Monday 5 March 2012

Did you know...

...I can knit. I can! I couldn't but now I can!

There have been snippets of bits of knitting here and there through this blog but I now finally feel ready to say I can actually knit. Now I'm not going to pretend I picked up the needles and started knitting with no problems at all. The reality was that I have, over the past 10 months picked up my needles, knitted a bit, swore a lot (really bad words too) and unravelled/frogged the lot only to take a few deep breathes and start all over again. I mastered the stitches pretty well, I learnt how to read easy patterns and follow simple charts. My difficulty was fixing a mistake. That was why I had to frog stuff right back. But the other day I had my EUREKA moment. I'd made a mistake with Ssk2tog and so the stitches were all going the wrong way. I just dropped the relevant ones off my needle, let them run down the knitting and then I pulled them back up with a crochet hook till they were right. I shocked even myself. Then on Saturday at Knit Club I trod on my shawl and about 15 stitches slid off the needle mid row and all unravelled down about 4 rows. It took me a while but I rescued them. I cannot tell you how proud I was that I did't ask one of the many very quick and experienced knitters to do it for me.

So here are the fruits of my labour. This is what I have produced doing the odd row here and there whenever I got a moment. Sacrificing a read in the bath for half an hours knitting. Going to bed too late...

Debbie Bliss Rialto 018 Rowan Kid Silk Haze Ghost 642
If you look closely you can see I have discovered blemish correct in iPhoto.

Pattern by Suzie Johnson and found here

Here is Mr C's scarf I knitted for his Christmas present (I did get him other stuff. He didn't just get a scarf which I sweated blood and tears over and made with HUGE love!)

Ahh but he loves it though. Look at that happy little face.
I made it a bit too long really. It could do with being unravelled by a good few inches as it pokes out of the bottom of his coat even when it is wrapped around a few times. It is so warm. Warm and soft. A really nice Man Scarf, even though I do say so myself. Well, the feedback has been good at least.

I didn't manage to get a really good photo of it before it was worn and had gone a bit fluffly. My man is often a stubbly dude. Little Cuckoo thinks he has prickle seeds because his prickles keep growing.

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Colour 300029 on 5mm needles. I did it in simple brioche stitch which I got from Jane Brocket's Gentle Knitting book. She makes the faberge egg cosies out of it. The stitch pattern is worked over multiples of 4 plus 2.

Then I had ago at making these little booties from a pattern Sandi sent me. She sent me the yarn too, lucky girl that I am. I wanted to make these for Mini as he had grown out of the ones Sandi had made him when he was born. Those ones were so sweet and perfect and I missed seeing them on his little feet.

With a furrowed brow and some peace and quiet while we were in New York way back in November I made these booties.

Bloody things didn't fit though. In order to try to increase the size the pattern went up to I used a larger needle and they just don't fit properly anywhere. If anyone ever comes across a pattern for booties/slippers for a 1-2 yr old then could you let me know? All the ones I see only go up to 12 months and I'd like Mini to have some soft slippers. I'll be unravelling these and making Mini something else at some point. Maybe a cool bandana thingy.

One of the first things I knitted and completed was this huge snood. It's made with a fluffy alpaca yarn by Gedifra. The pattern is Suzie's (it's not on her Ravelry or website but it's called The Kendal Mint Cake) and is knitted on comical jumbo needles. I looked like a total buffoon trying to wield them. I enjoyed the fact that it knitted up quickly but I didn't enjoy knitting with achey arms. Seriously it was like working out. Not my thing at all, working out that is. Yuk.

Spot the sheet drying on the stairs.

There's a bit of crochet sneaking in now. In August last year Mr C and went to London for the day and I started crocheting this hat.

 It uses a twisted granny stitch which is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. Can't for the life of me remember how you do it now though. Typical as I'd like to make another one as I have given this set away as a gift.

I think it looks quite nice on. This style of hat doesn't usually suit me. Usually I look like a Pip Head in a beanie hat.

See? Looks ok. Doesn't it? Or not?
No, I still look like a pip head.

These wrist warmers are from the book Wendy sent me when I first started whining that I was struggling with knitting. The pattern doesn't turn out like the photo's suggest but they are nice and I learnt some new skills. I learnt how to do eyelets, how to increase and do stripes. Can someone explain to me when I should use 'learnt' and when to use 'learned', please, I get twoddled up.

I also learnt how to stitch them up using the mattress stitch technique. 

The one on the left was my own method of sewing up. I made a total pigs ear of it. The one on the right was done after much huffing and puffing and squinting at the stitches. So glad I persevered though. Seriously NONE os this has come easily to me.

Anyone else want to learn to knit? Tell me in the comments section below and I'll pass on the book Wendy sent me. You can see it in this post. I'll post it anywhere in the world. The one condition is that when you are done you have to pass it on to a fellow blogger. You'll have to write your blog details in the front page. It's a pass it forward of sorts.

Also last year I made these wrist warmers for my Belle Soeur (sis in law).

She is a photographer in her spare time and she likes a cigerooni so I made these smoking-shooting wrist warmers for her. 

I can even bake knitting!!!!!!

Princess and I made a dozen each for Suzie's 40th birthday. Mine were Mojito flavour and were like rubber. Sarah's were coconut flavour and perfect. Not that I'm bitter or anything ;oD


ps This lot isn't the completed Wip I mentioned at the end of my last post. These are old ones completed a while ago. The wip I finally finished on Sunday is the shawl at the top of this post and I'm going to have to wait for some help with photographing it...unless I stick it on Diana. That's an idea.

pps. I can keep quiet no more. SOCKS!!!!!!! Yeah I have knitted socks. Oooooh scratch my big head. They are really rough and too baggy but I love them. I can't bring myself to wear them as I like to have them on the arm of the sofa near me in the evening. Oh help, I am so puggled in the head. That's just not normal!

ppps. Want to see some photo outtakes? Keep scrolling!

The snood got stuck on my head when I was trying to take it off with one hand while the other held the camera. I look like Princess Leia!

Little Cuckoo asked to take some pictures of me pulling funny faces. 
Oh and one last thing (promise) Minnie is great now. Fully restored though still a bit sore and emotionally fragile. It's amazing how many of you duck in now and again to see how she is doing. You kind hearted lot.


  1. I want to knit.
    And I want you to remember how to make that har because I have some new flowers just waiting for such a hat.
    YOu have been v v v busy - SO impressed.
    Mojito flavoured cakes you say??? now you have my attention...
    fee x
    (still on google maps...think it might be a short (taxi!) journey)

  2. Well done on the knitting,what a lot you've made already,LOVE it all!xxx

  3. What a great post. Well done with the knitting love all the different things you have made.

  4. Ha ha ha haaaaaaa!! Love the photo of you in the snood. Hilarious!! You look almost regal.

    Your knitting rules. Who is wearing those grey handwarmers? You or your sis in law? Whoever it is has verrrry pretty hands.

    Stick to mojitos in a glass from now on - way better than a cake! (although the sugarpaste knitting is cute).

    Nicki xx

  5. Your knitting is fab! I am a rubbish knitter but I spend hours at it. I love it when I manage to do something. I think the whole key to it really is being able to sort out the messes that I make - I must spend easily a third of my time undoing rather than knitting. I think as you go on you start to read your knitting which is really helpful.

    I have just made two pairs of socks and they fit perfectly. My first pair were massive but I wear them over other socks and I love them. I carry mine around in a bag to make sure moths don't eat them as so I can look at them when I want as I feel so clever having made them! I haven't worn them out in case my boots mess them up.

    Your hat is a beautiful colour and with the flowers too is very gorgeous, so you must make one for yourself. I think this might be the pattern. If not it is very similar. (No flowers though). It's on Ravelry and is here

    I love the wrist warmers too. Mattress stitch is magic and it took me years to get it right. You really can't see it can you? Love the colours of the pink stripes.

    I asked my daughter about the learnt or learned thing. She says that there is no right answer that she knows, and that it is like dreamt or dreamed and they are interchangeable. I tend to use learnt (as does my daughter but she said she doesn't!)There may well be a cleverer answer but not one that I know of. I would just keep using whatever feels most right to you.

    Well done on all your knitting. Love your outtakes - you are so funny! Can we see your socks? Also looking forward to seeing the shawl.

    Sara xx

  6. Wow what a lovely lot of things you have made! I LOVE the hat... thanks for the link! It is lovely when it all comes together isn't it! :)x

  7. Lovely knitted yumminess! That stripey scarf is just beautiful - looks so soft and warm. And that is two posts in one evening that have made me smile!!! Thankyou :-) needed that!!! xx

  8. Wow! I would LOVE to learnt to knit and would really appreciate the book! I promise to pass it on once I have learnt!

    You really are a knitting master now! I would love to make a scarf for the fiance, and some wrist warmers for myself! I have knitting needles but I just don't know how to start!

    Thank you for inspiring me! xxx

  9. Oooohh suchhh a lovely post. You've made so many gorgeous items and not shown shown us until now!? I really don't know how you find the time.. you must have mega-speedy knitting fingers! I get too distracted by other things...

    My favourites are the crocheted hat (where is the pattern from..?) and the grey chunky wristwarmers, such pretty hands! I wish my nails were that well looked after! haha!

    That photo of you with the red snood is hilarious! I love seeing the photo outtakes! :D

    Do you also now have one of those posh lenses that Nicki also has? Your photo's look lovely..

    I'm just finishing off these tea cosies and then I'll start on those bibs for you! :-) (Thank you..)

    Ashley xxxx

  10. Is there anything you can't do, and do brilliantly, putting all of us lesser mortals to shame??
    You are one super dooper talented lady missus!!!

  11. Okay, so I've asked my big-brained linguist husband and he says: learnt is the past participle, used with the verb 'to have' as in 'I have learnt' and learned is the simple past tense as in 'we learned it yesterday'. He makes teenage children understand this stuff, and I'm still confused!
    Are you awake still?
    So many booful things (you have to read that as if a two year-old said it) - I esp love the grey wrist warmers - do you have the pattern for them?
    I'm really hoping it's the shawl of dreams that you've finished - I'm gagging to see that beauty
    Emily x

  12. id you REALLY Make all that and call yourself a knitter just NOW? That doesn't make sense. I got myself a knitting book for beginners in January... It is still unread. I have only flicked it through quickly. I am to distracted by other stuff to get myself started. did get a bunch of different sized needles from a thrift store about 10 days ago... Yarn I have loads of... I guess I actually don't really have any excuse to NOT give it a go. My goal is to make socks for EVERYBODY next Christmas. Poor family of mine - if I really do this I might drive them crazy with multicolored, stripy socks in all kinds of sizes and shapes... Great stuff. You are really good girl. I think I'll take my knitting book with me to bed. Right now. Inspired. Thanks. ♥♥♥ Annette

  13. What a lovely, lovely post!! I too have learned to knit in the last year, but I haven't completed nearly enough things as you - you should be very proud of yourself!!

    The best tip I had was when you said to thread contrasting yarn through all the stitches every so often, this helped me keep my sanity when I knitted Christmas mittens for my sis!!

    Love, love, love you and your blog, never fails to make me smile!!


    S x

  14. Yes, what Emily's husband said. :-)

  15. Woowww....lots of lovely knitting. I love your honesty and humour...your posts always make me smile. I do knit sometimes but now tend to stick to smaller items as I seem to lose interest with bigger projects. I can't tell you the number of projects I've started only to unravel years later! Can't wait to see the socks, sooo clever...xx

  16. Your knitting is great!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx
    PS I've sent you and email

  17. My wee one loves your cup cakes - "Can you really eat them??"!
    I'm just trying to teach myself a bit of knittery too. I've managed about 10 rows of knit stitch and the same of a very dodgy purl so far. I saw a scarf I want to knit which is my inspiration for persevering, just need time to sit and actually do it! Your creations are all very beautiful, well done.
    Sandra x

  18. You are a total whizz with needles and yarn. I am a total dud but nifty with a blowtorch and handsaw!! I won a crochet giveaway and am determined to learn, I have done my first row but am like a rabbit in headlights at the mere thought of adding another to it! Is there any hope for me? I think home bird and I will have to swap flower growing and crochet tips over gin and crisps sometime!!

  19. Wow I am so proud of you sweetie pie! I am such a failed knitter - I really should be inspired by you and try again :-) Your work is gorgeous - my fav is the 'man' scarf (it does look super warm and cosy). But those cupcakes take the cake, ha ha - brilliant! Becks xxx

  20. Can't believe how many things you've whipped up and all looking fabulous. I'd say you're a knitter now. The real test for me was would I dare do it in public and could I do it without looking and watch a film.

    Love the red snood. Think you should pick the boys up from school with it on your head, sure to make even the grumpiest in the playground smile.

    Have a great week.


  21. Sorry - didn't mean anything by the caca. Just couldn't publish proper comments so tried random stuff and pressed the button.

    Love your red snood. Definately a knitter now. Also very impressed by those red nails. I've always wanted grown up looking glamorous hands like that.

    Have a lovely week.

    Oh and just remembered I didn't reply to your reply. Thanks for your lovely words and understanding.


  22. Your knitting is lovely. I just wish one day I can crochet as beautifully as you. Keep up the good work!
    Kelly. x

  23. Beautiful work! I just love that crochet hat. You must remember where you found that stitch. Congrats on all your finishes, new and old.

  24. Holy cow, everywhere I turn there is a crocheter learning to knit and I'm still dawdling behind. I can do a knit stitch and purl stitch, but someone needs to hold my hand on how to fix my mistakes. My mom would come over and help me, and I swear the minute she left to go home, I would screw up and then couldn't fix it by myself. Anyway, your scarves and hand warmers look amazing, and now your making socks. While I was reading your post I thought, I bet she's going to make socks next! I really want to make socks! I guess I need to take a knitting class. Oh yeah, and your hat is super cute.

  25. Wow, looks like you have been so busy, making lots of warm things.

  26. Oh my goodness--I am DROOLING over how beautiful your knitting is! I recently bought a pair of knitting needles but have had a terrible time of getting anywhere with it. I would really love to learn and be a part of your pass it forward with the knitting book!

    I also adore that crossed granny stitch hat and will have to learn how to make that stitch. I was thinking today about making a beret-style hat for the spring, and your hat looks a lot like what I had in mind. :)

  27. Wackydoo! Look at all that fabulous knitting you clever chicken!! I am inspired, jealous and inspired some more. If you can knit socks then I reckon you have well and truly entered the realms of being a pro knitter. I really, really want to try knitting again, but I keep feeling like I'm being unfaithful to my favourite 4mm crochet hook! Daft. I love, love, love the pink beanie - I've never seen that stitch and must dash now to research how to do it. The weather has definitely changed from summer straight into winter here so more hats are needed pronto!

    Have a fabulous week hon. Have fun with those needles!

  28. I can't believe you saved all those tah dahs for the one post! It looks like the knitting has really taken over, but I'm not really all that surprised judging by the number of knitting posts you have been putting on Pinterest. I have just recently found the website. The woman who runs it designs her own patterns and apparently the patterns are very long but extremely user friendly. I bought her crochet book but the bulk of what she does is knitted with lots of lacy cardigans etc.

    My biggest problem with knitting is not the knitting itself but recognising when I've made a mistake and trying to work out how to fix it. I can't count the rows easily either. I have made items before but they were not quickly or easily done and did not inspire me to any more. I do have a few knitting projects I would like to try but keep putting them off. Maybe I should jump in again.

    xXx Helen

  29. I am seriously jealous! I swear I spend more time tinking than knitting, I can't for the life of me work out how to pick up a stitch a few rows back....

    Lots of lovely projects, I love the stripey gloves, I love stripes.

    Does the samerule apply to spelled or am I imagining there is a word spelt other than the flour?

  30. You can definately knit, I adore your beautiful scarf lovely soft colours and Mr C's scarf looks really cosy. No more woe and tell!
    I am trying to master crochet, think I need a book or tutor ( must attend the craft group, someone will help me I'm sure ).
    I can't believe how much you manage to do as well as look after your three littlies : )
    As for the out takes, Hollie thought your Princess Leah impression was hilarious.
    Emma x

  31. OMG where do i start ;-) Love your crochet hat that is so pretty love the flower detail on it. Your knitted scarfs are amazing and you should be so proud of yourself ;-) And those little boots are adorable. And those gloves wow there ace ;-)) dee xxx

  32. Ooooohhhhh, aaahhhhhhh......such a lot of knitty, crochety, cupcakey goodness!!! You are a talented Mrs, Mrs :) I love everything!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely :D

    Jo x x x

  33. Grateful4CrochetMar 5, 2012 12:25 PM

    Is there anything you can't do, and do brilliantly, putting all of us lesser mortals to shame??
    You are one super dooper talented lady missus!!!

    Pretty please can you dig out the pattern for that beautiful hat because that has shot to the top of my must-make list. AAAAND well done on the AMAZING knitting skills! Why don't you put your mind to something like world peace next, because you seem to be able to do everything else!! x

  34. Oh Cuckoo, you are such a clever thing and yes that hat does suit you.....gorgeous colours too.

    Your scarves look so nice and cosy and I love the wrist warmers.

    Cute cupcakes've almost convinced me to pack away my little crochet hook and pick up some pointy sticks, hehe.....

    Look forward to seeing some more of your makes.

    Claire :}

  35. That is a very impressive set of knitted goodies for a beginner! I am a beginner myself, at the moment my knitting looks like the dog may have stolen it and attempted to knit some herself! :) I love the out-takes, they are so funny.

    Well done on your new skill! :)

    Jerra xx

  36. Erm, from where I'm sitting it looks like you're actually quite good at knitting!

    Forgot to get the winter pimms when I went shopping... will have to stick with the gin for now!


  37. Oh, I LOVED reading this post!!! I am just learning to knit right now too, and ALL the difficulties you mentioned you had previously..... well, I'm experiencing them right now!!! ESPECIALLY the problem of not being able to mend mistakes. I have to frog right back all the time - just to fix silly little dropped stitches! Oh, and the mattress stitch issue too - I'm hopeless at sewing things together!!! Thank you for making me feel better about my knitting - now I know I'm not the only one who has ever experienced these issues! :-)
    P.S. I think you have discovered another talent in yourself here - I love all the knitting projects!!!

  38. Congratulations on the knitting, it all looks fabulous! And you look a damn sight better in a beanie than I do. My friend bought me a gorgeous knit beret for Christmas and it made me look like Frank Spencer! (Not that the assistant in Accessorize knew who that was, that made me feel old!) So glad to hear Minnie is ok, I keep wondering how she is and then forgetting to ask! As for learnt/learned I thought one was the UK spelling and the other the US spelling...

  39. Bloody hell woman, how the hell do you do it all with three children. I love all of it, but then I always do. I wish I could knit better... :0(
    those cakes look fab!
    You never fail to make me laugh with your posts. :0)))))))

    Lou xxx

  40. I'd say you're quite the knitter! I've been teaching knitting and crocheting for years and I always love that Eureka moment in someone when they can finally fix their own mistake. What a difference it makes for them! Something about it always makes us feel as though we have finally arrived! All of your work is quite lovely, happy knitting!

  41. WOW Mrs! I am so Himpressed with your knitting skills, such fabulous cosy makes too!Thank you for your lovely comment on my Fabric Deco Tape!
    I love Granny wearing the flashlight
    Your den looks fabulous, I would like to eat crisps and take a snooze in it,
    I love the outtakes,specially the snood entanglement!
    Here is a link in answer to your question about kick ball change )0.36 secs (Louis Spence does it a lot, but I couldn't find him doing it on Youtube!
    Rachel x

  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat - desperate to make one - please try to find the pattern! I am a new crocheter and a rediscovered-a-year-ago knitter. I knitted myself a lovely lacey hat which I WAS very proud of but the ribbing is too baggy and it falls off when it is windy like today :( I think you are doing a fabulous job. Not to mention the spectacular cupcakes - wow!

  43. Well done, I'm the opposite of you, have been knitting since I was 6 lots of years!, but am trying to learn to crochet at the moment and it feels so strange and I hate the feeling of not knowing where I'm going wrong after feeling so comfortable with knitting (which I could do in my sleep!).

    I have to keep telling myself I will get there in the end, but the thought of getting in a mess again send me back to the comfort zone of my needles!

    Your projects are all great, so keep knitting!
    Happy Knitting, Crocheting or whatever you feel like.
    Fleur xx

  44. I can knit but I've just reserved this book from the library as I like the look of that snood. I need to learn to crochet too - I have bought myself a book but i prefer hands on teaching rather than a book. Your blog is really lovely - I came across it via someone else's. X

  45. I knew you could knit! Though I didn't know you could knit so well... I love the stuff you've made, and the granny hat, you don't look like a pip in it, you look good! I'm glad you got more out of the book than me, I mean it did teach me to knit, but I don't enjoy it, I'm too impatient!

    Did you know I used to be an English teacher? As in teaching the language to foreigners, not teaching literature? Learnt is the old version of the word, it started becoming learned, in the same way a drempt and dreamed and it's kind of stuff - the modernisation of language. You can use either. I give you permission.

    Will you be telling us where the book went? I'd love to track its progress!

  46. Another request for the pattern for that beautiful hat!

    Congrats on the knitting conquest. I'm going to be sticking to crochet - my poor brain couldn't handle TWO needles!

    Frankie xx

  47. You're doing better than me ... I've been knitting since I was 4 (yes, really) but after all these years I still can't crochet.

    Look here - - for patterns for something toastie for Mini's feet. They are all free patterns and lots go up to at least an 18mth size.

    Fee told me about your meet up, sounds like you two had a great time :D

  48. You are amazing! Look at everything you have churned out! Knitting IS all about the sweat and tears for a while, isn't it? I've been at it for over two years now and I have deffinitely (is that spelt right? it looks weird) learned the art of patience through frogging and starting again.

    You look stunning in that hat by the way.


  49. Hello
    Ah man please don't send that flamin talented sister of mine a knit book. Knitting is the only thing I can (almost) do better than her currently - ha ha

    I am so so impressed with your knitting and inspired to keep going. I have EXACTLY the same issue with my knitting. I understand the stitches, can get the hang of a pattern but constantly seem to go wrong and get frustrated and start again. I find it really hard to work out how to correct my error. I recently found a little knit shop in town and the lady was lovely, she told me to pop in anytime and she will sort me out I get stuck so hopefully that will help. I am sticking to scarves and hats for now!!

    Your scarves look just gorgeous and I will be looking up some of those patterns.
    Have missed reading your blog!
    Nelly x

  50. Congratulations on such a great blog!

    I enjoy reading it so much I have selected you as a worthy recipient of The Versatile Blogger award.

    Visit -

    - to find out more.

    Once again, thank you for adding value to the blogging community!

  51. I haven't knitted it myself but I saw this pattern today in my local yarn shop and thought of you
    The pattern number is 3275 - they look pretty cute and knitted in the King Cole Alpaca yarn they are quite Uggish.


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