Thursday 6 October 2011

A cake fit for a Princess

Well, I mean a cake that my friend Princess was delighted with at least...

I tried to get the flowers the same as her bouquet of Gilmour Girl Roses but my laptop screen distorted the colour somewhat 
Princess is my friend who I introduced a short way down this post. She's is a relatively new friend, we've been proper mates since I was pregnant with Little Cuckoo as she had her second son just 6 weeks before little was born. She is a joy, I love spending time with her. She is articulate and intelligent and I find her great company. I feel bloody thick by comparison, but our shared love of yarn and shoes keeps us nattering for hours so we can avoid more meaty political conversations. I'm a total ignoramus when it comes to politics. It doesn't help that all the party leaders look the same these days. It was so much easier when it was Thatcher and Kinnock barking at each other.

I was both cheered and feared when I saw that the table the cake was to go on was the first thing that guests arriving at the reception would see. I was pleased that Princess had un-erring faith that not only would I make her a worthy cake but that I'd get it there intact. I was pleased as punch when the lady who was waitressing asked if I was a professional cake decorator as she her self has a cake decorating business. I took it as a massive compliment. I admire anyone who does this sort of thing for a living. i'm beginning to believe I can create most cakes given enough practice but I would be a basket case in mo time. Ah man, the stress! My bum was so achey after the car journey I was tensing it up everytime I hit the brakes or drove around a corner.

And here is the bride and groom cutting into the cake. I must say I have eaten a lot of cake in my life and this one was way up there as the nicest cake I've ever tasted. Princess baked the cakes and they were spectacular.

I thought I'd just do a little before and after collage for posterity's sake. 

I debated whether to include this photo. This was Mr C's attempt. The top two are pretty good flowers. But then he made a willy and some boobies. Juvenile boy!



  1. Absolutely beautiful! Do your talents never cease?! You did a gorgeous job on the cake, I love it!

  2. Gorgeous!
    You really are very very clever girl, well done.


  3. Woah that's gorgeous! well done :-D xx

  4. The cake is just beautiful, I have no doubt Princess was over the moon delighted with it, I love the way the flowers on the cake and the flower garland on the table compliment each other perfectly. And I too feel your pain of transporting cakes from your last post My mum was a pastry chef I remember many car trips with cakes and having to hold them completely still, I laughed so hard when I read you put a sign in the back window just brilliant. xx

  5. That cake looks so good you are so clever, I would love to do work like that.

  6. Seriously gorgeous cake, Mrs, and so very tasteful. I love it. Princess's dress is also beautiful and I think I would like her to be my best friend. She looks like someone I would like. (As you can tell I am shallow, you have a lovely wedding cake and a nice dress and I'm there.)
    I admire your patience and skill with doing something as fiddly as making those little flowers. My walls would have been wearing them after making about three and I would have been crying.
    Wouldn't any normal bloke make a willy and testicles? (Ark at me being all polite and not writing the words that are in my head...) That's why I love blokes. They are so predictable and uncomplicated!
    Be proud of your work, lady, it's very good indeed.

  7. WOW the cake is amazing - it is like something off 'Ace of Cakes' (my secret daytime telly passion). Princess looks like, well a princess! Another talent to add to your portfolio!
    Jo x

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous cake!!! What a happy looking couple!

    Jo x x

  9. Just a quick post as I'm busy filling out immigration papers so I can move over there, become friends with you, get my own nickname on your sidebar, and have you make me an awesome wedding cake like that bad boy!!! It's incredible!!
    And yes, it will be wedding number 3, which is a shame, as I am quite happy with Husband#2- perhaps I will just marry him again!!
    Anyway, we can iron out the details later!
    Seriously, you are one amazingly talented woman!!!! Really truly talented!!

  10. P.S. Hope that didn't sound too creepy :)
    P.P.S.- you and Mr C can collaborate on the design of my cake- would make for an interesting reception! flowers and willies!!

  11. Ha Ha! Am laughing at G4C's comments above ^^ ! She's a funny lady.

    Rubbish cake by the way. Completely pony. (Ha! Love that saying!)

    Oh alright, I'm lying. It's amazing. Cannot believe you piped those flowers, they look like professionally bought ones. You could totally do this for a living but I know exactly what you mean, it's pretty stressful. I won't let people pay me for the cakes I make/decorate because even that adds extra stress to the whole process, making something that's worthy of a dollar or two. I'd happily pay for yours though. God I'm sound like such a licker but I'm really impressed, I know how hard it is to get something looking so perfect.

    Didn't you make a Christening cake recently too? Where's that? Did I miss it?


  12. Yeap...totally pants cake.....smooth icing?.....ewwwww.....perfect flowers?.....rancid....beautifully stacked and ribbon tied?, no, no we just can't have that. I'd have made you do it all over again! xxxxxxx

  13. got that I was totally joking, right?!!!!!!!!!!

  14. just had a mild panic that people reading that might actually have thought I meant it! You get me though! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Clever you! Looks lovely. xx

  16. Wowsers! It looks stunning!

    The problem is though, if it were me who'd created something quite so beautiful, any time anyone ventured near it I should want to stab them with a cake slice!

    Btw, also love your cardi embroidery and am just gathering together a large pile of my clothes to post to you for embellishments!!! ;-)


  17. Wow - You did an amazing job! I like Princess's dress too.
    Have a great weekend!

    p.s. just think what an amazing pert, toned bum you'd have, from all the clenching, if you ever did decide to take up cake decorating professionally!!!

  18. Beautiful cake - where you a teeny weeny bit tempted to put the naughty boy icing on the cake just for fun! No - you are a good girl! Your cardi looks fabulous think I might get around to using my book to embelish something. Have a good weekend.

  19. Stunning! Did she cry when she saw it? (With happiness, I mean!) Love Princess' dress and they both look so happy! Awww...

  20. I wanted to write something about how stunning that cake looks and how I can't believe you actually created that beauty, but I've got sidetracked by Nicki's comment and now all I can think about is 'Nicki the licker'
    Emily x

  21. Hi gorjuz, I've been MIA (missing in action) btw. Love your cardi missy and 'that' cake....wee wow!!! I am with some of the other girls, it would have been flung up against a wall, I am pants at decorating, (pants at doing long hair too) I may have been tempted to tuck a D & B's deco into it if it was my 'very best with a kooky sense of humour' friend :) Looks like the wedding was lovely, the bride does look super in that gorgeous dress. Oh and friends don't care if you know the ins and outs of politics, they love you for you.
    xx Sandi

  22. Love the cake,hun,clever you. Thankyou for helping me out with blogger,I followed the steps but still not sure if Im a no reply blogger? Isnt blogger being a right pain the last few days?or is it just me;o)
    Hope your having a great weekend,take care,

  23. Well done! I am amazed that a sponge cake can take so much weight - It must mean you did the icing brilliantly!

    I don't envy you the job of making all those flowers - but they did look beautiful!

    Funny post with pretty pictures!

    Lizzy x

  24. YOU MADE THAT? It's gorgeous!!!!


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