Friday 11 February 2011

New Year! Is it really?

NYE 2009

(Lifted from old blog)

I don't feel very New Yeary. I'm not sure how that feels anymore.  I feel how I used to as a child when I went to bed at the normal time and woke in another year. Not that I mind at all. For the last two years we have been really lucky that my Mum had the kids for two nights to give us a break together, having had a relatively short courtship it's great for us to spend time as husband and wife at home doing nothing but rubbing along harmoniously.  It's a blissful couple of days usually. This year the Cuckoo's stayed at home so I was in bed by 9pm and asleep by 10pm in anticipation of an early start...which turned out to be a late start as Mr Cuckoo didn't wake me till 8am!  Not that I'm sleeping well as I'm having almost constant braxton hicks and Pom Pom is beating the living daylights out of me!
I have some fabulous New Years resolutions. I didn't keep any of last years which were: Learn the lyrics to Eminem's "Go Crazy" and do it at karaoke, stop swearing (I say b*gger and bl**dy too much, just like my Nanny, the original Cuckoo) and to improve my handwriting. I did keep trying to stick to them but I didn't succeed so I'll just carry them over to this year and add on my two new ones which are: Take more relaxing baths with bubbles and to be more glamourous which will involve wearing more hats and drinking cordial out of a crystal glass.  Lovely.
I've started a new blanket. and I'm thrilled to bits with it.  It's not a bright colourful explosion like my GRANNY, it's brown!  Sounds awful but it's restful and mesmerising zooming up and down the rows... double double double bobble...  Yup I've learnt a new stitch.  The bobble stitch.  I feel very clever about it all!  I'll do an ode to the new blanket soon.  I also plan to do a "whoopsie" post showing all the mistakes in my GRANNY blanket.  I notice no one seems to blog about the mistakes so I thought I would.  Maybe that could be my USP.
Happy New Year to all x

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