Friday 18 February 2011

It grew again, within minutes!

Ta Dah!

This is just Mr Cuckoo's work shirts, a Gi (karate thingy), and my pinny.  You can't beat the feeling of a crisp, clean pinny.  Well, you can, but I can't have a cocktail right now!

I'm from the same ironing school as Heather from Little Tin Bird, I don't iron the following: bed linen, tea towels, underwear, my clothes, the boys clothes apart from school uniform, or Mr Cuckoo's stuff.  And yet, that PILE!  Oh my Word!!!  I should just do a little at a time but I do tend to let it grow and grow.  Mr Cuckoo has, at last count almost 50 shirts so he never runs out and hence the pile gets a bit ridiculous.  He buys really good quality ones which don't seem to wear out and some are over 10 years old.  They are good quality but they do need ironing.  He looks lovely in them.  I bloody hate having to iron them, but I lead a charmed life so I'm a baddie for grizzling.

If the weather cheers up I'll be blogging about my new yarn stash soon which arrived so quickly I didn't get any of my crochet WIP's finished.

I'm on a blogging roll! Hurrah, hope I can maintain a bit of momentum even when the baby arrives.  But that is a bit of a tall order. Can you read my font a bit better now, I have changed it to a very plain one but I'm uncertain that it has made a difference.

Mr Cuckoo

He is worth it.



  1. Font is MUCH better, thank you!
    You know me, I iron NOTHING. Chris does his own shirts, tee hee!
    That is a great pic of your husband, tell him I said so.

  2. Hi there glad I found you again.

    Good luck with the arrival you lucky thing. I loved being pregnant and doing the whole baby, toddler thing. You look great by the way.

    Thanks for your lovely words.

  3. I don't "do" ironing either (just hubby's work shirts and my fabric!) although, I have to say I don't really mind doing his shirts, it's only 5 a week after all! Your font looks great, very easy to read (which is quite important for me as my eyesight is getting worse!)
    R x

  4. Yes font is good, I'm like Rachel with the eyes. I do min ironing, I try to straighten everything out when it is wet, so less creases. The kids don't like ironed things so that makes it easier for me. You make a gorgeous looking couple by the way :) x Sandi

  5. Oh good, glad I've got the font sorted. I even find text hard to read if it's not all aligned to the left these days, but I'm getting better at it as a few of the blogs I read are laid out this way.

    Gorgeous looking couple? Very ordinary I'd say, but I only upload the flattering shots of us as I'm so vain!

    Still got some tweaking to do with the lay out of my blog, The banner is too long and the photo I popped in my side bar are a bit wide but I find it really tricky working out how to correct these things. I will do it though...I Will..I hope!


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