Thursday 10 February 2011

Bursting Brain

(Lifted from my old blog with typepad. The links might not work.)
What a terrible title for my first post! But I bet you know just what I mean.  Having been thinking about starting a blog of my own for several months I have been conjuring up posts in my head like a narrative to my life.  I've been taking photo's and jotting down notes and ideas too.  Now this is all well and good and I'm certain all those ramblings will appear here at some stage...but did I ever really put much thought into my first bonafide blog post.  No I did not, so here I am winging it just to get the first proper one done so I can start on the 'real' ones, the ones that are making my head BURST.
Biggest thanks to my Gay Wife (If I were a boy I'd have snapped her up in no time, but alas I am a girl so it was never to be, therefore she is my theoretical Gay Wife and I am hers) she has sorted out my banner for me because I am a spanner with computers.  But I'm clearly a fabulous rapper, hummmm yes, well.
 Here is a photo of us having a boogie at a bridesmaids get together just before my wedding.
 That's a fab photo of her, I look like a lemon, as usual. I'm the one pulling a face whilst GW gazes with the look I've come to think of as the "Aw bless, she's a nelly but she makes me laugh" look.  I known GW for longer than I haven't, eighteen years I believe.  Crackers, joyous crackers.
I really hope this computer spanner business doesn't put me off blogging for I am flighty and I tire easily.  I'm going to try very hard to not let this end up in the "Bored of Bin".  I think my motives for blogging will spur me on, but thats a whole post on it's own.  The Cuckoo's reasons to blog post will follow shortly but in the mean time here is my WIP, after all this will be a crafty little blog as well and a Cuckoo Brain Dump.

Ok so that's not a WIP, thats bliss. Warm sand, tea and a fun picnic hamper.  This was taken when we were in Salcombe a couple of weekends ago. And yes truely it was warm, for an hour or so at least!  This is my WIP or should it be WiP?

Guessed yet?
 Its a GRANNY BLANKET.  Yes I do have to shout GRANNY BLANKET because I'm so excited about it.  I got inspired and revved up by Lucy over at Attic 24 who makes incredible crochet desirables and has  some great tutorials (hope I've done the trackback thing right, not sure I really understand what a trackback is but I'll give it a go).  Soon she and several other girls will be listed in my side bar.  OOOOh I'm gonna have a side bar! Ummm "Gaywife I need you!"

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