Monday 19 March 2012

Mothers Day 2012

It was Mothers Day here in the UK yesterday. The sun shone and I had a really lovely day. I had a, lets say, disappointing Mothers Day last year. But this year was brilliant. Big up Mr C who came up trumps and helped the boys make it a lovely day. After last year I made sure Mr C knew what small things I was hoping for, a couple of handmade cards, breakfast in bed and a lay in. I rather hoped to have a bit of time to play in his old study which I have hijacked to make a hobby room out of. I didn't fancy cooking the Sunday roast and I really wanted to have lots of cups of tea made for me. 

The day started at 8.30am (so I did get a bit of a lay in) with Little Cuckoo frisbying his card at me. Followed swiftly by Big Cuckoo and Mr C carrying a breakfast tray. Mr C then went and fetched the baby and once everyone was together on the bed I was given my cards and gifts.

Isn't this a lovely looking breakfast tray. I would have had boiled eggs but the chickens (Yicks)
hadn't laid and I hadn't bought any eggs

The boys had made me cards, Big's on the Left, Little's is the rabbit one and Mr C had sorted Mini out with one.

Mr C had bought me my favourite chocolates (just dashed off to get them to eat while I blog) and had taken the boys to Fanny Adams Vintage on Saturday to get the necklace I had seen weeks ago when I took Little there for a glass of milk and a cookie. We didn't go there so I could stroke all the lovely things, chat to Jane or for me to have a chili mocha. No, it was His treat you understand, Not mine. While we were there he was fiddling with the jewellery display, I spotted a gorgeous necklace and said to him (half jokingly) "This is a lovely necklace, a nice gift for Mummy on Mothers Day"

Then last week while Big was at Disabled Riding and we were watching him, we were talking about plans for the weekend. Little said he wanted to go swimming and get dirty and ride his tractor. I pointed out that Sunday was Mothers Day and that I hoped to have breakfast in bed etc... Little then cupped my face and looked into my soul with his piercing blue eyes and said "And don't...forget...your....lovely ....necklace!" I'd forgotten entirely and asked him what he meant. He then made the shape of a heart with his fingers and said "The green heart from your favourite shop!" I could not believe he had remembered or that I had forgotten! 

Now you may remember (I think I blogged a short sentence a while back) that I have long dreamt about having a little room of my own as a hobby room. I was angling for a shed. Mr C then, out of the blue, said I could have his study as he hardly ever used it. I didn't think when it came to it he would be able to hand it over. This weekend his study became my hobby room! I am in my seventh heaven and cannot believe how fortunate I am. 

On Sunday I spent a fair bit of the day in there. I nick named it the Bird Box and the boys have already adopted the new title for it. They love being in there with me. Even Mr C has spent more time in there with me than he has in the entire last six months. The nasty damp smell has dissipated already. Who knows if I'll find the time to use it the way I imagine, maybe not for the next couple of years, but one day I hope to sort of 'work' in there. I haven't decided exactly what I'll be doing yet. I'd like it to be something arty crafty but something a little different to what is out there already. That's my stumbling block, I have no imagination. Can't come up with anything new and unique, I can only copy.

I had a lovely time chopping up Primark tea towels and stitching bias binding down the sides to make rolling Aga rail towels. I like to change my tea towels, hand towels and dish cloths everyday since I had hideous food poisoning in 2004 and was hospitalised for a week. I am a bit anal about these things now even though I caught the bugs from a restaurant in the Alps.

Piles of washing on the worktop in the back ground waiting for me...they are still waiting!

While I was having enormous fun in The Bird Box fannying about with scissors and having frequent cups of tea and letting the boys scribble over old bank statements from the days when I had a job (I was employed??!) Mr C cooked a truly delicious roast.

It was such a great day and I have the lovely Mr C to thank for it. What a dear husband he is. 
I am hoping that by waxing lyrical about his marvellousness I'll have a repeat Mothers Day next year! ;o)

After yesterday I feel a bit flat today, a bit teary, I forgot to take my meds last night so I doubt that has helped matters. The boys are back in school, Mr C is back at work, Mini and I miss them. At least the sun is out and the sky is so blue. Also there are chocolates to be eaten so I wont dwell on the things that are playing on my mind and I'll move on to Other News.

Thank you for the comments on my last post. I'm pretty sure I have got back to everyone who wasn't a No reply Blogger or left a comment anonymously (Annie, you have no profile or email attached to your comments. Are you Knitsofacto Annie? Fee says you are but I'm double checking so I don't go chatting to Knitso' and have her thinking "eh?").  I love how you all encourage me and spur me on. There's a part of me that feels uncomfortable when I do any Ta dahhhhs because it feels a like I'm bragging my (homemade knitted!) socks off. But, much like I show my Mum what I have been up to, I also want to document it on my blog. I hope I never come across as a big headed "look at how marvellous I am" sort of gal. I swear I'm not boastful in real life, but I do get over excited! Also please don't be under the impression that I just knitted all that stuff in my last two posts in a matter of moments. It's really not that much for ten whole months of dabbling. Ten months is a really long time. A whole human being can be made in that time, I just made a couple of woolly things.  I'm just saying this now as my next couple of posts should be Ta Dah's as Mr C took pictures of me looking gorkey in some knitted items yesterday between cooking the roast and making tea.  

And finally (you still there?) last time I was here I was expressing concerns about Pinterest. It was great to hear what others thought and to be directed to different articles. I have had a read up and have decided that I'll carry on pinning but checking the pin does link back to the source and also I intend to email Pinterest my concerns. If enough people do this then they may listen.  The T&C's for Pinterest are not dissimilar to those of Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, WeHeartIt etc... and I'm perfectly comfortable using those sites. 11 million people use Pinterest, a popular pin can be pinned over a million times. That's a lot of people. The Washington Post article on Pinterest Copyright issues was interesting and reassuring. I can't get the link to work but it pops up if you google it.

I also read up on copyright law for the internet and came upon this site which if you pop in Copyright Law and then click on the "12 do's and Don'ts" and read that article you may be reassured about your blogs content being misused. I couldn't get a link to work there either. Think Blogger is being tricksy.

There are numerous articles and information out there saying similar too, about copyright and Pinterest not about tricksy blogger.

That's all folks,


ps (there is always a ps it seems!) Little Cuckoo is pleased you all liked his Grommit, I do need to point out that he had a substantial amount of help, I maybe didn't stress that. However, all credit to him, when it fell of the shelf and fell to pieces he did a super job of sticking the pieces back on seamlessly. He even refashioned the tail as Mini had chewed it up.

pps all these photographs are from Instagram if you are on it I am Cuckoob. 

ppps Out takes any one? Keep scrolling to see the photo's I took when I was trying to get snaps of the chickens. I didn't realise the phone had switched direction as it was too sunny to see the screen. So minging! I've had to keep these pictures small for the sake of my vanity. They are funny though, at least I think they are, so I'm sharing them with you. It ain't pretty, I had no makeup on. You've been warned........

Big nose!

worried or in pain?

What's my hair doing?!

Go Go Sausage is who I was trying to get a snap of.


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect mothers day, I did too...but I also felt dissapointed to day to know it was back to the treadmill.....I so look forward to family days, but they're always over too fast.

    I like your bird box, you'll find your niche craft, you're such a clever bugger at all you turn your mind to, that you'll make a mint at whatever it is. I feel the same way, I know I can do stuff, but don't quite know where to start....I do have one idea around my painting but can't find the time in the day, like you I have three big distractions.

    Have a good week!

  2. Awww, your lovely boys, so glad they spoilt you rotten, you deserve it (said by mum of 3 boys too!;) )

    So exciting about your creative space, look forward to hearing about your arty adventures. I think you will find your orginality, Cuckoo, especially when your boys are a tad bigger and there is more space in your head and time in your day- well that is very much how it was for me.

    Thanks for flagging those articles. xxx

  3. I like the sound of your bird box - I hope you find some time to go in and spend time thinking and making. Your mother's day sounds wonderful and I love the accidental early morning photos - you look far better than I do first thing!!

  4. Sounds like such a lovely mothers day,Love the necklace,so pretty,Well done to Little for remembering that.Love the breakfast tray and the Bird box is going to be wonderful for you,take care,lots of love,juliexxx

  5. That sounds like a pretty perfect Mothers Day x Bless Little Cuckoo's heart...what a darling little love he is! How he loves his Mummy :) lots & lots! Just so touching when they show how much we mean to them by remembering what we've said in passing...special isn't it. I'm totally like you and get over excited about finishing a make. that's what I think is great about blog land .... we all get the same way so no one (I feel) sees it as bragging at all.....unlike all the muggles and heathens out there! I get it. I'm just the same :) hope you're feeling less teary this evening. I've felt a bit teary today too....must be the slight down after Mums Day :) a good sign because it means it was a good one to remember!!

    Hope you are having a peaceful evening x

    Jo x x x

  6. What a lovely post - I got goosebumps when you described what Big said about your necklace, so, so sweet. I miss mine being littlies :0(

    Congratulations on your Bird Box (love it!!), mine is the Girl Cave. I love mine, even though I do occasionally guilty that H & W have to share a room so I get my own craft space - it sat unused for years as the boys wanted to share then six months after it became mine they decided they would rather like their own rooms - typical!!

    I don't think you come across as boastful at all, it's something I do think about when I ta dah so I get where you're coming from - I'm just so delighted and amazed I can actually do these crafty things (when for years I couldn't) that I can't help but show them off!!

    Did you get my email about the paint?


    Sarah xx

  7. It is funny, I do wonder how men's brains work or maybe my bloke's. I have realised he has to be pointed in the right direction and given guidelines on what I expect. I think Mr C did very well. You deserve to be shown that you are appreciated. I love that Little stared into your eyes and those moments make it all worthwhile. He loves you so much, awww.
    All your makes were awesome and you could make lots more awesome things and make it your work in the future, I am sure.
    I wish you lots of happy days to outweigh the flat moments.
    Lovely necklace too. xxx

  8. Worried or in pain - GENIUS PIC! I went through Brooke's camera recently and found perhaps THE worst photo of me ever. I am half tempted to use it as my profile pic so whenever anyone sees another photo of me they'll go "WOW! She looks GREAT here in comparison to that profile!"
    But maybe not. I am not very brave!

    Can't wait to see the bird box, I expect it will prove to be inspiring in terms of your own ideas but you do a damn good job following patterns anyhow.
    Oh and a funny story, you know that crocheted hat you made that I commented on? Well then I found out I had pinned it... Twice! One time yonks ago off my own back and then again repinned from you with the comment "Thanks, been looking for one like this for ages". DUH. Very. Little. Brain.

  9. It sounds as thought you had a super day on Sunday. I love the cute little cards! :-)
    Don't be silly - you never come across as being show-offy AT ALL!!! We just like to share our makes with people who might enjoy having a nose (and appreciate what we've done). I LOVE to see what you've been up to, and can't wait to see the next ta-das.....

  10. Really enjoyed reading your post tonight! I love the fact that you blog about everyday things - not just amazing, aren't I wonderful things - and you always make me smile. Dead envious of the Bird House! Love the handmade cards - they're real handmade, not 'helped' cards so good for Mr C!
    Jo x

  11. I really enjoy reading your blog. The things you make are wonderful and I think you deserve the Ta-dahhh moments. Your work inspires me - I wish wish wish I could crochet! I hope you find inspiration and carry on creating amazing things in the Bird Box. Love Lozzie xx

  12. Glad you got the day you wanted. Bless Little for remembering the necklace you loved. My girls picked gifts for me that summed up how well they know me and they paid for them with their own dosh too. Only thing was they were so excited about them that they got into our bed at 6am.

    Funny thing isn't it how we use our blogs to record stuff and share things with others and then we can worry about people getting the wrong impression. You definately don't come across as boastful, more plain excited by life and the stuff you make. Carry on as you are lovely.

    By the way and only when you do get a minute, how do you get the reply button thing? I reckon that must make life a whole lot easier.


  13. Right, now that I've stopped laughing my head off at those last few piccies I can start typing properly! You are a funny gal aren't you. What a lovely Mother's Day you had. I'm going to point this post out to my children so that they are prepared when it's Mother's Day here in May!! Not-so-subtle hints are clearly the way to go. How totally fab that you've got your very own craft room!!!! Isn't it lovely to have your projects somewhere where you don't have to pack it all away at the end of the day. Ah bliss. Somewhere new to escape to with a cuppa instead of the utility room?

    Oh yeah before I forget - I wanted to say that you should never ever feel like you're being big headed about your ta-dahs. If we didn't want to see all the fabulous things you've made, or hear about your weekly goings-on, we wouldn't keep visiting. It's always a total pleasure to stop by, have a giggle, hear about your lovely family and leave feeling like we've had a conversation with a friend.

    Have a fab week gorgeous girl.

  14. What great cards your chicks made. And to remember your heart, what a special boy. Love the photos.

  15. What a lovely Mother's Day you had! I am so jealous of the 'Bird Box', every woman should have one!

    Don't feel uncomfortable about Tadahs! We LOVE to see them!

    Have a lovely week.
    Fleur xx

  16. Fabulous! I love this post! Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day! Congrats on the Bird Box too... what fun :)

  17. How lovely to have the Bird Box to play in, I love seeing your creations, bloggers of the crafty kind love to see what others have made. Such clever talented women out there should share the things they make, hopefully more people will get the make it yourself bug. Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day I have to wait for May here in NZ to get my due.HaHa I usually tell them what I want and they get me something else.

  18. I have recently stumbled across your blog and enjoy reading your posts. I have also started reading the ones from the past too. I also enjoy seeing your Ta Dah's! and also what you and your family get up to. I admire your baking skills too.

  19. I'm so glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. Reading about it was lovely. A special day to be extra proud of your lovely boys. Mr Cuckoo stepped up to the mark didn't he? I do think that's a good way to happy day, rather than leave it to chance and have to sulk when it goes wrong. I think people like having it made easier too - unless they are one of those people who is never at a loss at presents etc but men tend not to be like that. Anyway, a wonderful day is what you deserved.

    Definitely not a show of, It's lovely to see your makes. It's how we all get inspired. It's funny, I'm not very good at conjuring things up out of my head although I usually add to other patterns or change them. I like that starting point though. It's strange as I have a vivid imagination for alternative scenario's to real life.

    You always leave such nice, funny and kind comments for others. You have lots of empathy for others which I think is quite rare. I think that is how I first noticed your blog, from a comment you had made. Sometimes they stand out, so you whizz of to have a look.

    I know Vanessa from cocorose reads your blog. I can't leave comments there anymore as I no longer have a google profile (their privacy issues have changed and it was just a step too far). Anyway, I wanted to say that I absolutely love her new blanket. I think everything about it is perfection. The colours are wonderful and the border divine. She is blanket queen!

    I love that you have a bird box (great name) to create in. I wish you many years of creative joy.

  20. Love the name Bird Box, how cool to have your own room to craft! A shed would only get too cold in the winter and you will be able to hear the children at the same time now. Lush.
    Your Mother's Day sounds lush, glad it was better than last year! Sometimes a few subtle hints go a long way. The necklace is gorgeous, the green heart remind me of the bracelet I won through Pink Milk. How pretty.
    Your worried / in pain face totally reminds me of the pic of me with the bird. It's the same look!!!!!!!!

  21. aaahh love reading your blog cuckoo, you ALWAYS make me smile so add that to your list of tadarrrs..( how somerset did that sound lol )have a wonderful week and look forward to your next blog xx

  22. Just saw your comment to me over at KMMMS's....remind me of SW. You just want to use those two words for your Etsy shop? That is FINE!!!!! How funny!

  23. So glad your Mothers Day was everything you hoped it would be!
    I do love your necklace. :)
    V x

  24. Hey (8 sleeps!)
    (had to count on my fingers!)
    I LOVE your blog, of course I do. Don't ever change!
    I actually thought I'd left a comment the other day but it didn't show...I probably failed the word verification test (again)
    SOooo glad you had a good Mothers Day - and beautiful necklace. Good work boys.
    Speak soon
    fee xxxxx (and a LSBH)

  25. Hey Cuckoo, yes it is me, knitsofacto Annie. I'll reply using my Google profile this time so hopefully you can find me :D

    Your comment prompted my latest blog post, and a spot of spring cleaning ;D

  26. Sounds like a pretty cool mother's day...lucky you! Plus a beautiful necklace, chocs...and the Bird Box, what more could a girl ask for?! Like the postscript photos of you, not that bad..wish I looked that good without make up! x

  27. Totally hilarious and heart-warming blog! I really do enjoy reading your posts :-)

    L x

  28. So Glad you had a perfect Mother's Day. Well done Mr C and all three Master Cuckoos! Love the shot of Mr C over the stove! I never make Sunday Roasts any more. Mr H likes to do them. He thinks he is great at them, and actually he is, so why should I take over?!!!!


    P.s How come even your 'early morning' shots are bloody lovely? Seriously, if I did that, I would blind people!!!!!!!!


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