Monday 23 January 2012

I can't think of a title, so call it what you like!

Remember I was crocheting Little another cushion cover to go with his bolster cushion? It is finished and Little has scamped off with it and is loving it more than his other one. It melts my heart when I go in at night and see him like this:

It feels very special to make something for someone I love, it's even more wonderful when they are so happy with what I have made them. I hope my sweet boy can feel all the love that went into making him these crocheted cosy cushion covers.

Now, I may be a little quiet this week, you'll see me here and there for certain, leaving sporadic comments now and again. But I am having a potentially busy week. My God daughter Lady Buttercup arrived yesterday for a little holiday so I'll be bobbing in and out of blog land as and when I get the chance. Here she is, fast asleep in my spare room that is her room till Thursday.

That little pink crocheted rabbit was one of the first things I ever crocheted
 once I'd taught myself how. It's about 3 years old now and is called Miffy and is adored
Lady Buttercup. Oh how happy I feel to see her fast asleep cuddled up to it.

We are having to make plans by the hour depending on how Mini and Big are feeling as they, with perfect timing, have come down with bugs. Mini has a croupy cough and a bunged up up nose. He feels rubbish and he is not the sunny little soul he usually is. I hate that I can't do much for him to make him feel better.

But the little boy I feel most badly for is Big Cuckoo as he has a virus which is sending his temperature up to 39.3 even when dosed up on paracetamol and ibuprofen. Mr C took him to the Docs this evening as he is prone to tonsilitis, but it's a virus so nothing can be done. Poor little fella. He was off school today and desperate to play but he was shaking so much. He tried to join in with the baking we were doing but his head hurt so he stood on the stool and lay his head on the worktop and watched us. He gave up in the end and spent hours asleep on the sofa. Thankfully my friend, Princess, brought Little Cuckoo home from preschool for me so that I didn't have to drag two poorly kids out. Thank you Princess for doing an 8 mile round trip out of your way, I am so grateful I can't thank you enough.

I hope my boys perk up so we can all really enjoy having Lady Buttercup to stay. It's something the boys have looked forward to since we planned it a couple of weeks ago.


ps. Am loving having a girl to play with. I found myself taking photos of our legs all tangled up together as our almost matching tights looked so cute, her little legs, my big legs.
"Look Auntie! We have the same legs today!" She exclaimed,
"So we do darling!",
"Can I have some lipstick please?",
"Of course you can, give me a kiss square on the lips, I'll share it with you, my lady" I said.


  1. Gorgeous photo sweetie and gorgeous photo's. Lady Buttercup looks right at home bless her x x x x

  2. Bless them they all look so sweet. I hope the boys get better soon.

  3. Oh my, looking at all those sleeping children you have in your house! And don't they all have such pink little cheeks, bless them.

    So what's on the agenda (my step-son used to call it a fun-genda when he stayed with us) this week with the little lady? Indulging yourselves in loads of girly activities I hope - bet you'll both love it.


  4. Hope your little sweeties get better soon!!!
    They look so sweet with their flushed cheeks!
    I love when kids love what you make. My youngest loves one of my early cushions I made, which is particularly horrendous, and whenever we have visitors she takes it to her room so no one can sit on "her" cushion. Clearly I have to work more on the sharing, but it makes my heart warm when i see how much she loves it!!

  5. Aww.. poor little loves...look at their poor little sore noses and cheeks! They bounce back so quickly though.. they will soon be up and about! Happy healing in Cuckoo Land :)x

  6. What a sweet post - all those sleeping lovelies! Hope everyone feels much better soon, thank goodness for wonderful friends to help out.
    Enjoy your week - I find my daughter harder work than her 4 brothers put together, but it is lovely to have another girl around!
    Sandra x

  7. Oh how I remember little sickies!! There is an upside though in that they are more docile and want hugs all the time! Make the most of it while you can, they grow up so fast! Thanks for your sweet comments on my new blog. I may be new,, but I have been following your blog for over a year now and I love it! Hope your week gets better.

  8. Oh look at all those lovely snoozy pics - too adorable. Hope your wee men are feeling better soon. Have fun with another girl in the house!! Miss 4 and I share lippy just like that too!! Enjoy your week hon. L x

  9. Sorry also meant to say hope everyone feels better soon.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  10. aahhh i bet you are loving having a little girl around bless her heart. I enjoy working in the primary school and being able to do all the crafty things with the little girls it makes a little change for me to have pinks and purples and glitter etc ;-)) I love my boys but sometimes its nice to have a bit of girly time. So sorry to see and hear your little lads are poorly i hope they all start to feel much better quickly its horrible when there ill. Im home today with my little lad as he has another miagraine so he will sleep the day away. Have a lovely week, dee xx

  11. Gorgeous photos of sleeping little ones! I hope Big C and Mini C feel much better soon and can venture off the settee without feeling awful...have a lovely week!

  12. Aaaah! Hope the boys are feeling better now - poor things!
    You make the most of the girly company!!! ;-)

  13. Hope your little ones get better soon & enjoy having a bit of girlie time this week. xx

  14. Just gorgeous. Lady Buttercup looks divine. Big looks SO handsome and very much like you. His lips and eyelashes!!!!!!!
    Gorgeous cushion cover, clever birdie.
    Love x x x x

  15. Ahhh, bless your little angels - what a shame they are feeling poorly, sending {{{{healing vibes}}}}

    Love the new cushion, I've lost my crochet mojo a bit since learning to knit as I much prefer the action of knitting.

    I know it's lovely to have a girl to play with as I love it when my little niece visits - last time she sat and brushed my hair and stuck a load of hair clips in it and it was bliss.

    Not only am I surrounded by boys but 2 out of 3 of them would rather not have anything to do with me - that's tweens and teens for you!!

    Enjoy them while they're little and you're still the centre of their universe *sniff*....


    S x

  16. Awwww bless 'em all. Love the cushion action going on there, just the sweeetest piccie of Little having some cushion loving time. Awwwwww, bless Mini and Big for feeling unwell. Always the way when you have something exciting happening. Hope they get back up to full speed soon so they can appreciate a bit of girl energy about the house. The dynamics are so different when the Bears have girls around them. I have 6 nieces, although three of them are 'adult' girlies now. But three of them are still young enough to have a good old doll play with. My boys are such boys, bet yours are enjoy the whole 'same pretty tights' action whilst you can get it!


  17. love the photo of your little one cwtched up with his cushion . I have just started a mammoth project of a memory patchwork blanket for my eldest ( bear in mind i have only been using a sewing machine for a couple of weeks !!!!
    I had my 2 girls first and the dynamics completely changed when my first son came along and even more so now the bigger and more boisterous he gets
    . Hope your boys recover soon and get to enjoy some time with the little lady .

  18. cute. Big looks SO like you in that picture!
    Wishing you a happy pink (and blue) week, keep up the calpol.
    fee xxx

  19. oh i do hope the little ones get better very soon its so hard to see them poorly. fab cushions and toy too.

  20. Awe, all those lovely little sleepyheads! :)
    Hope the boys pick up soon and you all get to have some fun!
    V x

  21. BLESS, I hope they feel better soon. I loved your last post, I wish I could come along. :0(
    I hope your having fun doing girly things.

    Lou xxx

  22. Hi Cuckoo,

    Your kids look so sweet asleep! I hope your little one will feel better soon. He looks so hot. Enjoy the stay of your niece :-)

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

    Cushions look GREAT!

  23. What darling little cherubs! So adorable :-)

  24. Ah, bless the poorly boy - I hope he feels better now. I had tonsilitis last week and actually cried with self-pity...I'm usually quite stoic, but sometimes weeping is the only thing for it.
    Hope you enjoyed your girly time - it's quite a revelation having a girl about the house, isn't it? Matching tights? Now there's a thought...
    Emily x
    PS - was being completely sarcastic about the whole 'bunting in the bin' episode - I gnashed and wailed and said bad things under my breath.

  25. That is so cute! I just realised I'm not following you at the moment so I shall do anon!

  26. Look at the pink cheeks and ruby lips on your boys. Mini is growing so quickly, I hope they are all on the up now, poor mites, it's not nice being poorly. How cute is Little with his cushions, that is the highest praise for mumma's home made :) I bet you had the best time with Lady Buttercup, it's different having a little girl in the house (mine was a bit of a tom boy tho)did your boys have some fun time with her too?? Oh and didn't you have a nice time with your girls (in your last post) sorry I couldn't make it hehe.
    Take care lovely xoxo Sandi

  27. Oh, the poor little boys. Such a shame when they are poorly and they don't understand. Very envious of your cushions, they are just perfect. Lots of love. xxx

  28. Sleeping kids are so cute! Hope they're on the mend!


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