Thursday 17 February 2011

Any volunteers?

Housekeeper required

I'm drowning in the never ending chaos that is housework.  Maybe it's because I'm nesting so I can't over look anything, it all has to be done.  That's my ironing pile in the photo above, sat mocking me on the broken AGA.  The pile diminishes a bit, then grows a bit, then attacks me so I fight back....anyone fancy helping?! The current state of play is that the pile has been defeated, but the victory will be short lived as there're a few shirts and a karate thingy drying even as I type.  So the pile will be pretty full again in the matter of hours. Loving my fairy lights in my wire basket though, they really bring sunshine and happiness on a grey day.

The joy of living with little boys. This is the normal end of day scene in our kitchen.  Abandoned sock (partner still not located!), firemans' hat, vehicles lined up. Quite a tidy scene compared to usual.  I'd love to get in their little heads and see what the motivation behind their games is.  Poor  Granny blanket shoved in a crevice.  It's really holding up to so much abuse or should that be love? 

Breakfast sweepings, you can't see how much is there, it looks like far less in the photo.  I think The Cuckoo's do manage to swallow some of their cereals, at least they seem to have lots of energy so they must do!

Can't blame everyone else in this house for creating the mess.  I am very untidy.  That's my paperwork pile, mid sort out I hasten to add.  It's usually balanced in a precarious heap but here it's spread out in a mad method.  Makes total sense to me of course.

I should be dealing with all this domestic stuff but instead I am blogging and indulging in a spot of the above.  I am a country wife and mum cliche.  Cornish blue china, Emma Bridgewater mug and a Cath Kidston oil cloth table cloth.  I love it!  Notice the Vintage Stripe blanket and the half eaten cookie?  I'd tucked in before grabbing my camera.  I've seen and enjoyed so many snap shots of other bloggers elevenses so I thought I'd add mine to the Blog sphere.  Looks good doesn't it?  Bet you wish you were here, I wish you were too.


  1. I'm thinking about you in such anticipation of that magical text moment that I'm surely with you in spirit. In fact I think I can taste that biccy from here.

  2. My last sentence in this post was aimed at you and Sandi. The biccy is your recipe lover. Whip up a batch and we'll eat one at the same time and pretend we're together x

  3. The best thing to do with ironing is ... not to do it. Dry things flat, fold them nicely and bingo! no ironing necessary. I make Andy do his own shirts, and am careful to buy clothes that don't need ironing. Try it, I guarantee you will love it :)

    Heather xx

  4. Thank you for the biccy, very nice with my cuppa. Gonna share the receipe??? My you are on fire with blogging now.
    My first hubby (the kids dad) is an Aga specialist here in Australia, he went over to the UK years ago and learnt all about them. He travels around Australia and installs, maintains and builds them. My second son works with him. I used to have a wood combustion stove and loved it, it was warm, it cooked our food and heated our water, we had the panel heaters like you guys do all through the house it is such a lovely even warmth. We had an old house on some land with a big vegie patch, fruit trees, berrie vines and chickens, I loved it and so want to have that again. I cooked some amazing sauces and meals on and in that stove.
    x Sandi


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