Monday 21 February 2011

The Bobble Blanket

The start.

Of course I didn't buy nearly enough yarn.  I used 15 balls of Patons Gold DK wool blend in the end. I had planned to edge it in a creamy colour.  I was going to call the blanket "Cafe au Lait", but I changed my mind, as you do. No idea what to do with the balls of cream I now have lurking around.  Maybe the simple answer is a cream version, I do think blankets should come in pairs.

It could well be my new crush! I love it soooooo much.  It was so quick and easy too.  Such a lovely surprise.  I enjoyed how I could just sit and mindlessly crochet.

Maybe I should have concentrated a little more as the bobbles aren't entirely positioned correctly, I went off piste now and again.  That's homemade charm though. Actually that's laziness, by the time I noticed I'd placed a bobble one or two stitches away from where it should have been I had crocheted a few rows and there was no way I was going to do any frogging.  

The ruffle edge was so simple, I merely did two trebles in each stitch all the way around the blanket, then on the second round I alternated between one and two trebles in each stitch as that gave me just the right amount of ruffle, not too much, not too little.

That ruffle edge does remind me of something from the sea, or fungi. 

Should I have plumped up the sofa cushions? Nah, this is real life and my sofa's get sat on so that is how they'll appear in my blog.  I think the Snug is my favourite room in our home.  When the sun shines in it glows, when it's dreary outside it always seems warm and cozy, maybe it's the oversized sofas and the velvet cushions, blind and footstool.  Maybe it's just the fact that it's a little room with a low ceiling in the oldest part of the house.

L:O:V:E  L:O:V:E

Love the bobble blanket, love the Snug (aka The Slug), love the fairy lights and the bauble that has been there for 2 years despite it being a Christmas decoration.  Cozy little wood burner which we can use again as we had the flu lined and chimney mended in January.  Bit late for winter (same situation with the broken Aga) but maintenance on an old house costs a bomb and sometimes, unfortunately stuff can't get mended straight away.

Bloody hell (pardon me), wandering through blogland I find this so even when I think I've had an idea of my own it would appear that maybe it snuck in from else where, from a wander though John Lewis to get to the car park. Or did it? Maybe it's just coincidence.  It's just that my memory is so poor I doubt myself a lot.  Did I have that idea or did I see it and forget that I saw it and so it is retained in my head as an idea not a memory? Gah. Never mind. 

I'm considering doing a tutorial on how to do a bobble stitch.  There are quite a few if you goggle bobble, woops, google bobble! (laughing) But I fancy having a go at doing a properly photographed and explained tutorial just to see if I can.  

ps.  Blogger is very very good.  So forgiving, I just deleted a photo by accident and clicked on the undo button and got it back instantly.  It's so simple!

pps. This blanket has a brilliant mistake to reveal when I get around to doing my "Woopsie" post on my crochet mishaps.

Edit: Maybe Matilda has done a stunning bobble blanket that I am now coveting, I can see these blankets in rainbow colours lighting up my life...ah the joy of the bobble stitch. Tutorial found here. If anyone else has a go using my tute then let me know and I'll link to you here x

Kim has one here and there's another here at Daisy Cottage Designs


  1. I would love to do a bobble throw, it looks gorgeous in that color, I could do one for my bed, or one for the couch, well two for the couches. So if you're up to writing it up, I would be grateful. Haha for laughing at your 'goggle', I also get a giggle up at some of the things I write. Love your home, its the sort of home I would love to have, we used to have a wood burner in the lounge, a slow combustion in the kitchen and the lovely heater panels in all the rooms, so cosy in winter.
    x Sandi

  2. I love your bobble blanket...another project to save for (blogland can be a dnagerous place for a half-starved purse!)- maybe I'll just aim for a bobble cushion!

  3. LOVE the blanket. Delicious to curl up with on a chilly day. Would love the tutorial if you have the time to post it. And then in about two years' time, when I've mastered granny squares, I can make one too! Claire

  4. Maybe you should call it the Bobble Blanket of Awesome? Though I could have told you you'd not bought enough yarn looking at that first photo!

    I'm going to be doing my daisy and rose throw for a good few weeks yet, and then have all my craft it forward things to make, plus gloves for all the people I promised them to, but ONE DAY..!

    PS - The lighting in the snug is fantastic in those photos.

  5. BEAUTIFUL blanket, truly lovely. Bobble stich really is a yarn eater but seeing how wonderful your blanket is makes me think its worth it. Our wood stove is in the basement, forced air. Sometimes I wish it was in our living room, but only until I think of how messy it can be! :)

  6. loving your throw, & your snug does look ever so snug x

  7. Ooh that looks so nice, would you like to make one more and sell it to me :)

  8. Thank goodness! I thought I had lost your bobble blanket post. In my web wanderings I found it and loved your blanket but couldn't remember where I saw it. It's taken several googles to find you. I was reminded of your lovely blanket as Dotty Angel has started one too. I would so love a tutorial as your blanket is so gorgeous - love the ruffle edge. A cream one would be lovely to go with this one.

  9. Wow, that blanket is gorgeous! I second the tutorial suggestion--I would love to make my own! Beautiful work. I'm your newest follower! :-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  10. Oooo I adore your blanket, just my kind of colour really. The ruffle looks really great too - thanks for sharing that :)

  11. Très joli plaid !
    J'aime beaucoup le point noisette.

  12. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog from Maybe Matilda and just wanted you to know I've started making this AMAZING blanket for our sweet baby girl! I recently made her an ear warmer using the bobble stitch for the first time, and she just loved laying with it. I am so glad to have found a tutorial for making a blanket with that same stitch!

    I'm your newest follower. :) I will definitely be posting about this blanket and linking to you when it is finished!

    Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

  13. I finished me bobble blanket and am just posting it now! I've linked back to your lovely site and just know that others will be falling in love with this pattern. :) Thanks so much for sharing it!

  14. Wow, really really pretty blanked with bobbles. Is there a pattern for bobbles? Also great post. I enjoyed it! :)

    if you wish then visit:

    1. Tutorial for bobbles is in my side bar xxx


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