Monday 28 March 2011

WiP number 3


It's all about stars today.  These are going to be threaded together to make bunting to go in Mini's room.


They are gorgeous are they not? I love them. The pattern is super easy and super quick and I will tell you where I found it, but not right now as I can't remember.  It's scribbled in my notebook which is downstairs and I can't be jiggered to go and find it. I will edit this later though as credit must go to the talented lady who wrote the pattern (edit: here's the pattern). I can't be jiggered because I'm a bit peeky at present. Just a cold but I appear to be going down hill fairly swiftly. Urgggh. As with all bugs the timing isn't great as I have to get all three boys into Bristol before 9am tomorrow as we have a hospital appointment for Big Cuckoo at the children's hospital. To get there at that time of day we need to set off before 8am I wouldn't relish that even when feeling fighting fit but I'm fretting over it because I feel rough as rats.  Then I have to take Big Cuckoo to disabled horse riding in the afternoon.  Poor Little Cuckoo has to come along too and he doesn't get to go on a horse and he'd love to.  Finally at 6.45pm it's parents evening for Big Cuckoo, all five of us will have to go along, so it's going to be a bit of a test tomorrow especially as I have to try to fit in the baby's feeds around it all...I'm sure it'll work out fine but I wish I didn't have to do most of it all by myself.  Trying to get the boys to be sensible on the walk from the car park to the hospital is the bit that is plaguing me as they are prone to bolting and the road is so busy.  

Little Cuckoo is my shadow when his big brother is at school therefore he decided to get in on the photoshoot.

"Young man, they are not for you to play with!"
"Oh yes they are!"

(little rat bag sent them flying)
I think they will look so sweet in Mini Cuckoo's room, they'll go very nicely with the Cath Kidston wall stickers. I've been taking the embroidery threads and a tiny hook everywhere, so when it's not possible to do the WiP no.1 blanket I have done these instead.  Very transportable.  Very quick, I reckon less than five minutes per star.

Oh look, some hearts! These are fruity hearts that the boys have as a packed lunch treat.  I'm rather partial to them myself!

Time for me to try to sleep this cold off. Wretched thing. At least I feel rotten now and not over the Easter holidays. I need my energy to entertain the boys otherwise they'll be little horrors and they'll demolish the house, the garden and each other. 



  1. Hello~ Janis form Just Breathe Janis, over in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. I hopped over from Stichery Pokery.
    I love your Stars! They are so cute!
    I look forward to reading more of your blog. Come see me sometime too:)

  2. The stars are so sweet, have never crocheted with embroidery cotton, may give it a try if you direct us to the pattern. The little hearts look do love hearts don't you, so do I. I designed a logo for two wonderful, wonderful people for their business, never used it tho', they were talked out of it for a much more modern look. Will put it on my blog. Hope this cold dissapears quickly and your boys behave themselves.
    xx Sandi

  3. I hopped over from Stitchery Pokery too. I love your stars. I made some in white for Christmas last year. x

  4. Oh no not you also! I have got a stinker of a cold too, courtesy of Big Bear who thought he would breathe all over me and give me such a lovely gift! It's awful to feel so rubbish. I just want to sleep but like you, fat chance!

    Hope you are feeling okay to get through the busy day. You know, my eldest two were a nightmare together when they were younger. There is just 14 months between them and they would be all over the place. One would run off in one direction in the other would go in the opposite direction. It was very stressful. My youngest now is a nightmare. Very strong minded and determined and hates to be 'restricted'. He wants freedom and that usually means battles of wills when we are out and about. At least the elder two are now old enough to stand still and not run off! My sister-in-law has three boys all under 5 and they are all 'determined' children too! I don't know how she does it!

    I hope that you manage to fit some rest in and feel better soon!

    Love Vanessa xxx

  5. Okay, so I would love to blame the fuzzy head...but really i'm just a muppet....I completely forgot to say.........LOVE the STARS!!!!! There is something lovely about a little stack of crocheted lovelies waiting to be turned into something wonderful. I also love doing something that is quick to do! I love crochet but you need patience if you want to make big things, and it's something I am lacking in! The garland will look lovely in mini cuckoo's room. The CK stickers are really awesome. I was quite partial to the flower ones, but knew that would be taking my girly housey thing a bit too far! There would be NO WAY the other half would agree to that!!!!!!


  6. Bunting + stars = totally gorgeous

    Love, love, love it.

    Hope you managed to get through the trip to Bristol and that you are feeling better, sounded epic.

    Had to smile to myself.......... hadn't seen the word jiggered used for a looooong time. My Aunt often used it bought back a memories of wonderful holidays spent at her farm.

    Love the pics of all your boys having a snooze on your last post. Just wondering where you were when you took the pic.... up in the rafters?

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week,

    Claire :)

  7. Gorgeous bunting, thanks so much for sharing! I hope your day went OK in the end. So you live near Bristol? I love that city, my brother lives down there. You popped by my blog the other day and left a comment but i couldn't reply so I just wanted to let you know you're a noreply blogger. If you want to fix it (so people can reply to you and you can win giveaways), go to your dashboard, click on Edit Profile. The third tick box down is "show email" Make sure it's ticked and you have an email address entered further down. Don't worry, your email address wont show up on your blog, but people will be able to reply to you !

  8. Love those stars! Out of interest, which yarn did you use to make them? The colours are gorgeous. x

  9. Scrummilicious stars but I don't envy you all the ends sewing in!


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