Thursday 4 August 2011

Crochet hook roll-tastic.

Before I launch into this post of stitchy stuff I want to say thank you hugely to everyone who leaves comments and follows my blog. When I started out I really wanted to join in, to become part of this blogging and crafting community. I was ever hopeful of making a few bloddies but I never expected to make so many, I just can't believe how many of you take the time to leave me a comment too. I love that you do. I try hard to get around every ones blogs and to reply to comments as I love to see what you guys are all up to. My problem now is that I spend a bit too much time on the old laptop rather than creating, oh it's a tricky balance isn't it? And one I know a lot of you ponder over. I have read many a paragraph stating exactly what I have just said. We are all so sociable and probably all fall into the category of "people pleaser" too. Anyway, I don't know what the answer is but I shall continue to try to find some balance so I can enjoy it all and in the mean time I hope you all know what a huge difference you have made to my life. I feel constantly lifted by you. 

I've been a little AWOL in blogland the past few days as I have had my dear friend Kerranda Mirranda Miraculous May Scarrad (Kmmms) to stay with her two little girls and yesterday Clairey joined us with her two littlies.  7 kids, 5 years and under was mayhem. They each took it in turns to be gorgeous but that also meant they each took it in turns to be little terrors! Even Mini had a squealy day and those are so rare. However the sun shone for us and we all ate a lot of rocky road and it was lovely to all get together. Gem, Rah you were missed though.

Right on to business for I am blogging in haste. I had another title for this post along the lines of 'a r*ll for a h**ker' but as much as it amused me to think that some body looking for some excitement would stumble across my blog and find crochet, I don't really want them viewing my children (not to mention my flashing episode on the London Eye in my last post) so I changed it. 

A while ago, while I was still heavy with child I decided to make a crochet hook roll which I blogged about here. I just popped back to get the link to the post and saw that I made my hook roll just 9 days before Mini was born. It feels like a lifetime ago yet it's only five months.

Kmmms saw my hook roll and asked ever so nicely if I'd make her one one day. So I did.  It was a bit late for her birthday but she didn't mind at all. I made a few modifications to her roll as I didn't like the way my hooks made the back of my roll all lumpy bumpy concertina looking . So I made it a bit differently and I was pretty chuffed with it. I had a go at doing binding the proper way. I followed Rachel's fab tutorial. I even popped on a little label that I ordered from Cash's as I intend to make and sell one day.....some day, when I'm grown up.

Can you see how the back is nice and flat and the
spaces for the hooks all rounded? But there were stitches
visible for each pocket on the back.

I should have made a mosaic of all those pics but I'm trying to be more savvy with my time whilst the school holidays are in full swing. 

I showed Kmmms' roll to my Mum who said she really loved it and wanted one. So I made her one for Mothers day. Obviously it was really late. I am hopeless at getting things done on time! Again I made a few more modifications.

 Flat back, no stitches visible.

In the mean time, Kmmms had blogged about her hook roll and one of my bloddies, Nicky saw it. She saw the label and asked if I made them to sell and would I make one for her.

I don't think she expected it to be such a palaver for her. Shopping at Argos it ain't. I literally bombarded her with a squillion questions about the size of her hooks, how many she had, the details of her scissors, the fabrics she liked. Poor duck, she only wanted a hook roll and she got the third degree. She was very good about it. I wanted the roll to be perfect for her needs you see.

She was amazingly patient too. I think she waited about 7 weeks for me to get it finished.

I was being very fussy over it. Very fussy. I was fretting over it being good enough. You see Nicki and I had that awkward moment when two mates discuss payment. I would have done it for nothing but she wouldn't have accepted that so we struck a deal. She would pick a few things off my on line book wish list and surprise me.

It was a perfect solution. She sent me Scandinavian stitches and Embroidery Companion. I loved the excitement of waiting for the books to arrive. To see what she had chosen. It was great. I wonder if I ever did set up shop if I could be paid in this manner?!

I loved making this for Nicki as even though I don't know her in real life, as I was stitching, I could picture her hooking away in her gorgeous cottage with a bowl of icecream with caramel sauce by her side and the radio playing in the background.

So now for a bit of news updates: 

Mini's passport has arrived!!! So we will all be going to Spain soon. I went to the Newport passport office and everyone was just so lovely, I really enjoyed the day. It was a bit of a palaver getting to  Newport as the Brynglas tunnel was blocked by a lorry that had caught fire. The M4 was shut both ways and there were 12 miles of tail backs. I made a call to Mr C and he google train times from Bristol Parkway so instead of going East on the M4 I went West and caught a train. We did have a giggle on the phone as Mr C said he felt like we were in the TV show 24. He was Chloe and I was Jack. I tried to talk in an urgent, husky voice but I was a bit stressed and the road noise was too loud and drowned me out on the hands free. Amazingly I got to Newport with absolutely no hassle and Mini's passport arrived just 3 days later. What amazing service. 

What with having to get Mini's passport and Little getting an infection and needing antibiotics again we didn't make it to Salcombe last week. If Mini's passport hadn't have arrived in time then there'd have been no holidays for me this summer! Secretly I would have quite enjoyed a week at home with Mini while the others were in Spain, but I am so glad to be going en famille as I feel a bit lost with out my boys and my rock and roll mate. Mr C is away at a sports camp thingy this week and despite having my dear Kmmms here I have missed him dreadfully but I have not missed putting his coffee cups in the dishwasher and his coke cans in the recycling!!!

I'm thinking of changing my banner. What do you think? I'm nervous it'll all go a bit wrong like the last time I fiddled about. Blogger started saying I had ran out of photo space and I needed to purchase more. Ridiculous as I have hardly any photo's here compared to other bloggers and my photo's are only little files. If I knew where to save a copy of my html of my current blog banner I'd leap straight in. Do I just copy and paste it onto a word style document? I'd also like a favicon but I'm a bit scardy. Do any of you have experience with changing yours? Or should I just leave it as it is?

Better go and clean up after the weeks fun and start organising things for holiday now. I'd forgotten how much clobber you need for a baby. Oh and who has experience with Baby Led Weaning? I've been told to give it a whirl but this is all new to me.... Nelly? Ashley? Help!


ps Gorgeous giveaway at Ashley's and another over at Juli's. I have a few bits I have been collecting for a giveaway but I have seen soooooo many good ones out there that I think my little stash is a bit feeble as it stands so I will add to it and hopefully I'll have a decent one for you all eventually. 


  1. Oooh love your crochet hook rolls, mine live in a jug next to 'my' chair!
    Have been popping in and out of your blog for a bit now and have become one of your happy band of followers today. Lovely photos, your boys are gorgeous and I am about to have a bash (when my blanky and other bits are finished) on your bobble blanket!
    Thanks for a fun blog.

  2. OMG. Cuckoo, your rolls, they're GORGEOUS. You're so beautifully neat too. Please set up a little gazebo in the corner of Folksy and I PROMISE I will be first in line to buy one. My hooks currently lurk in a Charlie and Lola pencil case and down the side of my favourite chair.

    Enjoy Spain - things have been a little cruddy here since we've been back so it seems a lifetime ago. :-(

    Re the header - I'm thinking of playing with mine a little - I simply create it in Microsoft Publisher and save it as a picture in .jpg format. I think.

    Re peely boobs update - suitably moisturised and tickety boo now! Forgot to tell you that I asked D to keep an eye out for a 'willowy blonde with a gaggle of boys in tow' at Malaga airport and he was only too pleased to oblige!!!!!!


  3. Your rolls are just so lovely (I would say gorgeous but I'm never sure how to spell it!) - you are a very talented lady. I know what you mean about blogging starting to take over your life at times, and it is definately much easier and quicker with no children around. Have a lovely, lovely holiday and I will miss you at KC on Saturday.
    Jo x

  4. Fantastic hooky rolls. I love the fact that you made a little corner for needles too - mine always hide themselves in-between usage. I am one of those new to your blog - loving it!

  5. Your rolls are indeedy fabtastic, I made something similar ( perhaps less neat and more wobbled! ) that held children's felt pens and pencils.....they are handy pretties!
    I'm afraid I get my Mr.Q to do all my bloggy technical stuffs....wimp!
    Nattie x

  6. Awe thank you so much for the mention! You should do a giveaway of one of your fantastic hook rolls! I absolutely love them. I am too impatient to make something so complicated and flawless, but you are a pro! x

  7. I feel exactly the same.. surprise surprise..! It's just ard to get the balance.. between looking after baby, everyday chores, spending time with hubby and blogging, it doesn't really leave much time for actually Making things.
    I'm always worrying that I'm spending too much time blogging and not enough time with Ray in the evenings.. but sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to catch up with all the bloggy business!
    Do you get all excited when your phone bleeps saying you've got another comment from someone..? No!? Just me then... :S haha
    I LOVE the crochet hook rolls! Their gorgeous! I wonder if your up for making another sometime soon as I'd be interested in buying one. They look so professional, you could easily sell them 'when you grow up'!
    Brilliant news about the passport! We are currently waiting for Rose's passport to arrive! We're supposed to be off to Spain also in September and I'm panicking a LOT about the passport. I've never been on holiday with a baby (surprise surprise) and I just feel like I don't have a clue what I'm doing or what's in store for me! :S haha Are you experienced in this?! If so... help!! Any hints or tips..?
    I'm afraid I'm not too much help when it comes to baby-led weaning... I havent been doing it myself, I give her mainly pureed food, but she does have some finger foods now, like baby biscuits or little baby rice cakes.. that kinda thing.
    Right! Phew! I'll stop writing now... but there were so many things to reply to! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  8. Ooops.... me again!
    Think I forgot to say before, but thank you for giving me a mention xxx

  9. 'WOW' is all I can say about your crochet hook rolls. I would like to buy one too! They are so beautiful and perfect, and I love the fabrics you've chosen. Absolutely gorgeous. It sounds like you're going to have a lovely holiday all together, I hope your poorly littley is feeling better now. And also, I would be confident changing a header, but I have NO idea what a favicon is! x

  10. Hope your holiday is fantastic!!!!!
    I know it will be!
    Your stuff is awesome, you so should have a shop.
    I am hearing you with the whole balance thing, I have decided to only comment on blogs I LOVE, and try and cut down on my list of blogs on my reader, because its ridiculously huge (but there are so many good blogs out there) just so I dont start losing the balance, I have noticed I have been crocheting less, and want to change that.
    Have a great great holiday, and so glad Mini's passport came through

  11. Wow Cuckoo ...these are awe inspringly good . They are so neat and professional looking. I love then .
    Jacquie x

  12. 1) Seriously love those crochet hook rolls, you are sew-tastic, lady. Get selling them now! I say that, but I have plans to go on a raid to your house when I'm down in Dorset next week.
    2) Huzzah for passports - we've just applied for new ones for all three kids - that's just 150 quid then...
    3) I think I can get away with just the seven facts, can't I? It was the same award I was given twice, and actually there are only seven interesting things to know about me.
    4) Baby-led weaning: baby n refused point blank to let us feed her. Ever. Never let it be said she doesn't know her own mind. We just started giving her food she could hold herself from the age of about five months. Chopped up banana, cucumber, tomatoes, mashed potato, rice cakes, bits of ham/chicken/steak (!) etc. It's been an absolute blessing - she's never had that 'gag at the mere sight of a lump' phase and she's always just got on with feeding herself while I do other stuff. With her I haven't even worried about how much she's actually getting either - she just seems to eat until she's had enough and then demands more when she wants it (which is pretty much constantly, as it turns out. She's her mother's daughter). Basically we just gave her stuff and she ate it if she wanted it. Brilliant! And so much less hassle than pureeing.
    5) Can't help re banner I'm afraid, as you know, I'm a cretin with all things technical.
    6) Thanks for the link re Rico cotton - will try to hunt down the elusive, discontinued, mint
    7) Have a jolly weekend
    mwah mwah x

  13. PS. Leave my front door standing wide open? I'd never do anything as cretinous as that...

  14. Gorgeous! I love the fabrics you have chosen. I used the same excellent tutorial but got a bit beyond myself and added an extra row of hook slots. I hope all you Cuckoos have the happiest and loveliest of times in Spain and that you get some well deserved rest xxx

  15. Loving your crochet rolls, so VERY pretty!
    Fraid I can't help you with the banner, I really want to change mine but havent got a clue will have to ask the Hubster to do it for me!
    Have a fabulous holiday!
    Rachel x

  16. I'm loving your hook rolls... utterly gorgeous, you clever lovely thing you. Am especially LOVING the last one, the be-A-U-tiful pink and red number. :0D I've got a huge selection of hooks in it, most of them pretty, all of them useful and I loved the extra little space for my scissors, needles and pins.... What you can't see in the photos is how very tactile it is. The fabric is soft and the whole roll folds up so nicely. I bought some knitting needles in a roll from Cath Kidston recently (because the roll happened to be half price and I was going to buy some knitting needles anyway to have a go at it) - WELL, the Cuckoo hook roll wipes the floor with the CK one and that's a fact. The fabric of the CK roll doesn't sit flush, it's too thick and hard. The Cuckoo roll folds up perfectly and sits nice and flat.

    Agree with your bloddie who says you should do a hook roll for a giveaway, it would cause a frenzy!

    Laughing at the thought of you and Mini on your passport mission, although can certainly imagine it wasn't quite so glamorous as 24 with sticky August heat, trains and traffic jams! Hurrah for the Cuckoo family though, getting to have hols together. Am sure Big and Little would lead Mr C astray if they were on holiday 'all by their own' (that's how kids say it isn't it?)

    Right, mustn't waffle any longer. Just wanted to send a whopping great KISS, skip about a bit (amateur tap dancing going on here), and say again how thrilled I am.

    Nicki xx

    PS Thanks ever so for clearing up the mystery of the KMMMS acronym. Actual middle names (in which case, cool parents) or nicknames given by you girls?

  17. Sorry I was no help with the weaning thing. Lemme know when he needs to learn some swear words, or make farty noises with his hand and armpit - I can help with those xx

  18. My sis is very clever on baby-led weaning, will ask her to send me some tips to pass on. Love the hooker-rolls. Have a lovely hol. xx

  19. You may have to start selling those roll thingys, lady, because it seems like you have a lot of orders coming in! If I was a close friend of yours I'd be asking for one too! hehe
    About the header, I am not sure exactly what kind of help you need, but if you can be a bit more specific I might be able to help. I am no expert, but I change my header about every 6 days. lol.
    What's baby led? I would help if I knew what that was, but here in the US, lead is a harmful mineral that causes brain damage or lung problems or something very, very bad, and so as such no one here lets their baby's have lead. I am certain that is not the kind of lead you speak of. :0)

  20. Hi Cuckoo, wasn't sure what baby led meant, but got the jist by reading comments. I like the idea of finger food and letting them help themselves. Mine just ate what I put in front of them, so I'm no help.
    Also no help with your header because I am with wordpress and it is really easy to change it :(
    Oh, oh, oh LOVE your hook roll,(so neat) you could sell heaps of them, enough to retire on, then you could holiday around the world, oh and then you could come visit me... :) And you know what, it doesn't matter how much or how little you have for a giveaway, it's the thought behind it other wise it has the potential to snowball into 'got to be bigger and better' like kids parties. So glad mini's passport got there in time, I was playing dramatic music in my head imagining you zipping and dodging traffic and muttering a cuss word or two under the breath.
    Have a wonderful holiday, see you, bye.......hand waving.
    x Sandi


    I found this and though of you!

  22. Ooo, you clever girlie. So beautifully made. I'm sure people will pay handsomely for these when you decide to sell!
    As for baby-led weaning- I kind of chickened out a bit and went for a mixed approach, where I gave my baby the usual purées and then some soft sticks of cooked veg/ toast etc alongside.
    It worked pretty well.

  23., love, love those crochet rolls. You are one hell of a talented lady! Think I may just have to go over to Nicki's, distract her and run off with it. It's in my favourite tilda print! Good grief girl, you put those on your Etsy site and they would be gone in a flash! We would all be queuing up for them!

    Glad you were able to get mini's passport in time, you will have such a fab break away I am sure. Will miss your posts though!

    Sorry, have no idea about weaning, seems such a long time ago I did it. Annoyingly fussy kids I have these days.

    Not really that experienced in headers, although I do like to fiddle and seem to change mine every couple of weeks. Not sure whether this would help

    Not sure why you had any problems with your photo space. I have been blogging for two years almost with blogger and never once have I had that. Strange. Do you work on a mac? Can't you screen shot it and just save to desktop?

    Not sure if I am any help, probs make things worse! ha ha!

    Right, well, have a great day today and not sure when you are off on your hols exactly but if I don't speak to you before, have a fab time away with the Cuckoo brood!


  24. I love your Hook Roll, you are just so talented, clever girl, I would love to give one to my mum for christmas, how much do they cost (email if you want to), I am a paying client, I think these would sale so well hun, do it.

    You and Mr C so make me chuckle, I now have visions of 24 bedroom lark!!! trying to think of someone horrid naked to get the image out of my head....Gordon Brown....EEK!!!

    I love your header, my cousin Chris ( you know) couldn't sleep the other night so went on-line and read your blog, she loved it and how it looked, I think it looks so pretty and colourful and happy, sums you up really.

    Lol x x x x

  25. Gorgeous hook roll! I've just made your pastel teas cosy (linked on my blog ) but I had a quick question for you - I used a 4mm Hook but mine stitches look a lot looser than yours. What size did you use? Maybe I just crochet much more loosely? (I was going to say "I hook loosely" but that sounds a bit like your "r*ll for a h**ker" comment doesn't it ;) ). Anyway I love your blog!

  26. Those are gorgeous hook rolls! I think i have to put one of these on my wish list! Don't think I know what baby led weaning is! My babies are way to big! When they were teeny I just offered them a variety of stuff and none of them were ever fussy eaters. Mostly they wanted to stick their hands in whatever we were trying to eat - that was pretty baby led!!! x

  27. All inspiring as ever, I do love to see what everyone else is up to, and my friend has been talking hook rolls recently as she was designing and making one for herself too. It is always a major mission to find my hooks when I need one, so I must get out the sewing machine. It really struck chord with me about talking money, I paint a little and when it comes to asking a price for a commission, I am useless. I love your idea of a list that people can choose from, I reckon you would probably undersell yourself otherwise, my husband always gets cross when I tell him what I have quoted people on a painting. Anyways just wanted to say what a great inspiration you are! Faith x

  28. The crochet rolls look great. I made one a while ago, using a pattern in a crochet book , not realising that some of my crochet hooks were longer than others so only some of them fit in! So glad you managed to get Mini's passport sorted. Always a relief when stuff like that gets done. Hope you have a lovely and relaxing holiday. xx

  29. These crochet rolls are fantastic! So glad to have found your blog today. I had a fabulous time laughing over your antics in the pod! haha. Such a fun blog you have! Great reading over my morning cuppa.

  30. Ah changing a header, should be so simple but I know from experience it absoulutely isn't. Unfortunately can't offer any good advice either since I got in a huge strop with mine and Fee ended up having to sort it for me.

    On the baby led weaning front - liked the idea of it and fancied giving it a go but struggled a bit with certain aspects. The official web site thingy was useful, I think my biggest concern was the choking thing - I am a bit of a wuss on that front!

    I have tried to take elements of the ethos and do a bit of both (I may be told this isn't possible since she is probably just now confused! Though it seems to be going ok). So when at home and in no rush I strip her down, give her a spoon and try to let her feed herself as much as possible (though admittedly still shoveling some in every now and again). Then at other times I do feed her myself but I try to do finger foods with every meal and have probably done lumps sooner than usual and given her bits of what we eat which is easier.

    Would love to hear how it goes if you do decide to do it - it is an interesting concept!
    Nelly xxx

  31. 1) good work on the passport front - how many sleeps til your hols?
    2) I still miss Jack
    3) hook roll... E.N.V.Y
    4) baby led weaning - nelly will LOVE how you asked her advice. Mabel has been here all weekend spitting her lumpy couscous all over me and making me feel like an old time mother saying 'you need to puree this more, add more milk...more!'.
    5) blogging pals? right with you. Not sure what I filled my spare time with before it and pinterest!

    love your blog
    fee x

  32. I had to come over after seeing your gorgeous crochet roll on Nikki's blog. It's GORGEOUS!! I've signed up to follow your blog!

    I remember changing my header. It took me aaages! So well done you. I like the look of yours very much!


  33. Your crochet hook rolls are fabulous! I LOVE THEM!!! Your label looks amazing too. How totally professional are you madam! Keep us posted on your blog header - I would love to know how to change mine. Somehow I managed to get my current one up but it's sooooo basic and I don't really know how I did it. Bursting to have a change like some of the fancy ones out there. Have a fab week hon.

  34. How much do I LOVE your hook rolls? SO MUCH! Mine is horrid and bought from a horrid store and my needles always disappear and there's nowhere for my scissors! You are a genius...just proves that the best things are created by those who need and love them themselves! And all your hooks are so shiny and brightly coloured...did you hide the plain jane hooks for the photo shoot? ;)

    I've been thinking about labels for my crochet projects too...trying to find a good place to get them made and decide on how they should look. Aesthetic pressure is too much!

    Re: the blog banner...I hate to be a downer, but for me your banner is the one drawback of your blog. It takes forever to load, and once it has, the banner takes up the whole screen, so I can't see if there's a new post right away. Small thing, I know, but in my ever so humble opinion, if it were smaller and we could see your lovely words straight off, I would be so very happy!

    Yours in crochet solidarity!

  35. I adore the fabrics you used on these crochet rolls! The red and pink being my fave. Happy crocheting!

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