Sunday 16 October 2011

Once upon a time, a couple of weekends ago...

....there was a little family of five who frolicked about in some unexpected sunshine. I know, I know I'm a pants poet.

Remember that really hot weekend at the beginning or October? Wasn't it special? Such a treat to have weather like that when all hope of Summer has passed.

Mr C's family came to stay with us and we all took full advantage of the garden. The boys hare tailed around as they are prone to doing and Poppa busied himself being useful as he usually does. This time he plucked all the fruit from the trees before the beastly wasps got at it all.

My sister in Law (Ma Belle Soeur as I call her) arrived at tea time on Saturday. The boys are always so pleased to see her, not just because she brings sweets shaped like pigs. That's her in the distance, she is always behind a camera, rarely in front.

The washing was pegged out, I think that may have been the last time anything got dried completely outside. 

I think this is THE ugliest photograph of Little Cuckoo I have ever seen!
And we spent the afternoon sitting on the outdoor sofa's relaxing.

The sun was almost over the yard arm so Granny had a Kir Royal.
I'm not sure the following photo's translate very well here, they were amusing on the camera when flicked through. Mr C was giggling and snapping away as I tried to erect the cheap little TV table to pop our drinks on.

Ha ha haaaa! I look like such a dorky scarecrow. I needed that drink after all that taxing table business. I swear it was harder than the rubix cube.  

Did you spot a bit of crochet there? 

I'm making a cushion cover to go in Little's bedroom. It's almost finished and I have to say I am loving the colours and loving the stripes. I am really hoping to get it done soon but I have a feeling that the button hunt may delay the reveal. I've not done crochet button holes before, they were very satisfying. I may even do crochet self cover buttons too. That may save me the hunt for the perfect button. I've got more crochet to show you later at the end of this post.

Look at that baby! He had literally just woken up and yet he was full of smiles, as always. He is such a joyful child.  I cannot believe how lucky we are to have him. It has been such a relief that he is so easy and content. It means I can spread myself around all the boys much more easily than I could if he cried as much as the older two. He has been a true delight since the moment he was born. Little Cuckoo is totally in love with his baby brother. He thinks about him and looks after him in a way I never thought a three year old could. Big Cuckoo 'likes' him but keeps asking me to put him back in my tummy and turn him into a girl. Little Cuckoo then shouts "NO MUMMY! I will miss him if he goes back in your tummy! Keep him out!!"

It was astonishing how hot it was that weekend. Very, very warm. Hotter than the summer was.  Not unbearable though, it was perfect. The wind was warm, and that's a big thing for me because we live on top of a hill and it is always windy. Even on a sunny summers day the wind often leaves me with goose bumps. It was lovely to be able to sit outside and feel comfortable. We'd not managed that this Summer as the wind always had a chilly edge to it. 

We all stayed out on the sofa's till gone midnight, well the adults not the kids obviously.

Oh it was heavenly. Spending the evening outside, a warm breeze, some cosy blankets for some snuggle factor, something lovely to drink. Perfect. I even saw two shooting stars.


 Not only was the weather glorious it was special for us for another reason too. Mini Cuckoo and I got Christened. 

Nic the Vic was giving us the low down on what was going to happen. It was modified a little as he was going to do both me and Mini at the same time. There was a moment when Nicolas was marking the sign of the cross on my forehead with oil that felt very....I'm not really sure how to describe it without sounding like a right numpty. It was very... quiet. Nicholas was looking in my eyes and I could see he was saying something yet I didn't hear him. I felt peaceful. After all the excitement and bustling about I felt quiet. For a brief moment the chatter in my mind was silenced. It was a welcome interlude as both before and after that moment I had an uncontrollable urge to giggle my head off like a simpleton.

Ma Belle Soeur took so many gorgeous photo's so I'll fling a few in now to share with you.

All that was missing was my God Mother, Bee. Her daughter was poorly with a sickness bug and Darr was away in Wales so she couldn't come.

After the service we all went to The Garden Cafe in the village for cream tea's. It was a quintessentially perfect English afternoon. I cannot believe how fortunate we were to have such glorious weather on such a special day for us.

Grandad Chuck and Bobber
Stuffing my face
I look soooo pale and mangy next to the uber gorgeous Gem

Gem is Mini's God Mother and I'm so happy she was able to come. Her husband works a lot of weekends so to have them both with us was greatly appreciated. The poor duck was in a flap when they arrived as they'd got stuck behind a broken down tractor in a lane that was too narrow to do a three point turn. They had no phone signal either and Gem was concerned she'd miss the whole shebang.

Gem and her husband taking a stroll with a cup of tea

The Princess (Gem's daughter) made a friend for the afternoon.

The Prince (Gem's son) enjoyed his cream tea enormously before nose diving off the seat.
We were going to have the cream teas in the glass house if the weather was wet, it was by far and away much better outside on the long table.

I'd love our garden to look like this, we do share the same view but our garden is
sadly not planted up very well. I haven't a clue what should go where!

I love this photograph of Big Cuckoo and his God Father wearing a similar shirt having a little chat. 

I can't include any pictures of  Mini's  other God Mother Clairey (one of My Girls) or God Father James as I forgot to ask if that was ok. 

Since we were having cream tea and lots of cake I realised that there was no need for a Christening cake. So I made a coconut and lime cake for Saturday night pudding and decorated it with some fabulous bunting made by clever Jooles. The cake was pretty ugly but tasted great and no one noticed its looks as everyone was ooooohing and ahhhhing over the bunting. 

As you know I don't put our names in this blog, the reason being I don't want us to pop up in google if a certain someone from my past tries to be nosey. It's not that I am being all mysterious and secretive, just trying to keep out of google is all. But I figure names in a photograph can't be googled. Am I right in thinking that?

I ordered a special Christening gift for Mini made by the super talented Fee from Chipper Nelly.

Beautifully packaged

I could spend way too much time playing with these blocks.
Notice the packaging ribbon now tied to the knob on these freshly painted and revamped
old orange pine drawers

I have been spending quite a lot of time looking at all the perfect images she chose for Mini.
Notice all the bird references.

I'm now hankering after some Christmas blocks, in particular these ones.

Mini played with the crinkly celophane for an age

I said I have more crochet to talk about and so here it is.

 Not much to show yet but this is going to be a ripple snood. I'm joining in with Heather and Lucy's Ripple along. If you haven't heard about it already, I'm certain you must have, you can read all about it here and here and see lots of other ripple alonger's stuff here.



  1. Such a lovely post, I'll need to return to read again. Lovely pictures and Congrats on a lovely day with your son.

  2. Wow, what an amazingly long and lovely post: thank you for sharing all that with us out there! :-)

  3. What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing your very special day. Your garden and home look lovely and I loved the photos of you putting up the table - very funny! The crochet colours are stunning too, looking forward to seeing what that turns into.

    Kylie xx

  4. You look you have been up to a lot lately, such a nice post to read. Love all the photos.

  5. What a beautiful post - great family memories.

  6. Congratulations on yours and Minis Christenings.Everything looks so beautiful!!!

  7. Congratulations on your Christenings! You've got such a lovely blog, I came across it last week and have been reading all the old posts, too, and was really looking forward to reading a new one this morning! I'm 'rippling' too, but as I'm a beginner (this is my first crochet project) I think I'll stick to enjoying yours and Lucy's instead of adding mine to it :-) Have a lovely week!!

  8. How perfect was it that the weather was right so you could celebrate outside. It looked the best way to enjoy a lovely day. Family shot of the five of you looks as if it was taken for a magazine shoot.

    Such a smiley boy your third. You need smiley and easy when you're running around after the other two aswell.

    One day, no hurry, would you be able to let me know what colour that green is. It's the shade I keep thinking I'm having mixed, but I always end up with one I don't like.


  9. What a beautiful Post. Glad you had lovley weather to celebrate such a special family day. Gorgeous photo's too. Memories to treasure forever.

    Your littlest cuckoo looks such a happy little chap. And I agree with bobobun that green is gorgeous. As is the blocks!

    MBB x

  10. All that was missing was Bee? ???!!! The cheek of it! I am sorry we couldn't be there my lover, though I think the two train fares in one month would have totally wiped me out anyway. Gorgeous photos of course, esp like the one of all five of you, can you please send me a jpeg by email please?

  11. What a beautiful post Cuckoo. Gorgeous photos.....every one.....but I do love the one with Mr C and Mini on the sofa. Really, really cute.

    So glad you had the most amazing weather for yours and Minis Christening. Sounds like a really perfect day.

    Love Chipper Nelly's Blocks too, and agree with MBB and Bobo Bun, the shade of green on the chest is really lovely too!

    The crochet looks fab too. You pack so much in. I don't know how you do it with 3 boys and all of them small. I have nothing finished, except my crochet bag.......finally got the lining done. Was about to throw it all away, then Mr H took one look at it, took a pair of scissors and did a teeny snip and it all fell into place! Typical! I'm not sticking it on any posts, but mega pleased with it though. I may become good friends with my sewing machine after all! ha ha! famous last words!

    I think I may have to make a drink, have a seat for a bit and have a few re-reads to soak it all in!

    Hope you get to enjoy some decent weather again this week.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Love your blog and your rippley creations. :) I came to your blog from the ripple along.

  13. Ahhhhh where to start!!! Such a gorgeous post! Love the pis from the relaxed and beautiful. Congratulations to you both on your christenings. You have a gorgeous family and a gorgeous garden to chill-lax in. Loving your crochet....I need to go and investigate this ripple along lark! Mini is too too cute! How do you resist eating him!!!

    Jo x

  14. Thanks for sharing such lovely, special photos - you are proper gorgeous Cuckoo!!

    I love, love, love the one of the five of you!!

    S x

  15. You're a stunner. I hope you know this?
    Mini is just such a cutie, I want to carry him about on my hip and play pat a cake with him.
    Is your yarn cashmerino as well? It looks gorgeous and I am a) so happy that you're joining in and b) excited to see it progress :-)
    Heather xxxx

  16. Such a lovely post - thanks for sharing your special day, you have three gorgeous boys!

  17. I just popped back to see what cake you'd made for the christening... I think I've got the same skirt as you. Was it from Coast? I have it in cream and black too. Love it. x

  18. What a wonderful post. It was lovely to see some hot weather just when we'd all given up hope, wasn't it? Coincided with my birthday too which was nice!
    Congrats on your Christenings. I love the photograph of Mini with you out of focus in the background but at exactly the same angle. Beautiful!
    My other fav is the one where you're flicking the V's! And, yeah, what Heather said - you're a v. purdy girl!!!
    Have a great week xxx

  19. gorgeous pics all of them your looking stunning me dear as well , love the blue dress very pearl lowe style love it , christening looked lovely and the gardens you were in we only went there sunday, john said about it as we wanted cream tea local all i can say is yummy and i was like a kid as proper tea cups xx small things make me happy x

  20. Such a beautiful joyful post to read. You all look gorgeous (and no you don't look washed out!). I love times like that with close friends and family, a relaxed atmosphere, good food and some outside time. Wonderful!
    xXx Helen

  21. I really enjoyed reading your post. Such lovely family memories. You are a very lucky cuckoo :)

  22. That was such a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it and despite needing to get on just couldn't take my eyes of the screen or my head out of the day's events!

    Congratulations on the double christening! Also, I can knit but don't know how to crochet, can you suggest a book maybe or a web site I could learn from?

    Lizzy x

  23. Oh, oh, oh what a scrumptious post, I am going to write you an email very soon xoxoxo

  24. I have no idea why I have tears on my cheeks reading this gorgeous blog, I just love my family and when I haven't seen you all for a while I miss you like crazy.

    So gutted I had to miss your lovely day, little lady didn't choose the weekend well for her first sicky bug...ggggrrrr!!!

    Loving your crochet sweetie, luv Bee xxxxxxx

  25. As everyone else has already said what a beautiful post, so evocative. I can feel the warmth of the day in those evening pictures with the lanterns.

    The christening looked perfect too, your clever sister in law to take such lovely pics. I like the one of all of you's not often with three boys yo can keep them still enough to get a good pic.....not sure we've got one!

    You've made some lovely family memories!

  26. Wow! What a lot of lovely, lovely photos to look at!!! Thank you for sharing such a special weekend with us! Weather like that at THIS time of year certainly IS something special!!!

    I love the colours you chose for your crochet cushion cover, and I love the sneaky gingham ribbon on the green chest of drawers!!!



  27. I loved every minute of reading that post...and as for all those gorgeous pictures....I think I may have to have another look. Your garden looks so lovely as do you and your family.

    Lou xxx

  28. OMG how did I miss this post???? (just seen it on nelly's sidebar and though 'oooh good Cuckoo's posted'...anoly to find I'm way out of date!)
    SO much to comment on - you all look SO beautiful at the christening (fab photos) and the one of you all together - I know what a rarity that is. There's always some pesky boy pulling a stupid face!
    the light in the pictures is amazing - and I'm so glad the wonderful weather coincided with your celebrations.
    And thank you for sharing the love for the blocks - they do look nice in there don't they (as does the ribbon!) and I'm glad you liked them.
    I could go on (gushing!) but basically....great post my beautiful friend!
    fee x

  29. Wow so many lovely things what a beautiful weekend for you. I love your little outdoor lounge and at night with those little lights it just looks fab and I spotted the crochet straight away. hehe. I hope you had a magical day on your christening day and both you and gem look beautiful in the photo,though the photos of you trying to do the tv table did make me laugh I can remember trying to put together a stool from ikea once and it took forever but was so little and simple. hehe.

  30. What a fabulous post! I am going to go back and re-read it now to make sure I didn't miss any of it. Absolutely love the tricky-table-putting-up pics - especially the last one!!! Have a lovely week hon. Leah x

  31. That really was a special weekend! And a post packed with good stuff. What a perfect Christening gift those blocks are! Off to have an ogle at Chipper Nelly stuff ...

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