good. x

  17. Such a brilliant idea! Love the label and little birdie. Found your blog via Bunnu Mummy and so pleased I did. Your little man is cute very photogenic.

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