Tuesday 31 January 2012

Wanna see my Wips?!

I'm hoping that by cataloguing my Works In Progress I might get motivated enough (shamed rather) to steam through them all...Yes. See that big pink cloud over there? That's a pig. 

So first up we have this knitted shawl. In my head it will look like a beautiful creation draped around my shoulders much like the shawls you can see here.  I plan to finish this before my sock making work shop at the weekend or it will never get finished as I think sock making is an obsession waiting to happen. Oh Lord please help me!!!  I'm on the frilly edge now and it is not going well. It is not behaving at all and I am having mini tanties over it. But I think it will all come good in the end, once I get it off the needles. It's so hard with knitting to visualise how something will look once cast off.

So that's my knitted shawl, now on to the Shawl of Dreams. Remember that? Well I'm not sure about it anymore. It isn't turning out how I hoped. I can't even grasp the memory of the shawl I am trying to copy...the memory is deteriorating. I look at it and I'm have reservations as to whether I like it enough to carry on with it. It's a pig to crochet. I have all the yarn for this project and I don't know what I would do with it if I didn't complete what I have started. I do kind of like it when I see it here and it is really soft and smoochy.

Next up is my Granny Square which was inspired by Bunny Mummy who was inspired by Le Monde de Sucrette, only the Granny Square I originally started turned into a cushion for Little and then I started a Granny Rectangle. There's not much to say about it other than I started it on a whim at Christmas and I pick it up now and again. I don't even know where it will be used. Probably the kitchen since we tend to live in that room and the Granny Blanket is currently on my bed helping me to sleep. I'm having a hard time sleeping lately. Night sweats and weird dreams.

On to the little Kid Silk Aura capelet. I started this with a surge of motivation back in November but flitted on to Mr C's Christmas scarf which I still haven't photographed properly. I should get a wriggle on with this as I have just acquired a dress it would be perfect with. I say acquired as I haven't paid for it yet. I mean I didn't nick it, but I didn't get it with my own money. I wrote Mr C an IOU.

Lets not forget the blanket I started when I originally set about learning to knit............I'm not sure I'll get this blanket done in its entirety, not the the full size with all the sample squares. Maybe a little lap blanket of all my favourite squares. I would rather crochet blankets and knit items to wear.

Talking items to wear, I have completed one wrist warmer but haven't stitched it up as I think I would like the cuff to be longer. I'm going to knit the second one and see how much yarn I have left. I was knitting these at The Savoy. The pattern is one of Suzie's of Knit Club fame, it's there that I am going to be learning sock making with my Mum. (Mamoo I will call you tomorrow, it's been so noisy here lately)

It's not all yarny stuff in my Wip list either. I started this hexy patch work when we were on holiday in Spain when I was pregnant with Mini. I knew I was pregnant and so I was making a pram blanket for the daughter who was inevitably on her way! Ha haaaa! It'll be a wicker shopping basket liner now. Way too girly for my sweet baby boy who turns one in just a few weeks.

I made a couple of dresses once, I wear them a fair bit so with that success behind me I embarked on this gorgeous retro pattern from the 1950's. Thought I'd give it a Joules vibe by choosing turquoise bias tape. It was going very well till I tried it on and realised my chunky 1980's waist meant that I had to make a large size and so the shoulders and bust were so huge on me I looked indecent. I have had some help from Bubble and Pookamook at Swine Club to alter the top but I haven't got around to it yet. I'm sure if I had the 1950's hourglass shape it would have fitted nicely.

And finally (not finally really, there are 162 other half started projects or projects I have bought the kit for, all hidden away about the house not least some embroidery as Emily sent me some vintage transfers which I have big plans for) I have been asked to test drive this sharp crochet hook. The idea is it eliminates the need to use a needle to get the foundation stitches set for a crocheted edge. I have plotted out the placement of the stitches with an erasable fabric pen and bought the yarn but I've not finished the next part. I must get on with it soon as I feel honoured to have been asked to give it a whirl. If you are intrigued go here to see what Alice has to say about it.

So this next pic isn't of a Wip but of  a blind. It's my Mum's bathroom blind. At least it is now. I was asked if I would like to review some bits for DunelmCath Kidston style dinner service) and being a frequent visitor to the Weston Super Mare store I said "Well why not!' I was sent a blind. It didn't fit any of my windows that needed a blind so my Mum swiped it off me. Good on her I say! So between the pair of us we have reviewed this blind and below is what we think.

On receiving the blind I made these observations:

  • Nice material, very substantial which gives the impression that it will wear well and hopefully not fray when in use.
  • It looks like it would be easy to cut down to size if one had the correct blind cutting gizmo.
  • It's a decent size so would fit the majority of houses windows.
  • The instructions look comprehensive so fitting shouldn't be too difficult.
  • The fittings appear to be sturdy enough for the weight of the blind.
  • The packaging was good, not too much rubbish to have to dispose of which is important now most councils have a limit on how much rubbish they will collect per household on the kerbside.

  • The packaging was a total beast to get into. Four heavy duty staples through hard plastic made it rather hard to get to the blind!
  • The chrome eyelet has a sharp burr on it which is both unsightly and could scratch someone.
  • The leather dangley bit would be nicer if it was real leather but I don't think it added anything to the overall design. That is my personal taste though and maybe the next person will adore the leather dangle.

And here is what my Mum had to say in an email along with the photographs you see here:

Hello Lovely girlie,
I have put up the blind.  It was quite easy and straight forward.
As you know the fittings and instructions were all in the same bag.  I laid them out as you can see in the photo to check that everything was there.  Didn't need too much in the way of tools, but the requirements are laid out in the instructions what you need.

The blind was easy to cut to size, but you need to be careful of the sharp edges that you make with the hack saw when cutting down the top tube prior to putting the end fittings in. Overall it is quite a nice blind.  My only criticism is that when the blind was made it was not cut straight with the grain of the material and that hampered the cutting down process as it threw you off line.  Also the eyelet being centrally placed meant the I had to cut both sides, and not just one side if it was plain, but that is a consideration that the purchaser would need to take when buying.  After I had cut the blind the hem both sides wanted to come undone and the sides frayed a bit.  The eyelet had a sharp lug on it where the top ring and the underneath ring didn't match up, which could be something that they should look at as it could have hurt someone.

Once the blind is cut and re-rolled and put into the brackets the mechanism runs smooth and easy.  The overall effect is very nice.
If I were to give it marks out of ten it would come in as an eight.
I hope that you can make sense of this to give Dunelm feed back from.
Love you,


So there we go. I actually think over all that this blind, which was less than twenty quid was super value for money. I'd like to thank Laura very much for approaching me to test run this blind and I hope I did a good and fair job of it.

This week has been a funny one. Mr C set off for France to go Skiing on Saturday. Usually we all go but our friends that we go with had to leave making plans till the very last moment as their Mum is having chemo for bowel cancer and it all needed to fit around her. On Thursday Mr C came home and said he'd been talking to Jim about it and that the plan was to go on Saturday.  To cut a long story short it made sense for me and the kids to stay behind which I am totally fine with. My last few skiing experiences have been awful and I'm scared to get back on the slopes now. There's a really long story attached to this about someone taking my ski's and me losing all my confidence as a result. So here I am home alone with the kids and I miss my chap. Don't get me wrong in someways it is easier but I don't like it. It feels very different to last week when we had my God daughter to stay. The house was full to the brim and now it feels a bit rattly, even thought there are still four of us here.

Lady Buttercup's stay here was lovely. I was apprehensive prior to her arrival as I'd offered to have her to give Kmmms a break. Those of you who read her blog will know why I was a bit nervous. Lady Buttercup had some trouble with going to bed. My Kmmms needed some respite so I offered. I kind of knew Lady B would be good as gold here but I wasn't certain. Anyway she was a joy and I really loved having her her. I ABSOLUTELY loved my time with her. I will treasure the memories forever and although she is only 4 I hope she remembers it too (but not the bit where I crashed into a barrier when trying to do a 3 point turn when collecting her Mum from the train station. God love my husband for not going bonkers at me when I told him!) The boys are missing her too, they enjoyed the new dimension she brought to their games. Big said a few times "Were is Brooke? Get her back Mummy, she lives with us now. She is our Brooke" which made me melt. That lovely little boy is so loving and welcoming.

Of all the photographs I took, this is my ultimate favourite.
She was decorating cup cakes for her family the morning she was going home.

ps. How many links in this post? I've gone link-tastic!! 


  1. Well I love it all. I really love The Shawl of Dreams the most though. You must carry on and finish it.
    Well we are now Open ! yes open now as Johanna is in a meeting all day tomorrow. So go girl if you like.
    Lol just read your I LOVE your comment bit, I have tried to put one on our blog...der I cannot do it !!

  2. Is that a pig I can see?????? there were so many things I was going to comment on, but I can't remember them now. Anyway I'm loving all of your Wips, you just need to pull your finger out and get them finished...... I would never dream of having sooooooooooo many unfinished projects on the go. ;)

    Lou xxx

    PS. I love the picture of Brooke!

  3. Wow you have a lot going on a the moment, I love the pink of your first shawl.

  4. Oh Cuckoo, I'm glad I'm not the only one with 100 WIPs on the go. Just today, I've given myself a good talking to and am on a mission to finish ...

    Do crack on with that pinky shawl, it's gorgeous.

    Spooky - D went skiing last Saturday too. I do miss him but am just loving sleeping star-shaped!


  5. Ooh so you can properly knit now! Clever girl!

    I was just trying to work out my finances and it fuzzied my head a bit. I really am crap with money. Always spend more than I have and always getting bailed out by Drew. He has a 'tab' that he set up for me and I have a regular standing order to him to pay off ''. Ha!

  6. All your half finished projects remind me that I was going to make a list of mine today. I find it impossible to finish something without being distracted by a new "something". Oh well. I guess it all gets finished eventually! I have that sharp crochet hook too. Haven't even opened the package yet. sigh.

  7. Crochet with Raymond1 February 2012 at 04:39

    all of your WIPS are just lovely! wow, LOVING that granny square shawl, it looks so delicate and soft and lovely! All the knitting, soooooooooooooo exciting to be multi-talented!!!!!!
    Have a lovely day and enjoy this sock knitting, trust me, it looks harder than it actually is. Heel turning is the fun part because it is just so amazing, and you will have hugs on your feet in no time!

  8. Enjoyed that whirlwind tour of your projects, you put me to shame. That pink shawl looks devine. I an currently spending all my time trying to fix my very broken blog, driving me mad. Hope your weekend lone parenting goes o.k, I really don't like it when g kisby is away either, Nelly x

  9. I do love to read your posts, newsy, funny and real. Look at your WIPs they are all stunning and your sewing is where I would aspire to be....to be able to make a dress and it be wearable afterwards is pretty impressive and your little hexagons are perfectly neat ....clever you!

    Have fun at your sock workshop, I can't imagine them ever running anything like that around here......I am the only crafty nutter in the village.

    The pic of your little houseguest is adorable what a pretty girl and how lovely that your boys were so welcoming.

    Have a good week!x

  10. Love the peek at all your WIP's they all look amazingly beautiful!!!
    Hope Mr C gets back quick sticks, and also hope the night sweats and not sleeping bugger off quick sticks too

  11. aahhh love the last photo she is so sweet bless her. Wow you have so many projects on the go i wouldn't know where to start ;-)) Your boys are sweet what a lovely thing to say to. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  12. I actually think you may have over taken me in the WIP's stakes! I love all your projects.....but the first one for me, got me all of a swoon. The colour....oh the colour. Well, you kind of know what floats my crafty boat these days so it shouldn't surprise you! That is going to look so gorgeous on, especially with a frilly edge. You are a girl of so many talents. I am in awe. I have one, and I blag that, so I don't even think it's a 'proper' one! I need to live near you so you can rub off on me more! ha ha! No, actually you'd be sick of me...it would be like......'oh no, i'm seeing Ness today, how can I get out of that one?'!!!!! he he. I saw the Friends episode the other night when Phoebe becomes a stalker to see Sting and get concert tickets! Was so funny....but no, seriously.......that could be me! ho ho ho

    Awww glad you had a lovely bit of little girly time with Lady Buttercup, and i'm sure Kmmms enjoyed some good nights sleep. Talking of sleep, hope the nights get better for you. I went through a phase of that recently and it was really draining, but seem to have got back on an even keel.

    Off to find out more about the pointy crochet hooky thing....sounds ideal.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Sorry...that comment was REALLY long

  14. Wow! Glad I am not the only one that starts stuff then feel the love fade away for the project. Loving the shawl of dreams it really does look dreamy with those colours and soft looking wool. The caplet looks like it will be a real winner too, and just loving the material and binding for the dress you are making. Clever girl you are. I would love to make some clothes for my girls. Boo in particular is more girly, Eldest just wants Ben 10 smothered on everything and to wear jeans like forever!! Ah well each to their own.

    I currently have a stripy crochet blanket that I started ages ago, hate it now. I have put in all sorts of wool and its gone wonky and I just hate it one day then think Mmm not too bad on others. I am attempting and I mean attempting to knit a top for Boo. I am sort of following a pattern for a cardi but am think I might just make into a jumper, just get some practice for armholes and necks! There is a half finished furry bear that I am trying to make up a pattern for. And I have random crochet squares lying about too! Phew! lol It must come with the territory with us crafty types!

    Its lovely that you had such a good time with your friends little one staying. Aww she looks really cute!

    How funny I quite often call my mum Mamoooon! Have no idea why other than its sounds better than boring old mum! lol.

    Oh thank you too for your sweet comment on my blog. You have such a lot going on in your life and it touched me that you would be concerned enough to ask if I was ok. Thank you for that you lovely lady you! I am ok, we have had a bumpy start to the year and its that time of year that I think lots of peeps struggle with. But thank you for thinking of me. You are a sweetheart.

    I better go I have written a essay! Sorry about that.

    MBB xx

  15. So many W.I.P.s so little time... All that lovely yarn,your work is so beautiful ,I especially love piccie 2, Can I ask what yarn it is? I love it!
    The sharp crochet hook I have been after but cant find one anywhere,I saw on another blog some crochet edged pillowcaes and really wanted to give them a go... Love the Dunelm china and love,love ,love the piccie of Lady Buttercup,what a cutie,love the names you give everyone too,lots of love juliexxx (sorry lots of use of the word 'love',it is a yummy post though!)x

  16. Cor, you have a lot on the go! Love your dress fabric and the shawl of dreams, it looks divine, but mohair is a pig to crochet with. I have lost all will to get on with my wips... in fact I can't be arsed to do anything!!! I am hoping it's a short lived January blues kind of thing. We'll see.
    Hope your nights improve soon. xxx

  17. I love having lots of wips, especially things that take a while, if I get bored I can swap to another. I love the knitted shawl and the wrist warmer is beautiful. The hexies are pretty too, I'm addicted to hexies.
    I'm being very good and finishing everything I start ( part of being organised and focused ) but I'm missing having something on going.
    Hope your week is ok with out Mr C and he has a good time skiing.
    Emma xxx

  18. Wowzer! What a longgg post! It was quite late last night when I was reading it and by the time I finished, Ray was crying out for some attention! haha So I left the commenting til today.

    My new years resolution was to finish all of my WIP's and only have 1 on the go but this post just makes me wants to start more and more things! Your current WIP's look gorgeous, I love love loveee the shawl with the rippely (spelt wrong!) edge, is it the same at the pattern you sent me a while ago? I attempted to start knitting it pretty much as soon as you sent it to me as it's sooo yummy but I just couldn't figure it out... and it's sposed to be easy! Maybe I should give it another try now I have a few more months of experience under my belt! haha

    The other thing that I love the look of is that pretty pink capelet, I'm going to have to search the wool and see if I can get myself some. :-) Hopefully we'll see this dress that sounds wonderfully expensive and beautiful! hehe

    I hope the time goes quickly that Mr C is away for, I too don't like it when the house is all quiet. I think it takes me back to my childhood being an only child, the house was always soooo quiet. Maybe that's why I want to have a whole bunch of kids!? Isn't Lady Buttercup such a cutey! Gorgeous girly, how lovely of you to make cupcakes with her. :-)

    Ashley xxxx

  19. Everything is so lovely, you have to finish it all (says she who hid some WIP's this week, so she could pretend they didn't exist!!)
    Hope you get some decent sleep soon.
    V x

  20. I'm so jealous! Your crafty talens know no bounds- is there anything you can't do? Don't worry about having lots of WIP's, you'll finish them when the time is right, as they are all too lovely to abandon! Anyway if you do finish them all, it would mean a whole new shopping spree (which I'm sure Suzie wouldn't object to!).
    I hope you enjoy your sock workshop, and manage to catch up on your sleep.
    Take care

  21. So many lovely WIPs and so much talent...don't stress, you'll finish them in time. It's sometimes better if you loose a bit of interest in a piece or it's going badly, just leave it and come back later with renewed vigor.

    The shawl of dreams looks so soft & cuddly, I'm sure it will be cosy to wear. So impressed by the patchwork, too nice to hide in a bag! The dress is going to be stunning, can't wait for the reveal photo.

    Have a good week...& sleeps. xx

    1. P.S. Enjoy the sock workshop, look forward to seeing your creations.

  22. You've got some gorgeous WIPs going on there! I love the colour of the shawl - and I think it's one that wouldn't look out of place in any season!

  23. Wow! I'm glad I'm not the only one with several projects on the go :O) I'm terrible, I've hardly finished one and then I get lured into another on pinterest or from a new ball of wool or piece of fabric. Can't wait to see how you get on. Michelle x

  24. I've just stumbled across your lovely page off the recommendations of Little Tin Bird. Very excited to add another gorgeous crafty blog to my reading list!
    I have that exact dress pattern too, but it's been sat gathering dust in the cupboard under the stairs for about 5 years now. I think it's time I did something with it, so I particularly look forward to seeing how yours turns out.

  25. I've just popped over from Little Tin Bird too - I'm glad I did, your blog is lovely :o) And you are a woman of many talents and many projects - I like it!! I always have lots of projects on the go too so don't worry, you're not alone!

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